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Elon Musk’s Legal Filings Against Twitter Show How Little He Actually Cares About Free Speech by 11-Aug-2022 09:38 AM (31 comments)
Virginia Politicians Are Suing Books They Don’t Like by 03-Aug-2022 12:07 PM (64 comments)
Appeals Court Corrects Its Previous Error, Holds That Recording Cops Is A Clearly Established Right by 25-Jul-2022 09:21 AM (10 comments)
Florida Town’s Portable Sign Ban Shot Down By The 11th Circuit Appeals Court by 22-Jul-2022 10:48 AM (17 comments)
Florida Judge Dissolves Injunction Blocking Paper From Publishing Names Of Officers Who Killed A Man by 19-Jul-2022 15:33 PM (23 comments)
Federal Court Allows Protesters’ First Amendment Suit Against Violent Boston Cops To Continue by 18-Jul-2022 15:27 PM (26 comments)
Student Expelled Over Off-Campus Nazi Joke Can Continue To Sue The School, Says Appeals Court by 15-Jul-2022 19:39 PM (202 comments)
Arizona Makes It Illegal To Record Cops From Less Than Eight Feet Away by 15-Jul-2022 09:39 AM (159 comments)
Twitter Sues Indian Government Over Orders To Block Content by 12-Jul-2022 10:42 AM (6 comments)
Policymakers Need To Realize How Any Internet Regulation Will Impact Speech by 11-Jul-2022 10:47 AM (135 comments)
More Than Two Thirds Of States Are Pushing Highly Controversial (And Likely Unconstitutional) Bills To Moderate Speech Online by 08-Jul-2022 10:44 AM (50 comments)
Australia’s Upside Down Internet Liability Policy Shows How Section 230 Enables More Free Speech by 07-Jul-2022 13:38 PM (85 comments)
Federal Agent Stupidly Threatens Twitter User With Arrest Over Protected First Amendment Expression by 05-Jul-2022 12:15 PM (57 comments)
How The Dobbs Decision Will Lead To Attacks On Free Speech; Or, Why Democrats Need To Stop Undermining Free Speech by 05-Jul-2022 09:31 AM (50 comments)
Because Vulnerable People Need Section 230, The Copia Institute Filed This Amicus Brief At The Eleventh Circuit by 01-Jul-2022 12:08 PM (15 comments)
Devin Nunes Loses Yet Another SLAPP Suit, This Time In California by 01-Jul-2022 10:46 AM (21 comments)
Philippines Orders Critical News Organization, Rappler, Shut Down; Just As Rappler’s Founder Argues Against Free Speech by 30-Jun-2022 09:28 AM (11 comments)
Clarence Thomas REALLY Wants To Make It Easier For The Powerful To Sue People For Criticizing Them by 29-Jun-2022 09:19 AM (32 comments)
China Unveils New Regulations Requiring Sites To Pre-Censor All Comments by 28-Jun-2022 13:28 PM (41 comments)
White House Launches Yet Another Task Force To Try To Curb Online Abuse; But So Far It Seems Extremely One-Sided by 22-Jun-2022 09:33 AM (64 comments)
Giant Private Prison Company Goes To Court To Try To Get Lawyer To Stop Tweeting About Them by 21-Jun-2022 12:14 PM (15 comments)
UK Approves Extradition Of Julian Assange, Allowing The US Government To Continue Criminalizing Journalism by 21-Jun-2022 10:48 AM (46 comments)
Wikimedia Fighting Russian Fines Over Its Content About Invasion Of Ukraine by 17-Jun-2022 15:48 PM (26 comments)
Yes, Section 230 Also Matters In The Fight Over Abortion Rights by 16-Jun-2022 12:17 PM (194 comments)
China Completely Disappears Famed Online Influencer For (Accidentally) Referencing Tiananmen Square, Causing Lots Of People To Try To Figure Out Why by 10-Jun-2022 12:03 PM (25 comments)
US Postal Service Sued For Seizing ‘Defund Police’ Facemasks by 06-Jun-2022 10:54 AM (41 comments)
Lawsuit Alleges Massachusetts School Officials Violated First Amendment By Abusing State’s Wiretap Law by 02-Jun-2022 12:27 PM (2 comments)
Using Rap Lyrics As Evidence Of A Criminal Conspiracy Threatens First Amendment, Unlikely To Succeed by 31-May-2022 09:38 AM (28 comments)
Virginia Attorney, Congressional Hopeful File Doomed Lawsuit Against Barnes & Noble Over ‘Obscene’ Books by 25-May-2022 09:33 AM (34 comments)
Stop Saying Elon Musk ‘Supports Free Speech.’ He Appears To Be Actively Against That by 24-May-2022 09:34 AM (41 comments)

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