Interpol Alert Issued By Turkey For Exiled Journalists President Erdogan Wants To Toss In Jail

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Turkey’s government has already locked up more than 70 journalists — most of them in the wake of a failed coup. President Recep Erdogan says the imprisoned journalists are terrorists and criminals, but rather than offer evidence of wrongdoing, Erdogan just keeps throwing more of them in jail.

The notoriously thin-skinned president has been eliminating dissent and criticism since he took power, so there’s no reason to give his accusations of criminal activity credence. Erdogan has leaned on favorable laws elsewhere in the world to press for criminal charges and extradition of citizens of other nations who’ve offended his delicate sensibilities.

As a player on the world stage, Erdogan and his government will use whatever tools they have available to continue to eliminate their critics. It appears Erdogan is now asking the world’s police forces to help him track down journalists he hasn’t yet jailed. (h/t Mutlu Civiroglu)

Journalism in Turkey has come under renewed scrutiny after an Istanbul court issued an international arrest warrant for two prominent writers living overseas.

In a hearing against journalists linked to the Cumhuriyet newspaper, the 27th High Criminal Court said it would request the issuance of Interpol “red notices” for Can Dundar and Ilhan Tanir. The order notifies all Interpol member states that the individual has pending arrest warrants.

Mr Dundar, the newspaper’s former editor-in-chief, and Mr Tanir, its ex-Washington correspondent, currently live in Germany and the US respectively.

No one’s under any obligation to arrest and extradite these “criminals.” And certainly no one should feel they have to enforce Turkey’s draconian anti-press measures halfway around the world. But it will make travel difficult, as databases will be pinged and info alleging criminal activity will be returned. If they happen to travel to a country that feels compelled to take Turkey’s disingenuous government at its word, these journalists find themselves being sent home to face ridiculous charges in a kangaroo court.

Critical speech is its own crime in Turkey, despite what Erdogan says publicly.

“Turkey numbers among the world’s leading countries in matters of press freedom, the most advanced communications technologies, social media, the internet and journalism,” he said on Journalists’ Day in January.

You can only get away with saying something this ridiculous in a country where a large majority of news services are under direct government control and internet blockades are only a kill-switch away. When most of your journalists are in jail or have left the country, you’re not in the running for Free-est Press in the World awards. You’re just a thug in nation-state clothing.

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Comments on “Interpol Alert Issued By Turkey For Exiled Journalists President Erdogan Wants To Toss In Jail”

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Thad (profile) says:

Re: Moslem regimes and journalists?

…it kinda seems like if that were the case, then Erdogan would be helping cover up the murder, instead of, you know, spending the past two weeks very publicly calling attention to it.

Christ, this is "Saddam is cooperating with Osama" all over again. Just because two leaders are both bad people, and both are Muslim, doesn’t mean they’re collaborating.

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. They’re not actually all friends with each other.

Anonymous Coward says:

Trump and outright bold faced lies...

Granted our journalists here aren’t being thrown in prison, yet. The assertion that you can’t get away with outright false statements is, in and of itself, false. It is clear that you can say the most ridiculous things regardless of the nation you live in or the supposed freedoms it has. To prove it all you have to do is listen to DJT for a few minutes, at any given time, and VOILA!

oliver (profile) says:

Some clarification?

Some of you seem to miss what INTERPOL really is.
This is not a boots-on-the-ground organization.
That is just a network for information exchange.

There are no Interpol agents running around, searching for suspects. Except they do have a President, but that just had been disappeared in China. Sucks to be him?

Anyway, good luck finding a police agency in those countries to be willing to arrest those journalists, just on a whim of that turkish despot!!

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: President Gollum needs thicker skin

His micron thin skin(to compensate for his planet sized ego I’d guess) would be fine if he was just some nutjob ranting on the streets, demanding people give him the respect he so clearly deserves.

The problem is said nutjob is in a position where he has power over other people, lots of other people, and appears to have absolutely no hesitation is making people ‘respect’ him, and punishing anyone he can reach who dares criticize the little tin-pot dictator.

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