Techdirt Podcast Episode 263: Is The Techlash Over?

from the and-what-exactly-is-it dept

This week, we’ve got another panel discussion for you, with Mike joining Georgetown Law fellow Gigi Sohn and panel moderator Zach Graves of the Lincoln Network (both also former podcast guests) at the Reboot 2020 conference to discuss the “techlash” — the public opinion backlash against big tech — and try to figure out what exactly it is, and where it’s going in the future.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 263: Is The Techlash Over?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Lasers are cheap to build and billions or trillions were made. (Pennies a piece or less)

Lasers at the wavelength of the length of a human nerve are dangerous and cause neurodegeneration and diseases like MS, even in young people. (3 mm or 10 GHz for example for a human visual cortex) 5 Ghz degrades motor function.

Nazis are insane and treat nervous systems like antennas or wiring diagram.

Insane people with access to satellites started satellite piracy in the 1950s (from Eurasia) in a way that has caused extinctions and they can’t reasonably find or disable those satellites even today but landmine networks are equally effective (at genocide). No one really knows what they are still doing up there but the electronics from a 1950s satellite can still function today.

Those companies don’t serve the real interests of their users in any way but you can use them now that they are here operating from satellites and landmine networks that haven’t been legalized still from someones WW1. (Austria-germany-yugoslavia, Japan, china, india, or Turkey-persia-pakistan… maybe Romania) it’s probably one of them. (Maybe Russia but probably not, they made a large antinazi push)

I’m trying to get nonfraudulent parts and things and I only get fraud after fraud after fraud, but Google is better than Microsoft by comparison.

Lasers need to be built to disable the illegal lasers but someone has no interest in saving children in the western hemisphere and maybe not on their border or in their home country either. Laser welders have to disable the illegal lasers but finding good nonfraudulent parts suppliers is nearly impossible for me so far.

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