Techdirt Podcast Episode 289: Florida's Social Media Bill Fiasco, With State Rep. Anna Eskamani

from the bad-bill dept

If you’ve been following our coverage of Florida’s recent law about social media content moderation, you know it hasn’t been going well — it was an insane bill that was quickly shut down by an injunction from a judge who could see how obviously unconstitutional it was. But the fight isn’t over, so this week we’re joined by Florida Representative Anna Eskamani, one of the most vocal critics of the bill in the state legislature, to discuss how this all happened and what’s going to come next.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 289: Florida's Social Media Bill Fiasco, With State Rep. Anna Eskamani”

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Samuel Abram (profile) says:

Now that I've listened to the podcast…

Anna Eskamani–if her voting record is anything like her rhetoric–is exactly the kind of stateswoman I’d want to represent me and my interests (or rather, the interests of her constituency) in the State Capitol if I were a Floridian. I’m really happy she called out the clownish behavior of her Republican colleagues because My sister lives in Miami and from what I gather, Floridians need a lot more help than what the state legislature has been offering…

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: 'The money we were going to give you is going to taxes, so ...'

I imagine the number of politicians who would be willing to bring that up could be counted on one hand because once ‘make big companies actually start paying taxes’ is seriously on the table a lot of companies beyond just the tech ones would be in the crosshairs, as I’m sure the tech companies would very quickly jump on the ‘if you’re closing those loopholes for us how about doing so for those other companies too?’ counter and that’s the sort of thing that would definitely threaten some ‘campaign donations’.

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themolifeworld says:


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fairuse (profile) says:

Each party has the same goal - relected

Biden has taken a page out of trumps playbook; facebook is killing people. Same as Trump calling media the enemy.

This crazy bar fight wrapped in flimsy culture war played on TV by all politicians is stupid.

This podcast is the best description of fund-my-relection at the expense of the public I have heard.

July 2021 will be a footnote in some book describing how extreme activism took over and China annexed North America.

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