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You Don’t Own What You’ve Bought: Sony Removes 100s Of Movies Bought Through PS Store by 11-Jul-2022 12:03 PM (49 comments)
WarnerMedia Sued For Giving People Want They Wanted (The Matrix, Streaming) During An Historic Health Crisis by 09-Feb-2022 09:37 AM (41 comments)
AT&T Pisses Off Everybody (Especially Christopher Nolan) For Launching Movies Straight To Streaming by 18-Dec-2020 06:44 AM (21 comments)
AT&T, HBO Put Another Bullet In Antiquated Theatrical Release Windows by 07-Dec-2020 05:58 AM (21 comments)
The Harry Potter Films Are Now Exclusive To Comcast, And The Streaming Sector Remains Oblivious To Piracy's Looming Resurgence by 10-Aug-2020 13:41 PM (21 comments)
It Only Took A Massive Pandemic For Hollywood To Ease Off Stupid, Dated Movie Release Windows by 30-Jul-2020 06:20 AM (14 comments)
The Oscars Ends DVD Screeners For Reasons Other Than Piracy, Which Will Of Course Continue by 05-May-2020 20:27 PM (26 comments)
AMC Theaters Pouts Like A Child Because NBC Universal Proved Movie Release Windows Are Nonsense by 30-Apr-2020 06:40 AM (55 comments)
Revolving Door Revolves Some More: Head Of Copyright Office Leaves To Join MPAA by 09-Dec-2019 11:58 AM (11 comments)
Why Won't Creative Future's Members Comment About This Hollywood Front Group Smearing A Well Respected Law Professor? by 05-Dec-2019 09:32 AM (108 comments)
'The Irishman' Ban Once Again Shows Hollywood's Disdain For Netflix is Stupid & Counterproductive by 11-Oct-2019 10:42 AM (29 comments)
Netflix Sees First Subscriber Losses Ever by 19-Jul-2019 06:18 AM (54 comments)
Watch: The Latest Avengers Movie Is Already On Torrent Sites, But That Won't Stop A Torrent Of Sold Theater Tickets by 25-Apr-2019 13:33 PM (54 comments)
Steven Spielberg Demands Netflix Get Off His Damn Lawn by 04-Mar-2019 12:12 PM (112 comments)
Hollywood Accounting Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Fox's 'False Testimony' And 'Aversion For The Truth' Leads To $179M Fine by 28-Feb-2019 10:44 AM (46 comments)
Movie Torrents Shown To Actually Boost Box Office Sales For Post-Release Movies by 13-Feb-2019 19:53 PM (40 comments)
There Are Several Good Reasons To End Entertainment Industry Subsidies, But Blasphemy Isn't One Of Them by 18-Apr-2018 15:41 PM (64 comments)
MPAA Apparently Silently Shut Down Its Legal Movies Search Engine by 16-Apr-2018 15:27 PM (158 comments)
Netflix Bows Out Of Cannes After Festival Tells Streaming Services To Get Off Its Lawn by 12-Apr-2018 10:41 AM (26 comments)
MPAA Report Shows How The Internet Is Saving The Film Industry, Not Destroying It by 11-Apr-2018 12:06 PM (32 comments)
Film Director's Op-Ed Ignores Reality To Push Hollywood Lobbying Talking Points by 07-Aug-2017 10:40 AM (30 comments)
Piracy Killing Hollywood So Bad That Disney Made More Money In 2016 Than Any Studio Ever by 26-May-2017 09:41 AM (69 comments)
Chris Dodd 'Stepping Down' From MPAA by 01-May-2017 15:05 PM (44 comments)
Movie Studios Considering Tightening Release Windows When They Should Be Eliminating Them by 27-Mar-2017 13:22 PM (39 comments)
China Finds Something Else To Regulate, Brings In Its First Law For The Film Industry by 14-Nov-2016 23:31 PM (20 comments)
Theater Association Boss Reminds Theater Owners, Netflix To Stay In Their Own Lanes by 13-Oct-2016 06:28 AM (39 comments)
Hateful Eight Pirated Leak Harms Film All The Way To Box Office Records by 13-Jan-2016 08:38 AM (50 comments)
Once Again, Piracy Is Destroying The Movie Industry… To Ever More Records At The Box Office by 11-Jan-2016 11:42 AM (81 comments)
Hateful Eight Pirated From The Inside, Widely Available, And It Won't Stop Its Success At The Box Office by 23-Dec-2015 11:30 AM (70 comments)
Viacom Once Sued YouTube For A Billion Dollars; Now It's Just Released Over 100 Movies For Free On YouTube by 15-Oct-2015 08:29 AM (48 comments)

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