Techdirt Podcast Episode 35: Kevin Smith On How To Be Yourself And Make A Living

from the creative-success dept

Long-time Techdirt readers know that we’re big fans of Kevin Smith, not just for his films and podcasts but also for his many innovative approaches to business, distribution and creativity in general — and we’re proud to say that he is also a pretty big fan of Techdirt. This week, he joins us on the podcast to discuss the experience of striking out on your own path as a creator while countless voices from the status quo try to tear you down — and the rewards that come when you manage to ignore those voices and be unapologetically yourself.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 35: Kevin Smith On How To Be Yourself And Make A Living”

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Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Listened on my commute home – had to be the easiest interview ever. Mike asks questions, Kevin rambles for 15 minutes. Repeat 4 times, interview over!

Actually, it was kind of tricky, because I had a list of questions and followups, and he would answer all of them before I’d even get to them… and then I had to struggle with what to actually ask.

And poor Dennis almost got edged out entirely until he blew Kevin’s mind by explaining Snapchat…

But I still think it was a really fascinating and inspiring conversation. 🙂 Next time, we’ll have him on for a full 24 hours like he mentioned and really start to dig deep.

inspired and bored says:

Mr. Kevin Smith did raise a few good points about how the common man could deliver himself from the world’s expectations and be happy.

I do agree with Chris ODonnell that the interview could afford to be much shorter. However great an orator/writer one is, one could only repeat himself up to the nth times without lulling an audience into a trance.

Guardian says:

good job mike, levin's one of the good guys....

One of kevins friends inspired me to get into 3d special affects and animation and soon….well i’ll be set up by my local city in a real business , with an innovative idea of putting 30 new businesses in touch with 4 established local guys…..

Having a physical disability this is fun and like kevin says…do it cause you want to have fun….if it works it works….so far a few people that have seen my ideas are very supportive ….

One idea i had was to do a animated series for a few seasons then let the audience get involved and get there ideas, and whomever’s idea we use might get em a character and voice in the show say…

Tune in …gov’t ya….but hey canada is a lil different.

Like clerks , i want to just do what i want and if no one else does i am ok with it…

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