DailyDirt: Warnings Are Not Hazardous To Your Health

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Cities have enacted laws against smoking, salt, sugar, trans fat… and it’s raising awareness of these unhealthy habits. But is it really effective at improving general health? Maybe not. It’s difficult to actually measure what effect these health warnings have when the result is essentially a decades-long experiment on participants that aren’t monitored that well. However, smoking is down, diabetes is no longer on the rise, and consumption of sugary soda is also down. (NB: It probably wasn’t warning labels alone that caused these trends.)

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Warnings Are Not Hazardous To Your Health”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Trans fat was for decades promoted as a HEALTH FOOD!

“Food labels warning about trans fat might not actually make us measurably healthier. Eaters gonna eat. But education can’t hurt, right? [url]”

“Education” can sometimes be in vain. I’ll just repost something I said earlier this year, in Michael Ho’s “DailyDirt: Eat This, Don’t Eat That”:

For many years the manufacturers of margarine and shortening relentlessly touted their laboratory-created products as healthier alternatives to the saturated-fat rich natural products they simulated, butter and lard. But the transfat they contained (previously categorized as “unsaturated”) turned out to be far unhealthier than saturated fat. So, ironically, the people who made extra efforts to “eat healthy” were actually killing themselves, while the so-called “conspiracy kooks” who didn’t trust Big Science had some major “I told you so” moments.


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