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DOJ Won't Pursue Case Against CIA For Spying On Senate Staffers Or Against Senate Staffers For Handling CIA Documents

from the because-that-would-involve-work dept

As you may recall, a few months back, a big story broke involving the CIA spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers who were investigating the CIA’s torture program. The details revealed that in the course of their investigation, the CIA had given the staffers an internal document they didn’t think they’d given them, which revealed that an internal CIA analysis more or less agreed with the Senate analysis (which has been described as “scathing”). This was a very different position than what the CIA had said publicly. After some in the Senate had asked for the “full report” rather than the draft that the staffers had been given, the CIA believed (incorrectly it appears) that the staffers had gotten access to unauthorized classified materials, and searched the special private network that had been set up just for those staffers. This happened after previous problems with the CIA doing questionable things concerning the Senate staffers network.

In the end, both sides asked the DOJ to investigate the other side. The DOJ has now said that it won’t pursue either claim:

“The department carefully reviewed the matters referred to us and did not find sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation,” said Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr.

Perhaps this isn’t too surprising. The fact that the CIA itself handed the document to the staffers made that claim a pretty clear dead end. However, the CIA searching through the staffers’ computer network always seemed a lot more questionable, but perhaps not criminal. It seems likely that the DOJ realized that to pursue either side in this would create a huge political mess, and it was just easier to let the case go, and let the two sides continue to glare angrily at each other.

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Comments on “DOJ Won't Pursue Case Against CIA For Spying On Senate Staffers Or Against Senate Staffers For Handling CIA Documents”

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Digger says:

Great - no one can be charged with hacking ever again.

Thank you DOJ.

By choosing not to prosecute the CIA for hacking government official’s and staff’s computers, you’ve decided that the anti-hacking laws can never be used to prosecute anyone else ever again.

Way to go DOJ!! Woo-Hoo…

Fucking idiots.

RD says:

Re: Re:

“If only Aaron Swartz had gotten the same response from the DOJ…”

Aaron Swartz was a “little people.” Only little people are subject to laws. The ogliarchs, the elite, the politicians, the captains of industry and banksters are all immune. The rule of law no longer exists, at least not for all people equally. Now you have the Lords and the Serfs, and the Serfs will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the corrupt law as possible for even the slightest infraction, where the Lords can openly flaunt their violation of the same laws and have everyone (such as the DOJ) simply turn their back and do nothing.

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