OAN Starts Attacking Verizon, The Last Cable Giant Willing To Platform Its Conspiratorial Gibberish

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When last we checked in with right-wing propaganda network One America News (OAN), it was suffering some kind of embolism for being kicked off of DirecTV. Despite a lot of attention, not that many people actually watch the channel, so DirecTV finally kicked it aside. This was distorted by OAN and numerous key Republicans into a claim that the conspiracy theory floating outlet was being “unfairly censored.”

This week, OAN turned its sights toward attacking Verizon, one of the last major cable companies willing to platform the “news” channel. Why? Apparently because Verizon simply hosted a fairly innocuous guide to misinformation on its website. The website doesn’t even mention OAN, but was enough to apparently send the “news” channel into a bit of a tizzy:

In recent days, OAN has begun attacking the telecom company Verizon for “targeting OAN and other right-wing news organizations … right before the midterms.” The issue, drawn from a Breitbart article that inspired this wave of programming, appears to be largely a “Guide to Misinformation” on Verizon’s corporate website, which does not mention OAN.

The story, which I won’t link to, basically tries to pretend that big telecom (a key GOP ally for going on a generation now) is part of a leftist cabal to censor conservative speech:

Instead of fighting back against this intimidation, many of the telecom giants played along with the Democrats’ false narrative. Verizon’s corporate website now includes “A Guide to Misinformation” which gives instructions on how its users can complain to tech companies to demand censorship. Since the Democrats’ letter, DirecTV has dropped One America News and some smaller cable distributors have dropped Newsmax.

In the GOP’s modern, manufactured delusion, nobody has any real accountability. For example, OAN isn’t under fire for bullshit articles claiming that COVID was created in a North Carolina lab, it’s being unfairly censored by a telecom industry cabal. Racist assholes on the Internet aren’t actually racist assholes, they’re just the unfair victims of a vast conspiracy by the wokes (read: anybody I don’t agree with).

In short, OAN’s attacking one of of the last large cable companies willing to platform its conspiratorial gibberish, because another website in the propaganda ecosystem also made up some conspiratorial gibberish. Verizon’s learning a valuable lesson about laying down with fleas, and should Verizon ditch the channel, its audience reach would drop from sad to downright pathetic.

This is, of course, all just monumentally stupid. Just a big, giant, ouroboros of manufactured victimization porn for an increasingly befuddled, propagandized authoritarian base.

But stupid can still be dangerous. U.S. authoritarians want to frame absolutely any effort to combat hate speech and political propaganda as “censorship” to prevent anybody from truly addressing hate speech and political propaganda (a cornerstone of modern GOP power). It’s a message they push everywhere, constantly, with brutal repetition. And, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s been working pretty well.

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Comments on “OAN Starts Attacking Verizon, The Last Cable Giant Willing To Platform Its Conspiratorial Gibberish”

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That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

What was that phrase again…
Oh yes….

You need us more than we need you.

While they might feel they are fighting the good fight & winning, pissing off what seems to be one of the last cable systems keeping their conspiracy afloat.

How horrible when they manage to speed up their departure from the last few outlets & can no longer rally the troops to do their bidding & buy their merch.

This also proves that if you just ignore the complaints coming from the far right claiming conspiracy & just keep on keeping on making your business decisions the world doesn’t end.

Its really hard to put this into practice, because people at their base want to win & think that they will magically craft the argument that will make a person completely change and become sane again.

Y’all ain’t learned shit from zombie movies, you can’t argue them back to being human, you can’t talk them out of murdering you, and showing any sort of mercy because you remember the human they once were means you’re gonna die.

You can not convince someone who has made up their mind they are wrong. (period full stop let that soak in)
Anything you say will be called lies & just encourage them to keep shouting at you.
Ignore the crazy, keep quiet, and hope the horde of zombies just moves the hell on.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I think “normal” could be stretched to justify a range of meanings, most likely depending on who’s on the receiving end of the judgment. In my mind, I instead substituted the word “acceptable”. Hope that’s OK with you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that was Ron White’s intention, “….through means acceptable to society as a whole”.

Myself? I’d opt for post-natal abortion for most of the control freaks dressed up as a clique calling themselves Republicans. Lucky for them I’m in the vast minority.

This comment has been deemed insightful by the community.
David says:

They are just looking for a pretext funding their own "network"

Like “Truth Social”, this is about fleecing the idiots. In contrast to fleecing private idiots, however, they will aim at Republican state legislatures for getting “subsidized” for creating a “free network”.

Just wait and see: I’m pretty sure that they will turn their scorched earch strategy into a cash grab from corrupt legislatures.

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Rico R. (profile) says:

…instructions on how its users can complain to tech companies to demand censorship.

So you don’t want people to even FLAG content? Allowing a third party to report problematic content constitutes “demanding censorship”? Does that mean I just violated the GQP’s definition of “first amendment rights” for the commenter above me by flagging his spam comment? I would hope we all could agree I violated no one’s rights, but in today’s political climate, I doubt that won’t be seen by some as “controversial”!

Samuel Abram (profile) says:

MST3K and Glenn Beck vs. OAN

MST3K kept getting canceled by networks (Comedy Central, then Sci-Fi, then 15 years later, Netflix), but they ultimately started to go it alone after they realize that they weren’t going to look for a higher power for support. OAN, if they weren’t bad faith grifters, could take a page from them, or-if that’s not palatable for them-from Glenn Beck, who was canceled by Fox News and started his own network the Blaze online.

Forcing private entities to carry their speech is more akin to censorship than dealing with it by going it alone which is what Glenn Beck and MST3K did.

Before I get misinterpreted, I loathe Glenn Beck with the strength of a thousand betelgeuse supergiant stars. I’m just relieved I could put him out of sight and out of mind, though, and I wouldn’t want him censored (in Stephen T. Stone’s definition), because of the judicial precedent it would send.

Anonymous Coward says:


Forcing private entities to carry their speech is more akin to censorship than dealing with it by going it alone which is what Glenn Beck and MST3K did.

Well yeah, but then they’d have to do something other than complain. That’s where the problem is – they can’t manage to make anything happen without forcing someone else to do it…

Cases in point – building the wall, repealing the ACA, our sooper dooper hella bigly Trumpcare, creating a social media network that doesn’t work on half of the phones out there, locking Hillary up, taking over the government, you get the idea.

They’re do nothings. Unless it involves a uterus – for that they’ve got plenty of energy.

dickeyrat says:

“…censor conservative speech.” WAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAHHHH!!! PLEASE gimme a fucking BREAK!! Just tune up & down practically any AM radio dial anytime, anywhere in the nation, and see if you don’t lose count of the huge number of far-right wing babbling and bleating “talk shows”, all praising trump as the Most Respected And Beloved Leader that this nation SO desperately needs, and bitching about them Libtards, who just can’t stand any “true debate” of the issues, because of their affinity toward “censorship”. (Then, just try to get on any of these shows as a caller with an opposing viewpoint. Thou shalt NOT never, no-how, ever question or challenge The Word of the Reich! Sieg Heil MAGA!!) Not a one of these moutharrhea-spewing assholes ever deviates from The Line, in any way: the 2020 Election was “stolen”, the Libtards are hellbent on “destroying America” (in part by convincing our children to all change their genders), and speaking of kids–any attempts to control the overflow of AR-15s and similar wartime battlefield weaponry are purely plays from Karl Marx’ personal book of playground rules and principles! Etc., etc., ad nauseum–but of course the Fascists are all being strangled by the “Liberal Media”, in all its evils. This, from the cadre of bullshit artists who are paid enormous amounts of money to spew the Party Line to ignorant ears, on a daily basis. Censorship, my ASS!!

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Lostinlodos (profile) says:

More stupidity

…not that many people actually watch the channel, so DirecTV…

So – or

Being on DTV is relatively pointless. How many subscribers do they have? I think Truth has more. Lmao.

unfairly censored

Nope to them, it was absolutely fair to be censored by a private entity.

That fixed:…!

I don’t understand why they care. They have a live feed web presence on multiple services! It’s like when you hear all the moaning about evil cable when a provider has a renewal dispute.
The number of people without the ability to stream in some way is really really small.
More people stream than subscribe to a dedicated television provider.

Maybe they should spend less time worrying and more time hyping the multitude of places online that their stream is available.

nasch (profile) says:


How many subscribers do they have?

About 15 million last year, which is the first number I found. Definitely fewer than that now.


I think Truth has more.

About half a million, apparently.


Lostinlodos (profile) says:

Re: Re:

According to Nielsen Truth has Apx 5 million registered, 1.7-1.9 mil of which are active.
So yea, there’s a difference.

However klowdtv apparently has 9m subscribers and is currently hosting OAN.

My point was being off traditional TV isn’t the death it used to be. All they need to do is run their website on their live broadcast. And point to the various online carriers!

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