DailyDirt: The Golden Arches Has Over A Billion Served… But The Rate Is Slowing

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It’s difficult to keep a good thing going without changing and adapting to the times. McDonald’s is a national icon — and it basically represents America to certain parts of the world. There’s even a Big Mac Index to gauge currency exchange rates and global purchasing-power parity. McDonald’s business has had some challenges in the last year, and the brand is the default whipping boy for activists. If you’re still lovin’ it, though, maybe you can get your favorite McBreakfast any time of the day now.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Golden Arches Has Over A Billion Served… But The Rate Is Slowing”

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John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re:

McDonald’s fries aren’t nearly as good as they were years ago. I’m not sure what they changed, but something did. That was pretty much when I stopped going to McDonald’s entirely: the fries were the only thing on the menu that I thought were actually delicious, then they changed so now they’re just not worth the bother of going there for.

Zonker says:

Re: Re: Re:

They stopped using the good tasting trans and saturated fat oils to fry them in and replaced it with that crap tasting unsaturated fat plant oils based on the belief that plant based oils are somehow better for you than animal based ones (despite the fact that we are animals). Sure makes better business for tax subsidized canola/soybean/sunflower growing farmers in the US though.

Anonymous Coward says:

kicking the clown

Let’s not ignore the big news story about McDonald’s that just broke yesterday. Russia plans on creating its own fast-food chain and perhaps even sending McDonald’s back to where it came from. Apparently people in Russia wanted an alternative greasy-burger source after the government ordered McDonald’s restaurants shut down last year for “health code violations” during the heat of the US/NATO-Russia trade war. This follows the government’s move last year to create a Russian credit card/payment service in response to being cut off by Western banks.

So patriotic Russians may soon be able to indulge in American-style fast food without sending their money to the evil Uncle Sam. Mcdonald’s learned a hard lesson, that being the prominent face of American capitalism (or is it imperialism?)can indeed have its downside.


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