US Used Bogus HIV 'Education' Campaign As A Way To Recruit Anti-Government Activists In Cuba

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Following the revelation that USAID built a special “Twitter for Cuba” in an effort to foment dissent in that country, it’s now come out, via some AP reporting, that USAID also sent a bunch of Latin American youths from other countries to Cuba on a bogus “HIV prevention” campaign, which was really a cover for recruiting young Cubans to be anti-government activists.

Of course, remember that a bogus Polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan has resulted in people there no longer trusting such vaccinations and a rapid return of polio. While it’s not likely that this campaign will directly lead to people totally ignoring HIV prevention advice, just the fact that the US government seems to be trying to make use of important health campaigns as part of a strategy to undermine others will have significant consequences, making people who need such information a lot less willing to actually pay attention to it. This doesn’t seem like a good thing.

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Comments on “US Used Bogus HIV 'Education' Campaign As A Way To Recruit Anti-Government Activists In Cuba”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

A fitting punishment

I think a nice punishment for those that just cannot restrain themselves, and end up sabotaging disease prevention/vaccination efforts would be to give them a nice shot of whatever disease the program was meant to prevent, then toss them in an isolation ward to enjoy the results.

Screw up a polio vaccination effort, and make people less likely to trust actually vaccination efforts in the future because of it, leading to preventable illness and deaths? Enjoy your polio shot.

Destroy the trust in HIV prevention efforts by planting spies/agents in the group of people trying to save lives, and/or prevent the spread of a disease/STD? Enjoy your HIV shot.

The ones ordering these things may think the gains outweigh the costs, but they aren’t the ones who have to deal with the results, the illnesses and deaths that could have been prevented, if people had been able to trust the programs that were meant to help them.

Maybe spending the rest of their lives sick, or if they’re lucky, just a month or so of intense illness, would give those ordering these actions a little perspective on the real costs of their actions.

art guerrilla (profile) says:

Re: Re: Wrong Disease - Bad Reportage

not that you are not correct, but there is more to it than OUR perfidy: al qaeda, etc have been against such programs previously without the added disincentive of bogus spook-sponsored vaccination programs…

hell, even back during the vietnam war, when we would vaccinate kids, etc as part of a program of ‘winning the hearts and minds’ (part bullshit cover for more insidious actions), the vietcong would come in and cut off the vaccinated arms of the kids to terrorize the citizenry into not cooperating with unka sam…
(kurtz voice: the horror, the horror…)

as i’ve mentioned before (and this is merely incident #15663864 to confirm it) USAID been spooked-up a LONG time…

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Wrong Disease - Bad Reportage

Oh, sure, it’s definitely more complicated than “the CIA stopped people from trusting vaccines”. It’s just that once distrust gets out there, no matter who or how it appears, those people aren’t going to simply distrust a single source or vaccine.

For example, the anti-vaxxer morons in the US may have based their fear on a false study specifically about the MMR jab (since admitted to be false by its author), but some of them also refuse things like TB and polio vaccination that have nothing to do with it.

Padpaw (profile) says:

All from the people that funded and trained Osama bin liden and most recently discovered to have funded trained and armed the ISIS terrorists.

Wonder how long the rest of the world is going to continue to sit back and watch the leading exporter of terrorism world wide work.

And yes the US government funds terrorism to fight terrorism because reasons, national security and all that

Reality bites (profile) says:

More evil is perpetrated by those in authority than those under it.

What a pity that Cuba doesn’t put together a personal Karma Assault team…. make sure the psychopathic USA rogue agencies all get a personal karma visit they don’t ever recover from.

All it would take is to exterminate a bunch of the leading psychopaths and the rest of the snakes would take notice.

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