Peachtree Officials Come To Their Senses, Vote Down Plan To Finance Lawsuits Against Critics Following Widespread Criticism

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A quick followup to yesterday’s post about officials in Peachtree, Georgia looking to pass a resolution that would allow city officials to spend taxpayer money to sue their own critics for defamation. There were all sorts of problems with this… and it appears the taxpayers weren’t happy. At the city council meeting last night, lots of those taxpayers made it clear this was a bad idea:

People lined up to push back against the resolution….

?You get to decide whether you?ve been defamed or not and you want to use our money taxpayer money to sue us, we might impoverish us,? said another Peachtree City resident.

It sounds like nearly everyone who spoke out was against the proposal, leading it to be voted down unanimously, though the mayor, Vanessa Fleisch, had an odd bit of commentary on the whole thing:

?I think it?s the right outcome I work for the citizens, the intent was very pure but it wasn?t written correctly I?ve been told and so the citizens have spoken and we move on,? said Mayor Fleisch.

The intent is never pure when the goal is for public officials to sue critics. And, the problem was not that it wasn’t written correctly. The problem was with the whole idea. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean there’s a plan to “rewrite” this proposal. Just leave it be and maybe get a somewhat thicker skin if you’re going to work for the government.

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Comments on “Peachtree Officials Come To Their Senses, Vote Down Plan To Finance Lawsuits Against Critics Following Widespread Criticism”

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Tanner Andrews (profile) says:

Re: Re: watch Mayor closely

big-ego liberal Democrat

The Ds do not have a monopoly on thin skins. Let someone say something rude about the cheeto-faced shitgibbon and watch Fox and the Rs howl.

We need a thicker-skinned grade of politicians, generally. Some that can withstand a bit of disparagement and still work out reasonable legislation would be nice.

Pro tip for mayors: look to the City. Our mayor has lasted a long time, at least in part, because he does not get upset; indeed, he practically gives off an aura of sanity.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: watch Mayor closely

It’s not just politicians that need to develop thicker skin. Sadly, we live in the age of the "snowflake" when everyone is outraged about something trivial. Now "God Bless America" singer Kate Smith is being banished to the memory hole because nearly a century ago she once sang a song that by today’s standards would be considered very politically incorrect. Soon there won’t be any more statues left standing.

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