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We Just Keep Throwing Billions At Telecom Monopolies In Exchange For Half-Completed, Shitty Broadband Networks by 17-Jun-2022 05:25 AM (12 comments)
Nintendo Shuts Down Musician’s YouTube Videos Of Metroid Covers by 16-Jun-2022 20:10 PM (96 comments)
Another Drug Test Relied On By Law Enforcement Is Wrong Nearly 30 Percent Of The Time by 16-Jun-2022 14:38 PM (14 comments)
Yes, Section 230 Also Matters In The Fight Over Abortion Rights by 16-Jun-2022 12:17 PM (193 comments)
Chicago Judge Reminds City’s Mayor That The Presumption Of Innocence Still Exists by 16-Jun-2022 10:56 AM (17 comments)
Daily Deal: Software Training by 16-Jun-2022 10:51 AM (0 comments)
Ridiculous Republican Senators Introduce Law To Say Political Emails Can’t Be Filtered As Spam by 16-Jun-2022 09:32 AM (133 comments)
$1-2 Billion In Streaming Ads A Year Aren’t Being Watched Because The TV Is Off by 16-Jun-2022 05:31 AM (32 comments)
Major League Soccer To Stream All Games On Apple TV For 10 Years by 15-Jun-2022 20:13 PM (9 comments)
US Judiciary Throws Taxpayers A Bone, Will Offer Free Access To PACER’s Severely Broken Search Function by 15-Jun-2022 15:45 PM (16 comments)
FOIA Reform We Don’t Need: Blocking Foreigners From Using FOIA by 15-Jun-2022 13:35 PM (8 comments)
Fuck The Police: Bail Reform Isn’t Leading To Increase In Crime, Despite Cops Saying Otherwise by 15-Jun-2022 12:22 PM (9 comments)
New York Passes Ridiculous, Likely Unconstitutional, Bill Requiring Websites To Have ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policies by 15-Jun-2022 10:50 AM (34 comments)
Daily Deal: The Complete 2022 Java Coder Bundle by 15-Jun-2022 10:45 AM (0 comments)
Indian Government Briefly Pulls New IT Bill, Reissues It With Expanded Gov’t Power Over Content Moderation by 15-Jun-2022 09:33 AM (9 comments)
New Report Offers Solutions For Our Never Ending Robocall Hell by 15-Jun-2022 06:32 AM (48 comments)
California Bakery To Relinquish ‘Mochi Muffin’ Trademark After Public Backlash by 14-Jun-2022 20:21 PM (19 comments)
President Biden Signs Executive Order That Will Give Us A Couple Of Years Of Decent Law Enforcement Reforms by 14-Jun-2022 15:51 PM (8 comments)
Google AI Fracas Shows How The Modern Ad-Based Press Tends To Devalue The Truth by 14-Jun-2022 13:46 PM (55 comments)
Texas DPS Wants Uvalde Bodycam Footage Buried Because It Might Let School Shooters Know Cops Won’t Stop Them From Killing Children by 14-Jun-2022 12:11 PM (82 comments)
Supreme Court Makes It All But Impossible To Sue Federal Officers For Rights Violations by 14-Jun-2022 10:41 AM (27 comments)
Daily Deal: The Two Million Dollar Puzzle by 14-Jun-2022 10:38 AM (0 comments)
John Oliver’s Big Whiff: Just Because You Agree There’s A Problem, Doesn’t Mean That This Is The Right Solution by 14-Jun-2022 09:32 AM (28 comments)
Nonprofit Takes Aim At Fox News By Demystifying Ad Exchanges by 14-Jun-2022 06:35 AM (64 comments)
Copyright Being Used To Stifle Attempts To Preserve A Dying Language by 13-Jun-2022 20:15 PM (37 comments)
Report Shows Kansas Law Enforcement Seized $21 Million From People, Most Of Whom Were Never Charged With Crimes by 13-Jun-2022 15:32 PM (12 comments)
With The INFORM Act, Congress Plans To Empower Ken Paxton To Go After Amazon If It Doesn’t Tell Him Who Sold The Books He Doesn’t Like by 13-Jun-2022 13:04 PM (21 comments)
Ron DeSantis Continues To Waste Taxpayer Funds To Pay For His Unconstitutional Culture Wars by 13-Jun-2022 12:13 PM (21 comments)
Former Employees Say Grew Too Fast, Got Too Careless With Users And Their Data by 13-Jun-2022 10:54 AM (4 comments)
Daily Deal: Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows And MBA/Finance Courses Bundle by 13-Jun-2022 10:49 AM (1 comment)

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