DailyDirt: Oil And Water Aren't Supposed To Mix…

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We’ve previously mentioned an Xprize winner that came up with a better way to clean up an oil spill after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. We’ve also seen some patented but somewhat impractical oil-eating bacteria approaches to cleaning up oil spills. If you’ve ever wondered, why don’t they just use magnets? Here you go, three different ways that could help recover oil from a spill on water.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Oil And Water Aren't Supposed To Mix…”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Actually, Water Dissolves Just About Everything To Some Degree

Pour water into a glass, and a very small amount of the glass dissolves in the water.

Even without a wetting agent, a very small amount of oil will dissolve in water.

With a wetting agent (e.g. detergent), the proportion of oil that will dissolve in water goes up by many orders of magnitude.

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