Redskins, Who Should Get To Keep Their Racist Name, Still Jerks For Running Fake Grassroots Support Website

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As we’ve previously discussed the trademark issues surrounding the Washington Redskins team name, and as I’ve personally flip-flopped on the question like I was running for public office to represent salmon on a dry dock, none of that coverage has ever called into question that the team is run by some number of jackasses. Dan Snyder, who owns the team, has gone out of his way to attack all kinds of media and blogs over coverage of the team and its antics. Well, back on the name of the team, even if they got a big gift from a court in a related lawsuit, it turns out the team has been engaging in a bit of subterfuge to try to drum up support for the mascot as well.

But, thanks in part to an errant tweet, the team has been found out. Fans of the team and its name may recognize the Twitter account “Redskins Facts”, which purports to be a grassroots conglomeration of fans that back the name of the team.

Redskins Facts is supposedly a grassroots organization aiming to create support for a mascot named after scalping Native Americans. However, it is run by a PR firm, not fans, and the team has carefully skirted around precisely designating it as independent. As SBNation points out, the Washington Post fact-checked the site’s claims and found them misleading.

While Washington was in a close game with Chicago, some suspicious tweeting went down. These two tweets, sent from two purportedly different organizations that have no affiliation with each other, look pretty similar. Given the exact similarities between the two tweets, this is almost certainly a copy/paste job.

Oops. While many have long suspected that the PR firm running the Twitter account had been hired to do so by the team, because there isn’t another logical explanation that would make any sense, this copy/paste job between the team’s official account and the “Redskins Facts” account seems to confirm it quite nicely. The Redskins Facts website, indeed, has an entire “About Us” section that is nothing short of a series of misleading claims that would probably be more appropriately called lies.

So, even as the legal side of things is going to end up leaving the Redskins to trademark its dumb, racist team name, the fact that the team pulls these kinds of antics ought not be lost in the meantime.

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Comments on “Redskins, Who Should Get To Keep Their Racist Name, Still Jerks For Running Fake Grassroots Support Website”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I know the best chewing tobacco is Redman. One look at the teams helmet tells me that the name isn’t meant to be derogatory, just the opposite in fact. Now if the teams motto was “the only good Injun is a dead Injun” or “lo, the redman” one might have a case. I hope they never change it, it gives the morons something to complain about and keeps their opinions about the real problems at bay.

Haywood (profile) says:

USA used to be a fun place to live

Before we started concerning ourselves with hurting someones feelings. Grow a set and cowboy up. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, but a little ribbing if far and away from a lynching, or even not being hired or some other serious shit.
No one was ever exempt, though some groups like the Poles seem to attract a bit more. In conclusion, you get more of what you dream about, and (less desirably) what you fear. Life goes where the thoughts guide it.

AJ says:

Re: Re: USA used to be a fun place to live


No your a fucking retard. You know damn well what he’s saying, your just twisting it around to appease your sense of entitlement you jackass. Anyone that uses sexism and/or racism as a weapon to further their entitlement mentality is just as bad as the racists themselves.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:5 USA used to be a fun place to live

It was a sarcastic response to prior “Grow a set and cowboy up” made by a different poster. Guess you missed that.

It may suggest many things to many people, apparently I was unclear in this matter.
You seem to be offended by the possibility of others being offended or even the possibility of someone understanding why others might be offended. I do not find your behavior offensive, a bit pathetic maybe, but not offensive.

On a side note, do you know what the word retarded means?

AJ says:

Re: Re: Re:6 USA used to be a fun place to live

I am offended by people trying to limit free speech because they find the speech “offensive”. I understand that they are offended by the speech. I even understand WHY they are offended, and in some ways sympathize with them. But what is unacceptable is someone being forced to change, or even suggesting someone change their name, because a hand full of pussies find the name offensive.

It’s obvious by your replies to the original poster that you’re race baiting. Any normal non-retarded (learning impaired) person can see that the original poster was simply suggesting that all insults and “ribbing” are not necessarily racist or sexist simply because you take it that way. That people should not have to alter their speech and/or humor simply because someone is offended by it. That we should be leery of becoming a society of easily offended, political correct, overly-sensitive, pussies.

“On a side note, do you know what the word retarded means?”

I do. I’m using it as an euphemism in place of “Shit-for-Brains”. Your petty ass attack on my grammar is an obvious attempt to deflect from the original issue, and is very troll-ish. Because your argument is childish, and pathetic, your grasping for a meaningful way to “get the upper hand”. The problem with that is no one gives a fuck about your pathetic sensitivities and you just come across as a troll.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: USA used to be a fun place to live

As a Pole, I’m curious to know in what way we’ve attracted any more ribbing or whatever. This is not meant to start a debate or argument or anything; I’m just curious. Outside of the “screen door on a submarine” jokes that my babcia used to tell me, I’ve never really heard any anti-Polish sentiments.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: USA used to be a fun place to live

The Poles have a much bigger sense of humor than everybody gives them credit for. It’s no longer politically correct but in the 1970s it was rare to find a bookstore that didn’t have a book of ‘polish jokes’. Other ethnics had their share of joke books but the polish jokes were the best sellers.

I still have a “Polish Coffee Mug” – the handle is on the inside!

Mikael (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: USA used to be a fun place to live

Their “sense of humor” has/had nothing to do with it.

“Some of the early 20th century Polish jokes might have been told originally before World War II in disputed border-regions such as Silesia, suggesting that Polish jokes did not originate in Nazi Germany, but a lot earlier, as an outgrowth of regional jokes rooted in historical social class differences. Nonetheless, these jokes were later fuelled by ethnic slurs disseminated by German warlords and National Socialist propaganda that attempted to justify the Nazi crimes against ethnic Poles by presenting them as dirty and relegating them as inferior on the basis of not being German.”

Anonymous Coward says:


I am a technology worker… and the name of this site is disparaging to me and you should change your name!

Techdirt is just a euphemism that was intended to disparage tech workers as nothing but dirt! It is an insult to all technical personnel who work in the trenches helping ungrateful and ignorant people!

Sure some say dirt is a slang for news, but I choose to believe that the operators of this site really intend it to be disparaging and therefore I am offended!

Techdirt, if you really see redskins as an offensive term that needs to be changed then you should follow your own rules and change your name to something LESS OFFENSIVE TOO!!!

See there, anyone can act offended if they get stupid enough! Those JERKS are no different than YOU JERKS!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: So...

You mean they should be able to, not that they should, right?

I’m personally ambivalent as to whether they change the name, so long as it’s not due to government pressure.

It’s very late right now, so maybe in the morning I’ll consider whether my support of the right to anonymous speech trumps my dislike of a corporation using it to astroturf. Right now I can’t decide.

Ruby says:

Re: Mascot?

From the 1700’s, when the government paid a bounty for dead “Indians”. People who killed them could collect their reward by scalping the murdered Native and the presenting their skin to the proper officials.

The collected skins were often referred to as “Red Skins” and, while some etymologist disagree, many consider that the origin of the term. (

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