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Jim Larkin, Backpage Exec, Dies By Suicide A Week Before His Trial by 02-Aug-2023 16:07 PM (30 comments)
DC Comics Goes To UK High Court Over Trademark Granted To Unilever For 'Wonder Mum' by 15-Feb-2022 20:09 PM (7 comments)
In 2019, The FBI Took NSO Malware For A Spin Before Deciding It Might Cause Too Many Problems In Court by 31-Jan-2022 12:15 PM (10 comments)
Automakers Continue Efforts To Scuttle Popular Mass. 'Right To Repair' Law by 27-Jan-2022 05:27 AM (19 comments)
China's Regulatory War On Its Gaming Industry Racks Up 14k Casualties by 04-Jan-2022 15:48 PM (15 comments)
Texas Regulators Learned Nothing From February's Carnage, Prepare To Repeat The Cycle by 23-Dec-2021 13:37 PM (56 comments)
Malibu Media Ordered To Pay Wrongfully Accused 'Pirate' Even More Money After Failing To Abide By Court's Decision by 16-Dec-2021 19:35 PM (37 comments)
CBP Proudly Announces Its Facial Recognition Program Has Successfully Nailed A COVID Scofflaw by 16-Dec-2021 15:50 PM (10 comments)
ICE Loses Access To Sensitive Utility Customer Records Following Pressure By Senator Ron Wyden by 13-Dec-2021 05:23 AM (24 comments)
PewDiePie Dives Into The Mark Fitzpatrick, Toei Animation Saga by 10-Dec-2021 19:39 PM (54 comments)
Polish Prosecutor First Beneficiary Of Apple's 'You've Been Hacked By NSO Spyware' Notification Program by 10-Dec-2021 13:34 PM (7 comments)
An Unplanned, Ad-Hoc Collaboration Reveals The On-The-Ground Truth About China's Internment Camps For Uyghurs by 09-Dec-2021 20:07 PM (14 comments)
Take-Two Interactive Appears To Be Morphing From Game Publisher Into IP Troll by 01-Dec-2021 20:01 PM (16 comments)
Texas Gas Companies Hit Texas Consumers With 'Whoops You Froze To Death' Surcharge by 24-Nov-2021 12:05 PM (70 comments)
Metal Gear Solid 2 And 3 Taken Off Digital Storefronts Over Licensing For Historical Videos by 12-Nov-2021 13:43 PM (23 comments)
ATF Goes On Tour To Teach Journalists That Cops Are Usually Right When They Kill Someone by 11-Nov-2021 13:41 PM (15 comments)
Students Have Rights: Court Dumps Evidence After Cops Rely On A Month-Old Anonymous Tip To Search A Minor by 09-Nov-2021 15:47 PM (19 comments)
Transparency Activists Dump 1.8 Terabytes Of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage by 08-Nov-2021 12:26 PM (24 comments)
Hawaii School, Police Department On The Verge Of Being Sued For Arresting A Ten-Year-Old Girl Over A Drawing by 01-Nov-2021 13:43 PM (68 comments)
Judge Says Devin Nunes' Family Has To Tell The Judge Who Is Funding Their Lawsuit Against Esquire & Ryan Lizza by 27-Oct-2021 09:33 AM (23 comments)
Judge Dumps Felony Manslaughter Charges Brought Against An Arrestee After A Deputy Ran Over Another Deputy by 26-Oct-2021 15:40 PM (60 comments)
LAPD Sees Your Reform Efforts, Raises You $20 Million In Bullets, Snacks, And Surveillance by 18-Oct-2021 15:59 PM (20 comments)
In Latest Black Eye For NSO Group, Dubai's King Found To Have Used NSO Spyware To Hack His Ex-Wife's Phone by 13-Oct-2021 12:02 PM (9 comments)
Court Documents Show The FBI Used A Whole Lot Of Geofence Warrants To Track Down January 6th Insurrectionists by 06-Oct-2021 10:55 AM (15 comments)
Following Nationwide Police Brutality Protests, DOJ Steps Up To Issue Incremental Updates To Its Chokehold/No-Knock Warrant Policies by 28-Sep-2021 03:33 AM (10 comments)
DEA Returns $87,000 It Helped Nevada Law Enforcement Steal From An Ex-Marine by 16-Sep-2021 13:34 PM (32 comments)
Amazon, Space X Throw Hissy Fits As They Bicker Over Government Contracts, Subsidies by 10-Sep-2021 06:32 AM (9 comments)
Connecticut Court Orders Blogger To Turn Over Electronic Devices To Cop Suing Over Alleged Defamation By Blog's Commenters by 09-Sep-2021 10:58 AM (29 comments)
Colorado Transportation Officals Asked Navigation App Providers To Plant False Information. Worse, The Providers Complied. by 03-Sep-2021 10:44 AM (23 comments)
Ninth Circuit: Sorry, But We Have No Way To Hold Border Patrol Agents Accountable For Killing People In Mexico by 01-Sep-2021 13:36 PM (60 comments)

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