Daily Deal: The Notion App Course

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Notion is an all-in-one workspace for organizing your life. You can use it for managing tasks, studying, projects, notes, hobbies, and life goals. The Notion App Course will show you how to become more focused, organized and productive using the Notion app. It alsoincludes links to templates on life planning and getting things done that you can clone and personalize. It’s on sale for $29.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: The Notion App Course”

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1 Comment
Bartongwj (user link) says:

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CHARLOTTETOWN It was during the xmas break that something awful started happening to the crows that frequent Victoria Park in downtown Charlottetown.

ever since then, Local residents have found more than 200 dead or frantically ill birds. Scientists at the nearby Atlantic Veterinary College haven been able to figure out what is happening.

"It was pretty grisly, Maryrose Carson, Who lives two blocks from the waterside park, Said Tuesday as she recalled finding hundreds of dead birds on Jan. 1. "We had no clue what had caused it,

The college has ruled out avian flu or a bacterial infection, And there were speculation that a so called reovirus is to blame a theory that is being subjected to laboratory testing, Carson assumed.

There also concern that whatever is killing the birds could spread to other wildlife or domesticated animals, which explains why the college is pressing for answers before the end of the week. A spokeswoman for the college declined to comment until the results are in.

A nest of 25,000 birds roosts around the block every night in the fall and winter, Prompting an annual outpouring of complaints about the squawking and defecating.

When the birds swarm over the area at this holiday, The cacophony can be loud as the sky turns black with beating wings, to provide a scene from a horror movie.

in consequence, Carson said she worried the coal coloured birds are increasingly being poisoned.

"I do understand the irritation, She celebrity fad. "If you walk in the Brighton Road area whenever they are roosting I don think there is a clean spot on the sidewalk,

though poison is a theory, Carson was quick to note that it appears no other animals in the community have been affected.

She said it heartbreaking to see the sickly birds in the park.

"They very sluggish. If they do try to get away from you, they fight to hop, She defined. "They might fly a couple of feet above the bed, But then they down on to the floor and very docile. when you holding them, They really not fighting,Local residents are being warned not to undertake any dead birds or approach any that appear ill. The City of Charlottetown is disposing of the dead birds, While the college is taking in ill animals for treatment.

Two common, Bird lovers in the metropolis were outraged when somebody shot three crows with a pellet gun during a five week span. The shootings prompted a "move for caws, with about 15 people marching to demand the birds be <a href=https://www.love-sites.com/signs-that-you-can-recognise-when-a-vietnamese-lady-is-into-you/>how to tell if a vietnamese girl likes you</a> left alone.

At one point, The city website recognized that residents acquired a "Love hate romance relationship" in their avian neighbours, Which have been calling the park home for longer than 100 years.

around 2006, The city decided grievances about the noise and the droppings had reached a point where action had to be taken.

grubby, dingy, Rotten facts, One resident said the moment. Get up the following day and the sidewalks are white. acquire are white. I don sit in the property anymore. After calling for proposals, metropolis spent $15,000 on noisemakers to discourage the birds away.

It didn deliver the results.

after that, The city will quickly live with the birds, But the complaints often come.

This report by The Canadian Press was initially published Jan. 18, 2022. are feeling the housing crunch more than most, With rising rental costs exceeding fixed incomes for those on pensions or social benefit. always ask Valerie Arsenault. The Charlottetown woman landlord took the names of countless renters at the Kensington Road apartment building where she lives, place them into a hat and drew one out. each "victorious" Would have to give up his or her unit so that his son could move into it. "I was handed an eviction notice back on October 4th because mCORRECTED UPDATE 3 Unilever will not raise rejected 50 bln pound bid for GSK consumer arm.

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