T-Mobile's John Legere Goes Off The Deep End: 'Who The Fuck Are You, EFF?'

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I kinda feel bad for the PR people at T-Mobile. This morning, CEO John Legere put out a completely bullshit statement pretending to respond to the accusations that its BingeOn program is throttling online video. It didn’t address the actual issues, made statements that were clearly false, and then accused people questioning the program of being “jerks.” That seemed weird, considering the widespread concerns about all of this combined with T-Mobile’s attempt to brand itself as the only consumer friendly mobile service provider.

But, if you really wanted to undermine the idea that you’re a “consumer-first” operation that “cares about the open internet” and had to pick one group that you shouldn’t go off on an unhinged rant about, you’d probably pick EFF. The group, which has been around forever, is somewhat famous for its willingness to fight for the public’s digital rights, and unwillingness to compromise its beliefs. It has regularly sued or challenged numerous big companies that have undermined privacy and the open internet, including AT&T and Google.

And yet… in responding to a question from EFF online about its BingeOn throttling, Legere decided to go on a weird, nonsensical anti-EFF rant:

After giving a misleading response to the actual question, talking about “selecting the bitrate” (which is throttling not optimization), he then gives a little smile and says:

Part B of my answer is: Who the fuck are you anyway EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble and who pays you?

This has immediately resulted in widespread mocking across Twitter, with many people tweeting to Legere that they fund EFF and they care a lot more about EFF than T-Mobile:

There are a lot more where those came from, and they keep pouring in.

I’ve emailed T-Mobile’s PR people to find out if Legere really doesn’t know what EFF is, or if he really thinks that EFF is somehow a front group for a company attacking T-Mobile. I doubt I’ll hear much of a response. But if Legere wanted to totally undermine his pro-consumer position in a single sentence, I don’t think he could have picked a much worse one than what he actually came out with.

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Comments on “T-Mobile's John Legere Goes Off The Deep End: 'Who The Fuck Are You, EFF?'”

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That One Other Not So Random Guy says:


Spends hundreds thousands in advertising trying to convince us they are the uncarrier… in one sentence proves they are just another telecom. I love a good ole internet meltdown.

If the idiots really want to be the uncarrier then give UNLIMITED DATA PLANS FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Hear that Johnny???

AR Libertarian (profile) says:


Admittedly, I don’t use a lot of data, but you might want to look at Ting. I have 4 smart phones on the account, and my total bill will be $59 this month. Total. All 4 phones.

It’s not for everyone. You have to have a bit of tech savvy since they don’t have brick and mortar stores. Tech support is a phone call, you can’t walk in. You buy your own phone, no 2 year contract to make up the difference.

BUT, I mentioned my bill this month is $59???

They piggy back on two networks (Sprint/T-Mobile), buying in bulk and passing the savings on to their customers. Started by Two Cows. Remember them?

Anyway, check it out. They are majorly tech friendly. Not douche bags at all.

LOL (profile) says:


This is fantastic. Guy tweets @TMobileHelp telling them that he has a friend who can’t connect to Wikipedia. T-Mo tells him to have his friend contact them, so he tweets @JohnLegere letting him know that a T-Mobile CSR will walk him through loading up Wikipedia so he can look up the EFF.



Coward says:

Murder the Telecom Execs

The T-Mobile network sucks ass. I have been with TMO for years because I hate the other 2 I’ve been on so much that I’m willing to live with the shitty TMO network to spite ATT and VZN. Doesn’t hurt that I’m saving money too. John sounds like such a total jackass, that I may have to go back to VNZ. ATT is litterally the worst fucking company ever and I would never give them my money again. VNZ doesn’t seem a lot better, but at least their customer service isn’t the worst fucking thing ever, like ATT is. If you told me I could murder the president of all 3 companies successfully, I would do it. The death penalty would be worth ridding the world of these fucking shit birds. And, it’s the only way we will ever get the telecoms to change. Just listen to that fucking asshole. That guy runs a giant telecom? What kind of world are we living in? The guy is George W Bush level stupid.

Carl (profile) says:

Who the fuck are YOU, John Legere?

I just joined the EFF at the $100 Gold level. Now I pay the EFF, and will be dropping T-Mobile very soon.

“Your gift is fully tax deductible as allowed by law, less the fair market value of any substantial gifts received. See below. EFF is a 501(c)(3) organization, and our federal tax ID number is 04-3091431. EFF respects the confidentiality of its supporters and we do not share, swap, or sell our lists of donors at any time. Donation Information Amount $100.00 Date January 8, 2016, 8:07 am”

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Not all that long ago my mom offered to get me a cell phone on her family plan. She would pay, I’d never have to worry about it. I said I’d rather stick with T-Mobile than go to Verizon. Think about that, I currently pay $80 a month and chose to keep that rather than getting a free Verizon phone.

Now I’m rethinking the offer.

But my big question is this. If I’m paying $80 a month just so I don’t have to worry about the data caps (I spent half an hour on the phone with them making damn sure of that), why the hell did I just have to turn off Binge On? I refused their $35 “unlimited” plan specifically so I don’t have to worry about “network optimization.”

daveh says:

Put It Back In Your Pants, You're Not Impressing

This is an egocentric post to the nth degree. You’re not anywhere as important and special as you think you are. Legere has been speaking without a filter and tossing around f-bombs for years. It’s who and what the douchebag is, and it’s exactly that kind of brash and crude persona that’s made him so successful. Few executives can get away with public gutter language, he can. Usually.

Sure, he’s a lying a-hole, just like 100% of American upper management is. But you really need to check your ego at the door, he communicates that way with everyone, not just you.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Put It Back In Your Pants, You're Not Impressing

This is an egocentric post to the nth degree. You’re not anywhere as important and special as you think you are.

Did we read the same post? I thought this article was all about John Legere, whereas you seem to think it’s about Mike Masnick. Which comments do you think demonstrate the author’s belief in his importance and specialness? These are the only places he mentions himself:

“I kinda feel bad for the PR people at T-Mobile.”


“I’ve emailed T-Mobile’s PR people to find out if Legere really doesn’t know what EFF is, or if he really thinks that EFF is somehow a front group for a company attacking T-Mobile. I doubt I’ll hear much of a response.”

So… what are you on about?

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