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As Expected, Facebook Is No Longer Interested In Paying News Orgs To Post News On Facebook That No One Wants by 03-Aug-2022 15:35 PM (14 comments)
Now That Rupert Murdoch Has Convinced Governments To Force Facebook To Pay For News, Facebook No Longer Wants Anything To Do With News by 06-Jul-2022 12:10 PM (73 comments)
Missouri's Governor Still Insists Reporter Is A Hacker, Even As Prosecutors Decline To Press Charges by 14-Feb-2022 10:44 AM (26 comments)
UK Court Says US Can Extradite Julian Assange And Prosecute Him For Doing Things Journalists Do by 13-Dec-2021 12:06 PM (58 comments)
New York Times Lies About City's Murder Rate, NYPD's Clearance Rate To Sell Fear To Its Readers by 07-Dec-2021 06:26 AM (69 comments)
When The FBI Shows Up At Your Door About Your Reporting, That's Intimidation by 29-Nov-2021 13:37 PM (24 comments)
Lots Of Big Media Companies Had Access To The Facebook Files; Only Gizmodo Decided To Put In The Work To Make Them Public by 23-Nov-2021 12:05 PM (8 comments)
Killing Website Comment Sections Wasn't The Brilliant Move Many Newsroom Leaders Assumed by 08-Nov-2021 09:30 AM (64 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 303: The Facebook Papers & The Media by 02-Nov-2021 13:30 PM (2 comments)
Let Me Rewrite That For You: Washington Post Misinforms You About How Facebook Weighted Emoji Reactions by 28-Oct-2021 09:27 AM (8 comments)
CIA Director Mike Pompeo Touted Kidnapping, Killing Of Julian Assange In Response To Publication Of CIA Leaks by 27-Sep-2021 06:27 AM (18 comments)
Litecoin Walmart Hoax Easily Exploits A Lazy U.S. Press by 17-Sep-2021 13:54 PM (11 comments)
The Role Of Confirmation Bias In Spreading Misinformation by 08-Sep-2021 09:34 AM (51 comments)
NY Times And Washington Post Criticize Facebook Because The Chicago Tribune Had A Terrible Headline by 23-Aug-2021 12:06 PM (18 comments)
DOJ Makes It Official: No Gathering Of Journalists' Records During Leak Investigation by 22-Jul-2021 11:56 AM (5 comments)
Attorney General Says He'll Support Legislation That Bans The DOJ From Targeting Reporters During Leak Investigations by 29-Jun-2021 06:05 AM (5 comments)
As Predicted, Smaller Media Outlets Are Getting Screwed By Australia's Link Tax by 21-Jun-2021 13:32 PM (17 comments)
Gag Order Lifted On Yet Another Trump DOJ Leak Investigation That Targeted Journalists by 07-Jun-2021 12:00 PM (3 comments)
As The US Press Withers, Glorified Marketing Aims To Take Its Place by 20-May-2021 06:28 AM (50 comments)
Florida City Officials Spend $50,000 To Find Out Who Gave Journalists A Public Record by 12-May-2021 10:40 AM (16 comments)
Donald Trump Caused The Techlash by 14-Apr-2021 12:05 PM (41 comments)
Iowa Journalist Cleared Of All Charges In Bullshit Prosecution Over 'Failure To Disperse' by 15-Mar-2021 12:12 PM (5 comments)
Public Oversight Board Releases Thousands Of NYPD Disciplinary Records by 11-Mar-2021 15:35 PM (3 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 273: How The Techlash Happened by 10-Mar-2021 13:30 PM (17 comments)
The Internet Has Enabled Independent Journalism To Flourish In Russia (For Now, At Least) by 25-Feb-2021 15:43 PM (4 comments)
Civil Rights Groups Argue That Biden Should Drop Assange Prosecution; Noting That It Is An Attack On Journalism by 12-Feb-2021 13:50 PM (37 comments)
Louisiana AG Sues Journalists To Keep Them From Obtaining Documents Detailing Sexual Harassment By Top Prosecutor by 11-Feb-2021 15:32 PM (16 comments)
ICE Withdraws Demand For Journalists' Sources After Having Its Unconstitutional Demand Outed By BuzzFeed by 11-Dec-2020 03:16 AM (16 comments)
Trump Appointee Removes 'Firewall' Preventing Administration From Meddling In VOA Reporting by 30-Oct-2020 03:18 AM (18 comments)
DHS Appears Willing To Violate Whistleblower Laws To Shut Down Leaks by 27-Oct-2020 09:34 AM (18 comments)

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