Brazil Refuses To Drop Bullshit Charges Against Glenn Greenwald; Appeal Judge's Ruling Throwing Out The Case

from the chilling-effects dept

Earlier this year, we wrote about the bogus “cybercrimes” charges brought against Glenn Greenwald in Brazil for his reporting on government corruption. As has been noted, a court and law enforcement had already said that Greenwald did not break any laws in his reporting, and had followed ethical journalistic guidelines. And yet, he was still charged with a crime for reporting on leaked documents, with prosecutors claiming that Greenwald’s suggestions to the whistleblower on how not to get caught constituted a “clear role in facilitating the commission of a crime.” This was clearly a charade, as the Bolsonairo government in Brazil seemed mostly to just want to intimidate Greenwald and the press away from reporting on what now appears to be an extremely corrupt government.

A few weeks after the charges were announced, a court again said that it was clear that Greenwald broke no laws and refused to allow the case to go forward. However, as the Freedom of the Press Foundation has now announced, prosecutors have chosen to appeal that ruling and to continue to go after Greenwald.

In a troubling development for press freedom, Brazilian authorities have appealed a federal judge?s ruling that rejected criminal charges against Intercept Brasil founding editor Glenn Greenwald. The charges stem from that outlet?s investigative series documenting corruption involving high ranking prosecutors and Sergio Moro, the Justice Minister in President Jair Bolsonaro?s right-wing administration.

Again, whether you agree with Glenn or not, this is a blatant attack on a free press, and an obvious attempt at creating a chilling effect around necessary reporting on government malfeasance. It’s shameful that the Brazilian government is doing this, and it’s important for everyone to be aware of what’s happening down there and how they’re seeking to scare off reporters from investigating corruption.

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Comments on “Brazil Refuses To Drop Bullshit Charges Against Glenn Greenwald; Appeal Judge's Ruling Throwing Out The Case”

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ECA (profile) says:

Love the history here.

The USA running around the world declaring DEMOCRACY WORKS(we arnt a democracy)
And helping these other countries, (DO WHAT?) change the rulling body to something (different??) Better than(what we Thought was) what they had. this includes central and South America and CUBA.
(go look up Cuba history, in some books and movies(even) after we took it, and before Castro)(Rich mans paradise, corruption from hell).
The Stories of, "we were trying to do the right thing", JUST dont work.

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