MPAA Issues Overly Broad Takedown Of Little Used Reddit Film Community; Creates Much Bigger Reddit Film Community

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Oh that wacky MPAA. Earlier this week, TorrentFreak noted that the MPAA issued a massively overbroad DMCA takedown to Google, asking it to remove an entire subreddit from its search results. The subreddit in question was r/FullLengthFilms, which really wasn’t that popular.

It’s not difficult to guess why the MPAA wanted this community gone, though it is a bit odd that the MPAA thinks that just because it finds one link to a potentially infringing movie that it thinks an entire subreddit should disappear down the search engine memory hole. If that’s the criteria, a lot of the internet would go missing. Google didn’t take it out of its search results, but the resulting publicity from the bogus takedown attempt… suddenly made r/FullLengthFilms a hell of a lot more popular.
One of the mods for the subreddit points out that he’d long considered it to be a dead subreddit, but now it was suddenly booming again. There are a bunch of new subscribers, plenty of new mods and a bunch of new films — and, yes, many of them are perfectly legal and authorized. I wonder if there are any movies that star Barbra Streisand linked from the subreddit…

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Comments on “MPAA Issues Overly Broad Takedown Of Little Used Reddit Film Community; Creates Much Bigger Reddit Film Community”

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Roger Strong (profile) says:

It’s been said that Fred Phelps Sr. and his Westboro Baptist congregation ultimately helped the gay rights movement, giving the movement allies who are horrified by the his hate and tactics. Along the way he forced federal government and more than 40 states to pass laws to limit his protests.

The MPAA’s protests seem less reasonable over time, while the average person is becoming more educated in what’s reasonable and what isn’t.

Perhaps we should print some signs for them, “GOD HATES PUBLIC DOMAIN” and whatnot.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“Why only focus on perceived abuses from rightholders? “

Yes, why focus on abuses and illegal activity from those who are claiming to uphold the law? Why focus on the stripping of rights and attacks on innocent people to save a broken business model? Someone else is bad so let’s ignore them!

I bet you’re really this stupid, aren’t you? Yes, infringers are breaking the law. But those who claim to uphold it are far worse.

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