DailyDirt: Thanks For The Free Energy, Sun

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The world economy still largely depends on fossil fuels for energy, and nuclear energy isn’t exactly popular after decades of use. Until we figure out nuclear fusion, if we want to reduce our dependence on hydrocarbons, we’re going to need to ramp up renewable energy sources from solar and wind. Solar energy capacity seems to be growing robustly, but apparently, there are still some bugs to work out.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Thanks For The Free Energy, Sun”

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Anonymous Coward says:


“Solar farms in California are producing “too much” electricity in the spring and fall — and the solution so far is to just turn them off. This problem of “excess” renewable energy isn’t expected to get better as more solar energy is added to the grid, but hopefully, the state of California will figure out a better way to balance the electrical supply and demand (such as exporting the solar power to nearby states or storing the energy in large batteries). [url]’

Decades ago the Germans had the means to convert electricity to fossil fuels. Low yield, but workable.

There’s a hobbyist guy in the States that uses surplus electricity from his cells to liquify hydrogen and store it underground. Yes it’s leaky, but it’s workable.

You can do better, California

Socrates says:

Re: Hydrogen

Have invisible flames.

It is immensely dangerous to put the flame out, as this quickly causes an extremely explosive mix with air.

It does not smell.

It leaks through most metal, and it causes most metal to be brittle by diffusing between the microscopic grains the metal consists of.

If it is stored cold it must be chilled or the pressure start to rise, and the cold temperature also causes metal to become brittle

If it is stored pressured any valve or container that fails cause a serious incident. And additional temperature causes additional pressure.

And it is massively explosive, most mixtures with air does not just burn, but creates a FAE. Mixtures would blow up an entire house or a factory, and have. And will again.

The incumbents focus on hydrogen is an attempt to distract us.

Channelling Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Re: “Watts” Are Units Of Power, Not Energy

Larry, you need to reread what was written.

China has become the nation with the highest amount of solar energy producing capacity — 43.2 gigawatts — compared to 2nd place Germany at 38.4 gigawatts and the US with 27.8 gigawatts. Solar capacity numbers don’t exactly translate into how much energy is expected to be produced (or actually will be produced), but more is presumably better.

Now, try again.

Lurk-a-lot (profile) says:

Re: Re: Natural gas?

It’s because it’s not stupid or political – Solar doesn’t work at night and doesn’t produce enough power during the evenings when everyone is home.

It’s cheaper to switch off the solar than to go through and manage daily shutdown/startup cycles for Gas or Coal powerplants.

The solar power could be used to pump water uphill at times of excess and release it to produce power later, or in those places where there are better uses for water, to compress air instead.

Socrates says:

Re: Synchrony

Perhaps the real issue is political, not technical.

It’s clearly not technical

It is partly corruption, partly a result of superPAC contribution and lobbying, and partly because commercial monopoly power over infrastructure breed abuse.

An artificial low supply makes it easier to blackmail the populace. This makes the profit soar by not supplying sufficient energy.

Citizens in USA get abused in so many ways. Another example of abuse by constricting supply is AIDS medicine. Medicine that costs less than 365 dollars pr. year in India for medicine with higher consistent quality, and more than 10.000 in the land of the flayed.

from the article: renewable energy sources and other power plants can’t handle the peak electricity demands during hot LA summers

Solar panels is marvelously well suited to handle the summer peak demand, as the consumption and supply change in synchrony.

Even the etymology of the word synchrony drives this home: From Ancient Greek σύν ‎(sún, “with”) + χρόνος ‎(khrónos, “time”).

Socrates says:

It is not a technical problem

NV Energy receive 75% of the income from the residential solar panels in Nevada, without paying for the panels. That is 75% gross, without paying a dime. NV Energy claimed that they should get someone else’s income because they would have to act like a battery for the solar panels; a claim that is a lie. The use of electricity is much higher when the sun cause air conditioners to run, and the panels produce their electricity at the same time, in synchrony. Less storage capacity and less peek power would be needed with ample residential photovoltaics.

Those how invested suddenly got their income slashed to a quarter. They got to keep the expenses though, all of it. Residents, schools and libraries were victims.

It caused Solar City to leave Nevada and lay off all employees.

This makes USA into a kind of a joke.

jim says:


So the engineering for the plant was incorrect? Built for the warm days, not the hot or cold? Or could it just be a seasonal problem? The sun passes by this location inconviently, at the wrong times of the year? I wonder if these sun farms, notice anything different about the weather around them now. But that is counterintuitive, who cares about downwind from anything anymore. Have the weather patterns changed? You absorb energy here, what happens there? I haven’t seen studies yet, from either side, they are too busy blaming each other for the rising costs of energy.

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