Jon Cusack The Latest Celebrity To Spread Nonsense About 5G

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Conspiracy theories have always plagued the deployment of new wireless technology. WiFi has no proven impact on human health, yet it has been a bogeyman for the better part of the last fifteen years. Fast forward to 2020, and social media is filled with “internet famous” folks claiming new fifth-generation (5G) wireless is part of a vast mind control conspiracy or a massive threat to human health. Russia, and likely other countries, have incorporated 5G for a few years into its online trolling operations, apparently believing it’s another wedge issue that can be used to amplify already heated divisions in western countries.

During the coronavirus, the conspiracies surrounding 5G have exploded, with many “famous” Twitter users falsely linking 5G directly to the coronavirus. And in recent months, a lot of these bogus claims have been amplified by the likes of U.S. celebrities, who appear to be getting their health and science information from the “healing with crystals” set. Like Woody Harrelson, who last week vaguely suggested that 5G and the coronavirus are somehow linked. Or M.I.A., who in March doubted a COVID-19 link but falsely told her 650,000 followers 5G could slow down human healing:

This week, the honor belonged to John Cusack, who kept things vague in suggesting that 5G is just an ambiguous threat to human health:

While it would be hubris to suggest we have a full understanding of human health, the vast, overwhelming, scientific data to date suggests there is no health risk from 5G. If you want to read actual insight from an expert, I’d recommend this lengthy piece exploring wireless health concerns from Glenn Fleishman, who has been writing about and studying wireless networking for the better part of two decades. I’d generally trust him a bit more than an actor whose experience with wireless technology is largely of the fictional variety. Glenn’s piece leans hard on numerous established studies, coming to this important conclusion on 5G:

“But the newness and differentness of 5G don?t matter. Whether we?re talking about 5G, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, or other consumer-level wireless technologies, the sum total of results from many studies and many years of research paints a straightforward picture?there?s nothing to worry about.”

Of particular note in regards to 5G is that much of the millimeter wave spectrum being used for 5G (especially from the likes of Verizon) is millimeter wave, and has a hell of a time traveling very far or penetrating things like walls and human bodies:

“In particular, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, including 5G networks, use relatively high frequencies, which have short wavelengths. They don?t travel far and, the higher the frequency, the shorter the distance they can travel using the same power as lower frequencies. By deploying 5G densely, less power is needed, and by using high frequencies, it can?t penetrate far?whether through walls or into our bodies. Even though many more base stations will be deployed, they?ll be sending out far less power than today?s networking systems.”

As Glenn also highlights on Twitter, the goopification of America and our distrust in establishment voices didn’t happen in a vacuum:

Our susceptibility to bullshit is driven by a general, well-founded distrust in every last corner of the steadily eroded American establishment.

Folks are right not to trust the wireless industry, which engages in self-serving lying on pretty much a daily basis. They’re right to not trust captured U.S. lawmakers and regulators from the FDA to the FCC. They’re right to often distrust the courts, which have also been clearly hijacked in the service of myopic greed. And they’re right to raise a skeptical eyebrow toward press outlets that, again more often than not, parrot press releases (this merger will be great! This surveillance technology has no downside!) in a way that uniformly winds up coming back to bite readers on the ass.

We’ve undermined any number of American institutions in a relentless quest for profit and power, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the public now finds celebrities and internet randos a better source of authority and reason than our oldest institutions. If we want to fix the global disinformation problem, telling unqualified celebrities to shut up is a good start, but restoring the integrity of our institutions has to take priority.

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Comments on “Jon Cusack The Latest Celebrity To Spread Nonsense About 5G”

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hij (profile) says:

What else should we conclude?

Some of the telecom corporations have been touting 5G as a game changer that will herald a new world of light and joy complete with choirs of singing angles. Given that the current incarnation offers little to no difference it should not be a surprise that some folks will create new questions as to why it is being pushed so hard. Unfortunately, the context allows people to raise ridiculous questions, and the most ludicrous rumors can be the hardest to tamp down.

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This comment has been deemed funny by the community.
Anonymous Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Re: What else should we conclude?

Your right. The premise that 5G will supply choirs of singing angels is complete nonsense. Everybody already know that the choir is made up of unicorns in the soprano section, hippogriff’s in the alto section, leprechauns in the tenor section, gnomes in the baritone section and trolls making up the bass section.

Singing angels, bah. Where do they get these crazy ideas.

Anonymous Coward says:

Rise of con artistry an additional factor

I suspect separate from the trustworthiness of our institutions (which is already generationally sad) themselves but related and interacting is a cultural rise of con artists to wealth not only normalizing pushing absolute bullshit but lionizing it. Goop is an apt example but they are only the latest most lurid example with infamous jade vagina eggs. Look at the "health industry" and every easy weight loss scam like wedge shoes or "massager" exercisers which at best would locally prevent atrophy in the comatose but not cause weight loss as it uses an external power source. The history goes back far longer than literal snake oil (which later scientific investigation showed ironically was more a failed adaptation as the source technique worked with Chinese snakes but was only psychosomatic with US ones used).

Anonymous Coward says:

This crap is like blaming Huawei for the corvid19 pandemic! Use any excuse possible to try to get a company stopped from producing something just because it’s product is better, safer, cheaper and more reliable than home-grown items! The lengths some people will go to to try to curb their jealousy and repay their debts!

Anonymous Coward says:

This crap is why Celebs should keep their traps shut. Just do your job, Act, Sing, Dance, whatever. Most aren’t too bright. There are some really Smart Actors out there, though in a very small minority. They keep quiet and out of the limelight in general. Sure not saying dumb things like this.

These are the same dump people that believe in crap like a flat earth. 5G is weak. You need 4 times the towers to cover the same area as 3G and 4G.

It’s similar to your Wifi at home from 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. 2.4Ghz will go though walls better and so you’ll get more range. 5Ghz though is faster, but the range is shorter. It has a hard time going through walls.

5G should be even safer for people, not that 3G or 4G was ever unsafe. You really show how much of a idiot you really are if you try to link 5G and the Virus. 5G has hardly been released as it is. Even after they upgrade all the current towers with it, it’ll still be only small pockets because once again, you need 4 times the towers to cover the same area as 3g & 4g. Because 5g does have a shorter range, that means less people on each 5G tower and so less sharing that bandwidth, which would mean better speeds just from that alone.

This comment has been deemed funny by the community.
PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Let's start our own conspiracies

Funny you should mention those. Here’s another one:

Cusack’s career has been on a roughly downward trend since the 80s. He says he hates superhero movies and would never star in one. One of his best known movies was Say Anything, which he got after Robert Downey Jr. turned it down. But, Downey has since become one of the richest, biggest stars on the planet due to superhero movies, while Cusack is starring in crappy direct to video movies to make ends meet. Marvel is also watched a lot on streaming services, which 5G would help people to do in high quality on Disney+ and get Downey a lot of royalties.

Conclusion: Cusack is somehow involved with the creation of COVID-19 in order to destroy 5G and get major roles and royalties away from Robert Downey Jr.

Hey, it makes as much sense as the other 5G conspiracy.

Ehud Gavron (profile) says:

Being transparent helps you out later...

It would be easier for the Telcos if they had engaged in honesty and transparency about 5G (and 4G before it). Their word games with LTE and 4G and 5G and their lies on national TV have only made people distrust them.

In the UK, the Guardian reports people are torching cellphone towers and destroying them… because of this misguided myth that 5G has anything to do with COVID-19…

…but also…

This industry has worked hard to put profits and lies before truth and transparency. In times when pitchforks and torches come out, the first to burn are the witches. Those are the telcos.

I feel bad for Jon Cusack. Loved him in Grosse Pointe Blank. However, there’s no excuse for spreading mis-information. If you are not 100% sure… and are unwilling to do the research from reliable primary sources… don’t open your BFM.


Anonymous Coward says:

Millimeter wave is a psuedoscience label. All EM waves can be expressed in millimeters. Saying they cannot penetrate walls or human bodies is just a lie on the internet.

Turning up an array of EM transmitters of the proper frequency can interfere with normal nervous function, vital organ function, and other bodily functions. It’s all basic antenna and radiation science.

This comment has been deemed insightful by the community.
Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Your lack of education us showing, as EM waves include visible light, which does not penetrate walls, or human bodies. Further mm waves is just an alternative name for the EHF, Extremely High Frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which can be blocked by walls, rain etc.

To discuss the rest of your statement any further will be a waste of effort until you go and learn some basic physics.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Wait… so, you mocked the guy for not educating himself and just repeating lies he found on the internet. You then had to double check to find out if what you said was correct, and you just used whatever wikipedia page you randomly found to do educate yourself?

I think your research skills need a little brushing up, or the the least your debate skills.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Making waves

I can point out the longer wavelength aka lower frequency radio signals are far more dangerous.

You could, but…
"In general, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the danger to living things."

"The most dangerous frequencies of electromagnetic energy are X-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light and microwaves."

Microwaves, millimeter waves, and FM radio have overlapping wavelengths, with FM on the long end, and AM longer than that. The only danger from non-ionizing radiation is thermal effects, which require high power levels. You could have a problem standing right next to an AM transmitter but presumably you would feel your nuts (if you have them) start to get hot* and get out of there.

  • for real, apparently eyes and testicles are most vulnerable
Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Making waves

When you are dealing with lots of Kilowatts, you are dealing with power levels that will vaporise several pounds of steel or copper in a nice bright blue, (or green from the copper) flash, and what it will do to a person is best not imagined, but the water in the body turn instantly to steam. It is not the wavelength that is dangerous, but rather the power available.

Annonymouse says:

Re: Re: Making waves

As they say – on the nosey..

My previous post was truncated due to familius interuptus.

The example I was referring to involved a tech sent out to determine why an AM transmitter was down.
Door was open and a pair of shoes in the melted asphalt. No actual damage to the transmitter since the safety prevented a flashover. It was supposedly caught on a security camera but I take that as hearsay.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Making waves

Oh one more thing – think of how that would have happened. You’re talking about 1+ gigawatt transmitter. Clearly the guy would have to be vaporized in a flash since if he had been getting hotter and hotter as he walked toward it he would have turned around. He could not have kept walking until there was enough energy to boil the water in his body, even if he wanted to. That means this guy, by himself, opened a door capable of shielding him from a 1GW EM wave. What kind of door would that have to be? How thick and heavy? And wouldn’t the inside of it just melt from being exposed to such high energies?

Rocky says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Making waves

And a body that is instantly flashed over should also almost instantly be converted to steam and other vapors to the tune of ~1.6-1.8 cubic meters/kg, so if the guy weighs about 100kg/220lbs he would create a vapor-cloud that needs to expand to ~114m3/4000cft very quickly.

I expect there would be some significant structural damage due to that "steam-explosion".

Eyesore Sleaze says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Making waves

And if you’re servicing marine radar you need to have a local power and transmitter shutoff switch near the bit that rotates, otherwise some helpful person in the radar room might turn it back on again and send you falling several storeys to the deck below. Death by Codan the Barbarian.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Re: Making waves

When you are dealing with lots of Kilowatts, you are dealing with power levels that will vaporise several pounds of steel or copper in a nice bright blue, (or green from the copper) flash, and what it will do to a person is best not imagined, but the water in the body turn instantly to steam.

OK according to the Mad Scientist’s Handbook (with references for their calculations), vaporizing a person would require 142 megajoules. Applied over a period of two seconds, that’s 71 megawatts. To do it "instantly" (I’ll assume 0.1 second) would be 1.42 gigawatts, which is more than it takes to power a time machine. Commercial radio transmitters are generally limited to 50 kW in the US. The Roumoules transmitter in France is described as among the most powerful in the world at 2 MW. So I’m going to categorize the instantly vaporized copper thief as an urban legend until I hear some more convincing evidence.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Making waves

The destructive results on a body from a high power electric shock come from some of the bodies water, that along the current path, turning to superheated steam. At atmospheric pressure, steams occupies 1,700 time the volume of the water, and turning a small fraction of the bodies water to superheated steam creates an internal explosion….

Anonymous Coward says:

This Just In ...

Hollywood celebrities are malevolent, lobotomized, pampered cretins, who should be never be consulted for anything more complicated or challenging than what color pocket square looks best under Klieg lights.

Every time one of these professional dunces opens their yap or types gobbledegook on their cellphone – and it doesn’t directly involve looking tolerable on camera – they should be tarred and feathered.

This goes triple if it has anything to do with a political opinion. In fact, if they’re suggesting anything related to human behavior (politics, sexuality, child-rearing, etc), it’s a major character flaw if you don’t do the exact opposite of their asinine recommendation.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: This Just In ...

"Hollywood celebrities are malevolent, lobotomized, pampered cretins, who should be never be consulted for anything more complicated or challenging than what color pocket square looks best under Klieg lights"

Except when they’re Republicans, in which case Fox News demands they be taken so seriously they be installed as commander in chief.

Sam12 says:

5g operating frequency and diagrams.

Its interesting to note where those conspiracy theories were inspires of.

When looking at 5g in general once it is well implemented. It looks like a spider web over a city.

That oddly resemble to those of Haarp research program.

Would you live in the middle of a cluster of power transformers?
Why would you accept to live in a city that integrate a wireless tech that affect your body the same way electricians are exposed to high current electricty for working near those power transformers.

There is a condition they call…the coorona radiation.

Look it up….electricians affected by this have tbe same symptoms as the covid19.

Cells that are poisoned by radiation are responsible for creating viruses.

5g official operating frequency is 39 ghz…but why would they manufacture it with equipment allowing it to run up to 60 ghz…

60 ghz is the frequency at which oxygen functions normally.

Oxygen affected by that wavelenght will absorb all of the radiation and therefore charging it with c02.

When we breathe that oxygen mollecule our bloodstream is unable to attach it to our hemoglobins because its filled with co2.

The reason covid19 patients turning blue is because their blood is being unable to catch oxygen…they become poisoned with c02.

Kind of usefull 2 way weapon…culling rhe world and seling out global warming.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Except, those are both minority positions. Apart from the people who stand to make a massive profit from 5G rollout, nobody’s talking about 5G being some major thing. Apart from the kind of deluded incoherent idiot as per above, nobody’s talking about 5G being an evil entity.

As always, the correct path here is to listen to the sane people who do not have a profit motive behind their words.

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