Techdirt Podcast Episode 79: What's Next For Net Neutrality?

from the it-ain't-over dept

Net neutrality has a long and complicated history, and despite some recent victories, that story is far from over. This week, Mike is joined by resident broadband expert Karl Bode to discuss what’s next for net neutrality, and what we need to do to fight for it.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 79: What's Next For Net Neutrality?”

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Charles Rose says:

The other major point that I don’t see being made is the ability to influence politics. People got up in arms over accusations that Google was getting rid of bad searches about Hillary but what if Time Warner made all requests to right leaning news take a little bit longer, make youtube videos that are pro Trump just a little bit slower to load and more than likely SD while Hillary videos load with perfect clarity.

Lauren Saine (profile) says:

Webpass wants local governments to make it happen

Cities can open their local markets to competition. Webpass’s policy proposal ( declares internet service a public utility and opens up buildings and infrastructure to any franchised ISP. Susan Crawford tells it:

Hey You (profile) says:

Techdirt Podcast Episode 79: What's Next For Net Neutrality?

Great show and very informative.

Only one problem. You guys have to improve your audio recording levels. The audio goes from barely audible to over modulation moment to moment. You guys have a great show but it is sad that you don’t have the tech savvy/equipment to produce a quality product.

Help please…

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