DailyDirt: Nuclear Power Making Progress?

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The problems with nuclear power via fission have obviously not been overcome by technology (or politics). European countries have started to back off nuclear power, and the US isn’t expanding its nuclear power capacity in the near future. However, nuclear power isn’t dead yet. Maybe some people think it should be, but what if someone figures out how to prevent meltdowns and burn nuclear waste as fuel?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Nuclear Power Making Progress?”

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Socrates says:

Breeder reactors

Breeder reactors is nothing new. Interest in breeder reactors declined after the 1960s as more uranium reserves were found, and handling of the waste were delegated to future generations.

These reactors have been used to make more fuel than they produce, and they have been used to burn transuranics including waste and weapons grade plutonium.

They make about a hundred times more energy from fuel than the common reactors. (Increased from about 1% to close to 100%.) And makes about 1% of the waste, that is also does not stay as dangerous as long as conventional waste. This is also true if it uses conventional waste as fuel, and thereby reduces the dangerous waste to a fraction.

Socrates says:


To the extent that Ukraine is a European country, the Kiev regime have fired the naysayers that were critical to hodgepodging nuclear plants. These naysayers jobs were to ensure safe operation of these plants. There have already been several large mishaps, that temporally have caused elevated radiation levels in bordering nations, but it is unknown if this is related to the hodgepodging or something else as the regime never notified or informed about it, at all. One of the most gullible nations on the planet, Norway, have been hoodwinked into assisting them.

Chernobyl is of Ukraine fame.

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