Spanish Police Park In Handicapped Spot, Fine Person Who Caught Them For 'Impugning Their Honor'

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A question that is almost always ignored when crafting legislation is “How will this new law be abused?” In the case of Spain’s horrific Gag Law (officially [and hilariously] known as the “Citizen Security Law”), the answer is, “As much as possible.”

Just a couple of weeks away from a Spanish citizen being fined for calling his local police force “slackers,” a Spanish woman has been fined for posting a picture of police car parked in a handicapped spot to her Facebook page.

A Spanish woman has been fined €800 (£570) under the country’s controversial new gagging law for posting a photograph of a police car parked illegally in a disabled bay.

The unnamed woman, a resident of Petrer in Alicante, south-east Spain, posted the photo on her Facebook page with the comment “Park where you bloody well please and you won’t even be fined”.

The police tracked her down within 48 hours and fined her.

If nothing else, the new law has reset law enforcement priorities. If law enforcement is insulted, the perpetrator needs to be tracked down before the trail goes cold.

According to the original report at, differing narratives have emerged. One version of the incident says the officer who parked in the handicapped spot approached the photographer and explained the situation, apparently hoping to prevent a disparaging upload. If so, it didn’t take. Another version says the uploader called to apologize to the police, presumably to ward off a citation. If so, that didn’t take. And yet another version says there was no interaction between police and the photographer until they showed up at her home to hand her a ticket.

What really happened isn’t important, because there’s the Official Police Narrative. The spokesman for the police informed Petreraldia that “in an emergency” police are allowed to park wherever they want, so as to expedite the apprehension of suspects.

The “emergency” behind this illegal parking job? An “incident of vandalism in a nearby park.”

And, of course, the only other official remnant of this one-two punch of exemplary policework is the €800 ticket.

It seems the police — if they felt so demeaned by the Facebook post (which was swiftly removed by the original poster) — could have asked for an apology, rather than €800. Or the department could have offered its explanation of the situation (as it did!), rather than fine the citizen. But the law is the law, and as such, must be abused to the fullest extent allowable.

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Comments on “Spanish Police Park In Handicapped Spot, Fine Person Who Caught Them For 'Impugning Their Honor'”

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TheResidentSkeptic says:

News from the US

Law enforcement agencies from around the US are reporting record levels of income from their newest revenue source. Since they were unable to gain any traction with their “Respect us DAMMIT” campaign, they implemented the Spanish “lack of respect” fine structure, and have been proud to report that its revenues have surpassed even those of red-light camera systems.

Stephen says:

Photography is not a Crime (except in Spain)

This is merely going to encourage Spaniards tp upload their incriminating pics and videos anonymously.

If that doesn’t want to do that themselves…well, just a suggestion, but perhaps they might forward them with the relevant details to a website like the Photography Is not a Crime one and let them take the heat.

Anonymous Coward says:

OK to do, OK to talk

If they are doing it, it must be OK. If it is OK to do it, then it must be OK to talk about it. If it is not OK to talk about it, then that is an admission that it was not OK to do it in the first place.

This happens all the time in a work environment.

Corporate visits workplace. Employee complains to Corporate about management. Corporate complains to management about employee. Management confronts employee. Employee denies any wrongdoing.

Employee says, “I thought since we were doing it, it must be OK. And if it is OK to do it, then it must be OK to talk about it.”

Management says to employee, “Well Corporate thought that you thought it was not OK to do it.”

Employee responds to management, “Well, if we are doing it, then it must be OK.”

Manager has no answer.

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