Why Not? AT&T Adds Its Name To The Pile Of Lawsuits Against The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

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On Monday, the FCC’s net neutrality rules officially went into the Federal Register, which was also known as the starters’ gun for rushing to the courthouse to sue the FCC over those rules. Trade group USTelecom got there first with its filing, while a bunch of other trade groups, representing big cable companies (NCTAA), small cable companies (ACA) and big wireless companies (CTIA — ignoring the claims of its members Sprint and T-Mobile) were right behind them. Not to be left out, AT&T has also formally sued the FCC using the same basic complaint (“arbitrary and capricious, yo!”)

There had been some idle speculation that the big broadband companies might sit this one out directly, and rather let their lobbying trade groups handle the fun, but AT&T apparently couldn’t take the risk of letting those other groups fight this fight, just in case they chickened out. Of course, there is some irony in the fact that AT&T was apparently among those who were most pissed off at Verizon for suing over the previous rules, since that’s what led to these new rules. Either way, expect the various lawsuits to get consolidated before too long. And then expect years of fighting before we get a final ruling and lots of whining and complaining in between.

And, just think, instead of spending all that money on lawyers and press releases about future plans to deliver faster broadband, AT&T could actually be investing in building a better network for its subscribers. But what fun is that? According to Wall Street’s view… it’s no fun at all. They’d much rather AT&T fight against rules that say they have to treat consumers right, rather than actually working hard to treat consumers right.

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Comments on “Why Not? AT&T Adds Its Name To The Pile Of Lawsuits Against The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It’s actions like that ensure that if there ever comes some serious competition at a reasonable price I will change providers from the standard fixed monopolies to someone else.

These major telcos have reason to worry when Google comes to town. Heaven help them should towns and cities decide they can indeed put in their own fiber and become a provider in their own right.

Anonymous Coward says:

Surprised they waited..

Worked for AT&T.. Not surprised they’re doing it.. Just surprised they waited this long. Terrible company, with a heartless leadership.. I remember in the wake of hurricane Katrina AT&T ran a ‘charity’ where it collected money from customers that it promised to ‘give to Katrina victims’ – instead it used that money to repair its damaged network.

I guess what they were giving to Katrina victims was cell service.. That’s the type of thinking the AT&T big wigs have.

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