Faith Healer Adam Miller Drops His Lawsuit (For Now) After Being Widely Mocked Online

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A couple weeks ago, we wrote about faith healer Adam Miller’s monumentally stupid and ridiculous SLAPP lawsuit against Stephanie Guttormson because she posted a video that was critical of a video Miller put together promoting his faith healing nonsense. We dissected how weak and laughable the lawsuit was — and it’s possible that Miller and his lawyer have now realized this, as they’ve dismissed the lawsuit, but without prejudice, meaning he could potentially file it again in the future. Given that (and the fact that Guttormson has raised a bunch of money in a crowdfunding campaign), I wonder if she’ll now file for a declaratory judgment of non-infringement… Update: Guttormson notes that while she could go after him, she’s going to let the matter drop.

Either way, Miller said he filed the lawsuit because he felt it was unfair that people were seeing this video that Guttormson put together:

When he filed the original lawsuit, it noted that the video had been viewed approximately 1,500 times since it first was posted back in December of last year. So, 1,500 views in a bit over four months. In the two weeks since the lawsuit was filed, it’s now up to about 50,000 views. Nice work, Adam.

Separately, if you do a Google search on “adam miller healer” (as he likes to be known), it’s full of stories about how he’s suing Guttmorson and mocking his faith healing nonsense. One of these days people are going to understand the nature of the Streisand Effect, but apparently that day is not today.

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Comments on “Faith Healer Adam Miller Drops His Lawsuit (For Now) After Being Widely Mocked Online”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

'Too much attention' vs 'I was wrong'

Dropping a case without prejudice isn’t admitting that you were wrong, it’s basically saying that there’s too much attention being paid to the case at the moment for you to feel like following through with it. As such I hope she does file for declaratory judgement here, just to get it out of the way and remove that particular hanging sword from over her head.

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