It's September 21st And Demi Abejuyigbe Has Another Great September 21st Video For Charity, Marred By Copyright Takedowns

from the copyright-ruins-everything dept

Copyright ruins freaking everything. Five years ago, today, Demi Adejuyigbe gifted the world with an incredible video of him dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic song September. If you somehow have not seen it, I’m jealous of you for getting to watch it for the first time.

It’s a reminder of the kind of gleeful content creation that only the internet enables. And it went pretty viral. So much so that Demi decided to do it again the following year. And then each year after that, with each video getting bigger and more ambitious (in somewhat incredible ways). He’d put them all threaded as replies to the original 2016 video. And I’d embed the tweets here, except for the fact that copyright ruins everything and Sony apparently decided to take down the 2017 and 2019 videos from Twitter:

This is even more ridiculous because Demi turned his September 21st videos into a successful fund raising tool for tons of good and important charities. And Sony made them disappear from Twitter. All for copyright. To be fair, the videos are still available on YouTube, but it’s crazy that they’re missing from Twitter.

Anyway, Demi has released the latest such video and it’s very much what I needed today. I’ll embed the YouTube version since apparently that has a better chance of not being stomped into the ground by a Sony copyright claim. Please watch the whole thing, and consider donating at

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Comments on “It's September 21st And Demi Abejuyigbe Has Another Great September 21st Video For Charity, Marred By Copyright Takedowns”

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John85851 (profile) says:

Just stop using other people's content

Yes, I know it’s fun to make a video dancing to a popular song, but at this point, it’s too much of a risk. We need to encourage people to stop using other people’s content, especially songs from big publishers.

You can argue that the video is fair use or transformative or that it’s doing good by raising money for charity, but since it wasn’t approved by Sony, they’re going to issue a takedown.
So, again, don’t use any content by Sony or you’re risking a takedown or other actions.

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