Techdirt Podcast Episode 47: Trademarks: Intellectual Property Or Consumer Protection?

from the one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others dept

Trademark law often gets lumped in with patents and copyright under the “intellectual property” banner, but in fact it’s a different kind of law with an entirely different heritage. That said, it’s not without its dangers, so this week we’re discussing the intent and extent of trademark law and its impacts both positive and negative.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 47: Trademarks: Intellectual Property Or Consumer Protection?”

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OGquaker (profile) says:

Wrong, Wrong, Wronnnnng

I have a 60 pound ‘Robot Secretary’, branded FORD from 1960. See telephone answering machine, circa 1982, Ford Industries, Inc.

BUT ALL Trademarks are DEFINED by the narrow product field you persist in occupying. Stop filling that space, OR attempt to move into another field, YOU MUST TRY TO GET NEW TRADEMARK

Frustrated Listener says:

A painful listen

This is close to unlistenable. Before the conversation begins you have to weather through over a minute of unrelated ads, the intro and discussion parameters and goals are muddled, the examples and arguments are sophomoric, etc. but the biggest issue is that the participants are constantly talking over each other. It’s painful.

@b (user link) says:

Bait and Switch

This e-trademark debate trickery turns on when you think the case’s marketing Bait and Switch is dishonest.

Some folks will say all marketing is bs (even a moron in a hurry knows “buyer beware”) and others will argue that a b&s might turn out to be permissible when it’s, for eg, humorous baiting then softly brand switching. “Yoogle” yogurt is that transparent that it mightn’t be dishonest. Not many folks right now would want Google to successfully assert brand damage from that unknown froyo shop down the street.

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