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As Predicted: Judge Laughs GOP’s Laughable ‘Google Spam Bias’ Lawsuit Right Out Of Court by 28-Aug-2023 10:47 AM (26 comments)
Google Tells Court That GOP Should Look At Its Own Email Practices Rather Than Blaming Gmail by 03-Feb-2023 13:34 PM (30 comments)
As Expected, FEC Easily Tosses Out GOP’s Whiny Complaint About Google Classifying Their Spam As Spam by 19-Jan-2023 12:06 PM (37 comments)
Republicans Sue Google To Try To Force Spam Into Your Inbox by 24-Oct-2022 12:07 PM (70 comments)
After All That Nonsense… Republicans Aren’t Even Using The Spam Backdoor They Forced Google To Create by 19-Oct-2022 13:49 PM (39 comments)
Federal Election Commission Makes The Right Call Allowing A Dumb Program By Google To Whitelist Political Spam Into Your Inbox by 12-Aug-2022 09:27 AM (30 comments)
Marco Rubio Got Furious At Google Because His Fundraising Emails Were Going To Spam. Turns Out His Email Was Misconfigured by 01-Aug-2022 10:50 AM (38 comments)
Why The GOP Wants To Break Your Spam Filter: GOP Candidate Tricked Gullible Voters Into Funding Him With Misleading Spam Emails by 15-Jul-2022 12:04 PM (24 comments)
The Public Hates The Idea, Pushed By GOP Political Spammers, That Google Will Let Political Spam Bypass Spam Filters by 14-Jul-2022 10:42 AM (18 comments)
Google Gives In To Republican Political Spammers: Launching Pilot Program To Whitelist Them Out Of Spam by 30-Jun-2022 15:32 PM (44 comments)
Is The GOP Pro-Political Spam Bill Driven Entirely By GOP’s Favorite Spam Factory? by 23-Jun-2022 12:02 PM (19 comments)
Ridiculous Republican Senators Introduce Law To Say Political Emails Can’t Be Filtered As Spam by 16-Jun-2022 09:32 AM (134 comments)
Republicans Want To Make Sure Your Inboxes Are Filled With Spam (Unless The Spam Filters Block Democrats’ Emails) by 03-May-2022 09:27 AM (136 comments)
Despite What Fox News Tells You, A New Study Did Not ‘Prove’ That Gmail Is Targeting Conservatives by 11-Apr-2022 10:49 AM (46 comments)
German Court Orders Encrypted Email Service Tutanota To Backdoor One Account by 09-Dec-2020 10:51 AM (16 comments)
Suspected DNC & German Parliament Hacker Used His Name As His Email Password by 06-May-2020 11:37 AM (17 comments)
Jared Kushner's Coronavirus Task Force Is Using Private Email Accounts To Conduct Official Business by 30-Mar-2020 06:21 AM (57 comments)
No, Google Isn't Hiding Elizabeth Warren's Emails To Promote Mayor Pete by 27-Feb-2020 12:14 PM (26 comments)
Caifornia Governor Vetoes Law That Would Have Mandated Retention Of State Government Emails by 04-Nov-2019 13:36 PM (10 comments)
The Best People: White House Emailed Talking Points Meant For Surrogates To Dems, Tried To Recall Email Afterwards by 25-Sep-2019 12:03 PM (93 comments)
Laying Out All The Evidence: Shiva Ayyadurai Did Not Invent Email by 22-May-2019 10:35 AM (150 comments)
Appeals Court: Stored Communications Act Privacy Protections Cover Opened And Read Emails by 15-Mar-2019 10:44 AM (9 comments)
German Politician Thinks Gmail Constituent Messages Are All Faked By Google by 19-Feb-2019 09:08 AM (54 comments)
German Data Protection Authority Says GDPR Requires Email To Use At Least Transport Layer Encryption by 08-Feb-2019 03:23 AM (20 comments)
Verizon's Oath Will Still Scan Your E-mail For Advertising Purposes Because Hey, It's Verizon by 31-Aug-2018 10:44 AM (17 comments)
Inspector General Not Too Happy With James Comey's Handling Of The Clinton Email Investigation by 15-Jun-2018 06:43 AM (57 comments)
Both Democrats And Republicans Blame The Messenger When Leaked Emails Are Made Available by 25-May-2018 09:39 AM (14 comments)
Many Of Those Desperate GDPR Emails You've Been Getting Are Violating A Different EU Regulation by 23-May-2018 10:40 AM (33 comments)
German Lawyers Call For Their Profession's Bug-Ridden, Soon-To-Be Mandatory, Email System To Be Open Sourced by 15-Mar-2018 19:27 PM (17 comments)
UK Gov't Destroys Key Emails From Julian Assange Case, Shrugs About It by 14-Nov-2017 03:28 AM (32 comments)

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