Techdirt Podcast Episode 210: Cory Doctorow On Anti-Circumvention (And More)

from the dmca-fiction dept

Whether it’s from his novels, or his work for the EFF and others, most of you probably know all about Cory Doctorow. He last joined the podcast two years ago to discuss his book Walkaway, and this week he’s back to talk about his latest book, Radicalized — a collection of four novellas, the first of which is directly based on the issues with the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions. Check out the episode for a discussion about the book, anti-circumvention, tech companies, and more.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 210: Cory Doctorow On Anti-Circumvention (And More)”

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Anonymous Coward says:

How do you craft policy that stops Facebook from doing the bad stuff, without harming the rest of the Internet?

Why did you ask this, when you already know the answer? And I know you know the answer, because you stated it repeatedly, and defended it ardently, in multiple articles on the Net Neutrality debate: you craft a narrow policy that specifically prohibits "the bad stuff," and only businesses actually engaging in such abusive business practices will be "harmed" by this policy, while everyone else is barely affected. You even had quotes from executives from smaller, non-malicious ISPs stating exactly that, that they weren’t engaging in Net Neutrality violations and the proposed regulations would not be in any way "onerous" or damaging to their companies.

Take that exact same principle and apply it to Facebook. Problem solved.

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