DailyDirt: Back To The Future… In 2015

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The movie Back To The Future II takes place in 2015… so now that we’ve already arrived in ‘the future’ — how have we done? We don’t have flying cars (DeLorean-styled or otherwise) unless you count one-off hobbyist replicas that just kinda hover a bit. We could be on the cusp of getting hoverboards that actually work (but not on water, nor on any other surfaces besides a non-ferrous metal). Fax machines are still around, but not quite as popular as Back To The Future might make them look. If you liked this classic 80s movie, check out a few of these links.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Back To The Future… In 2015”

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Coyoty (profile) says:

We have flying cars we can drive on the streets and park in the driveway and fly when we have clearance. We have jet packs and rocket packs and even water packs. We have hoverboards. We have flexible TV screens that can be drawn down like window shades. We already have a lot of the things people still ask why we don’t have. But we don’t have them for FREE. That’s what everyone really wants, to be given all the futuristic stuff instead of having to pay for them. Almost anything predicted for the future is already here and available but you have to buy it.

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