PayPal Continues To Drive People To Bitcoin And Other Solutions As It Starts Cutting Off VPNs & Open Internet Solutions

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There’s a fairly long history of Paypal being completely obnoxious in shutting down the accounts of basically anyone challenging the status quo in any way. Nearly all of our stories about Paypal follow a similar pattern:

See a pattern yet? So, given all that, it’s hardly a surprise to find out that Paypal has cut off a VPN service, arguing that because it might possibly maybe be used for copyright infringement, Paypal won’t be a part of it. No, this doesn’t make any sense, but as you can see from the list above, it seems pretty clear that if there’s even a whiff of concern or challenging legacy businesses and beliefs, Paypal will cut you off. Because it can.

And, yes, there now are many other solutions out there, but Paypal still remains one of the easiest and most popular payment systems, even as many other companies try to take that crown away. Still, increasingly shutting off services that help protect users and enable an open internet seems like a piss poor way for Paypal to thank the open internet that made it possible in the first place. It seems likely that the more Paypal cuts these kinds of services off, the more likely it is that alternative payment systems will be deployed. Paypal may not care. After all, it’s been doing this for years, but sooner or later, it’s going to realize that it’s just been opening up a big opportunity for others.

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Comments on “PayPal Continues To Drive People To Bitcoin And Other Solutions As It Starts Cutting Off VPNs & Open Internet Solutions”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Most payment services suck, but not as bad as PayPal

The above are not the only things PayPal has been obnoxious about. They have a long history of taking peoples money for various (what I consider nefarious) reasons. I used them once, to fund my Skype account for a whole $10 (pre Microsoft and I thought the $10 was worth the risk) but never since, and never in the future. If PayPal is the only way to pay, the business looses my business, and several have.

art guerrilla (profile) says:

Re: Re:

not sure ‘partnering’ is the correct term, it is more of a funder/fundee relationship…
gg and others at the intercept have discussed the subject of editorial independence, etc numerous times…
i still have some qualms about the relationship and potential for abuse, but we live in an age of patronage: working outside The System requires a sugar daddy…

Anon E. Mous (profile) says:

Again Hollywood is pressuring a company to do what it has been unable to do thru their country restrictive licensing agreements.

Hollywood wants to have control and keep it thru the guise of copyright reinforcement when in reality it is all about money derived from the restriction of content.

If Hollywood priced it fairly and stop cumbersome restriction of content with the Geo location restrictions, maybe people wouldn’t have the need for VPN’s to get around the Geo location restriction to use the services like Nextflix that they paid for.

But alas Hollywood has learned nothing from the Likes of Napster and online streaming services, they still cling to the day when they controlled the distribution, production and venue for where the public could get their content despite their record profits and claims of how without copyright enforcement and geo restriction licensing deals they will lose millions

Cliff says:

Re: Netflix, Paypal and restrictions on freedom

Netflix and Paypal have both lost my business. You see, I come from a time and mindset that says if you don’t have cash, you can’t afford it. I grew up and spent most of my adult years not using these services and I can live the rest of my life without them and there are a lot of us still around. Restrict me and I WILL turn on you. I’m not the only one; I hear that Canadians have been canceling their accounts left and right and it’s not going to slow down until you feel it in your back pockets.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I had a paypal account...

Identical here on that. I simply refused to give my banking info out. Nor am I going to willingly change just because they want it. For around 10 years or so I did business with Paypal and they never needed the info.

When I refused to give up the info they locked the account. It’s remained that way for around 4 years now and I have no intention of using them again.

tqk (profile) says:

Re: Re: I had a paypal account...

… they locked the account. It’s remained that way …

I’ve read hundred of stories saying the same thing. One day, out of the blue, Paypal freaked out and all the contents of legitimate business’ accounts were placed in limbo.

Didn’t Amazon try at one point to force all payments to go through Paypal until they were forced to back off by too many disgruntled users who refused to use them?

Why they’re still in business is a mystery.

JBDragon says:

Re: I had a paypal account...

You don’t have to give them your bank account into! I sure wouldn’t give it to them. I use a Credit Card still because you have protection with a Credit Card (Not with a Debit card!). I would never want to give PayPal direct access to my bank account. That’s just dumb.

PayPal works fine using your credit card with them because then you have better protection buying on the Internet being able to use Paypay, and not handing out your credit card number to places which is much worse.

Anonymous Coward says:

the real question is who makes the decision to cut a service off? is it a board meeting or is it the whim of some stuck up ass hole who wants to or already belongs to the entertainment industries? after all, they think they are above the law and above every fucker else!! i just hope that their (entertainment industries) latest venture kicks them right in the face!!

JBDragon says:

Re: Bitcoin is better?

Bitcoin works well. I wouldn’t invest in it. Or buy a bunch. But for small things, I don’t have a problem. I buy what I need and use that. It’s a easy enough to do on my iPhone using a App like Circle or Coinbase.

Until ApplePay is supported in far, far more places, or something better then PayPal comes along which I still use to buy things because many places still support it and it’s a better option then just handing out my credit card number.

Just make sure you DON’T link your bank account to PayPal. If you already did it. DELETE IT!!! Only use a Credit Card, not a Debit Card because a Credit Card will offer you protection under the law that a Debit card won’t!!! You want that between you and your bank account!!!

Adam (profile) says:

Canadians Often Agree with Cliff

I haven’t used Paypal for so long that I can no longer remember what they did to deserve my drop out. Like several others here, they pissed me off in early days and I never went back. If, as someone said, Paypal is the only payment option offered there’s no sale. Haven’t bought or sold anything on eBay for years for the same reasons.

It’s a story oft repeated. A company invents a really clever way of doing something, think they’ve got a monopoly, and sometimes take a very long time to discover that they’re encouraging competitors.

Anonymous Coward says:

Ebay is another example of an obnoxious company that most are in agreement about, yet … where is the competition that should haven risen up to fill the void? I’d like to know the answer to that.

I fear paypal will be similar.

When multiple services like netflix and paypal do the same thing, I suspect there is a larger threat / plan / authority behind it. Hollywood works closely with the DOJ and shares the same lawyers ….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

When you consider that PayPal not only attempts to control what you buy, sell, and do online, literally, but also delivers all transaction information to the federal government – by default, no court-order necessary – then it becomes painfully obvious that the seemingly “independent” payment processor is nothing more than an appendage of the same said government.

klaus (profile) says:

I did just that… from Palantir’s wiki:

“…help the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center build a controversial license plates database for California.”

This worries me. A license plate database should be trivial, recording a simple event; what, where and when. So when a company like Palantir gets involved, you can be sure that heaps and heaps of (expensive) data analysis and mining is going to take place. Inference upon inference. Mashed up with other datasets into some big-picture. Pseudo data. In haystacks. And all for no sane reason.

Payzoff (user link) says:

Online buyers have more confidence while using a website that offers domestic payment options in a secure environment. In areas around the world, the use of mobile payments, prepaid cards, e-Wallets, e-vouchers, bank transfers, cash, and other payment methods have grown in the absence of strong credit card penetration. If you want to reach consumers all over the world, one or two payment options aren’t enough. By using Payzoff, you can offer dozens of payment choices that are trusted and preferred. Your website will convert more visitors into loyal, returning customers. And you will see the results in increased sales.

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