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Italian Exploit Developer Follows Hacking Team’s Lead, Sells Powerful Spyware To Human Rights Violators by 30-Jun-2022 13:33 PM (0 comments)
Angry Crypto Firm Posts Weird Cease & Desist Letter To Its Own Blog; DMs It To Critics by 30-Jun-2022 12:03 PM (1 comment)
The Future Of Policing In China Is Pervasive, Surveillance-Driven Law Enforcement Crystal Balls by 30-Jun-2022 10:41 AM (3 comments)
Daily Deal: Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan by 30-Jun-2022 10:36 AM (1 comment)
Philippines Orders Critical News Organization, Rappler, Shut Down; Just As Rappler’s Founder Argues Against Free Speech by 30-Jun-2022 09:28 AM (5 comments)
FCC’s Carr Once Again Heads To The Fainting Couch Over TikTok by 30-Jun-2022 06:36 AM (15 comments)
Trump Doesn’t Want To Get Back On Twitter So Badly, He’s Appealing His Case To Get Back On Twitter by 30-Jun-2022 03:37 AM (26 comments)
Enjoy Digital Ownership And Public Libraries While You Still Can by 29-Jun-2022 19:29 PM (36 comments)
Please Take A Moment To Celebrate How A Very Different Supreme Court Saved The Internet 25 Years Ago by 29-Jun-2022 15:27 PM (23 comments)
How The Internet Enabled A Mariners Fan And DoorDash Driver To Connect And Do Something Cool by 29-Jun-2022 13:30 PM (6 comments)
California Legislators Seek To Burn Down The Internet — For The Children by 29-Jun-2022 11:55 AM (32 comments)
Daily Deal: The Ultimate Excel VBA Bundle And Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 for Windows by 29-Jun-2022 11:50 AM (0 comments)
NSO Lawyer Tells Lawmakers Company Can Count To Five, Will Need More Time To Count Higher Than That by 29-Jun-2022 10:43 AM (4 comments)
Clarence Thomas REALLY Wants To Make It Easier For The Powerful To Sue People For Criticizing Them by 29-Jun-2022 09:19 AM (24 comments)
Facebook Bans People For Simply Saying Abortion Pills Exist by 29-Jun-2022 06:21 AM (30 comments)
Trump’s Truth Social Big Payday May Be Falling Apart by 29-Jun-2022 03:19 AM (23 comments)
Dairy Queen Loses On ‘Blizzard Water’ Trademark Suit With W. B. Mason by 28-Jun-2022 19:50 PM (15 comments)
EU Officials Finally Coming To Terms With The Fact That The GDPR Failed; But Now They Want To Make It Worse by 28-Jun-2022 16:51 PM (17 comments)
Not Even Your ‘Smart’ Jacuzzi Is Safe From The Internet Of Broken Things by 28-Jun-2022 14:47 PM (19 comments)
China Unveils New Regulations Requiring Sites To Pre-Censor All Comments by 28-Jun-2022 13:28 PM (17 comments)
Wherein The Copia Institute Tells The Supreme Court Not To Let Copyright Law Destroy Free Expression, A Rare Right We Ostensibly Have Left by 28-Jun-2022 12:12 PM (18 comments)
Security Researchers: Indian Police Agencies Digitally Planted Evidence To Frame Activists by 28-Jun-2022 10:51 AM (5 comments)
Daily Deal: The 2022 Premier Adobe XD UI/UX Design Bundle by 28-Jun-2022 10:48 AM (1 comment)
Do Not Expect Section 230 And The 1st Amendment To Save Antitrust Bills From Abuse by 28-Jun-2022 09:30 AM (7 comments)
U.S. Companies Don’t Much Want To Talk About Abortion Data Collection And Protection by 28-Jun-2022 05:29 AM (54 comments)
Copyright Has Failed For Game Streaming, So Alternatives Have Emerged by 27-Jun-2022 19:42 PM (2 comments)
Victims’ Rights Laws Abused Again To Hide Identities Of Officers Who Killed Someone by 27-Jun-2022 15:37 PM (34 comments)
Facepalm: USPTO Grants Ohio State University Trademark On The Word ‘The’ by 27-Jun-2022 13:34 PM (65 comments)
Germany Says “Hell, No” To EU Proposal To Outlaw Encryption by 27-Jun-2022 12:06 PM (10 comments)
Supreme Court To Citizens: Miranda Rights Aren’t Actually Rights So No More Suing About Them by 27-Jun-2022 10:50 AM (60 comments)

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