Non-Fungible T-Shirts, And Other New Gear From Techdirt

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Get your Non-Fungible T-Shirt and Right Click gear on Threadless »

Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve got a pair of new designs in the Techdirt Gear store on Threadless — both inspired by the ongoing conversation around (and our own experiments with) NFTs:

For those who want to celebrate and defend the ability to Right Click -> Save As, there’s the I Right Click And I’m Proud design, which is available on t-shirts as well as hoodies, sweatshirts, face masks, stickers, mugs, and more. For those who want something that doesn’t need the blockchain to be scarce and rivalrous, there’s the Non-Fungible T-Shirt (which is available only as, well, a t-shirt).

Visit the Techdirt Gear store on Threadless to get yours today! And if you’re doing some holiday shopping, also check out these academic galaxy map posters from Open Syllabus Project.

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Comments on “Non-Fungible T-Shirts, And Other New Gear From Techdirt”

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GHB (profile) says:

As a reminder about rightclick “DRM”

Along with disabling select and several shortcut keys:

Browsers run websites in a sandboxed environment, meaning javascript cannot access all parts of the browser so only certain user operations can be overridden. If it can, then not just those “DRMed” sites will do it, also so will malicious sites like tech support scams (often using browlocking techiques) and other dangerous sites.

“Inspect Element/devtools disabled!” Well, only the shortcut keys are disabled. Like, on the tab, go to a page that doesn’t have such a code, F12, keep that open, then visit the site with the “DRM”. Alternatively, since JS cannot touch most of the in-browser menus, going to the hamburger menu on the top-right -> More Tools -> (Web) developer Tools (google chrome and firefox) will also work.

Plus, firefox has a feature that enable user to entirely avoid the blocking of context menus by holding down SHIFT. As a reminder, the browser is the user’s agent, not the website/webmaster’s. Even with the alert boxes (browser’s alert dialogue box, not the site’s interstitial popups) closing it out the menu will appear. This was tested on (not to be confused with

And one final thing: 1201 backing this up is likely to fail because of how ineffective this is in stopping people bypassing it. To have 1201 backing this up requires that the code must be effective.

If anyone have found a news article that someone tried to 1201’ed a browser extension enabling user to rightclick/bypass shortcut keys restrictions/etc., let me know by replying this message. I already know about admiral attack on adblock plus.

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