Guardian Installed SecureDrop Outside The UK, Due To Legal Threats

from the incredible dept

As part of the whole Reset the Net effort yesterday, the Guardian announced that it is now using SecureDrop to allow whistleblowers and sources to send them information in a protected manner. As you may recall, SecureDrop (nee DeadDrop) was Aaron Swartz’s last project (built with Kevin Poulsen), which the good folks at the Freedom of the Press Foundation took over last fall. It’s great to see The Guardian adopt SecureDrop, but what caught my eye was this tidbit:

The Guardian’s SecureDrop system is installed outside of the UK. Last year, the UK government was criticized by international press freedom organisations for applying pressure to the Guardian over its publication of the NSA documents leaked by Snowden, leading to the news organization relocating its reporting on the files to the USA, and destroying all copies of the documents stored in its UK headquarters.

In other words, the Guardian, a UK newspaper, is admitting that it simply doesn’t feel safe locating its SecureDrop implementation inside the UK. For people who believe in press freedom in the UK, this is a pretty scary statement — just the latest in the past few years that have really called into question the UK’s support for a free and open press.

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Comments on “Guardian Installed SecureDrop Outside The UK, Due To Legal Threats”

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neil scott (user link) says:

teesside. clevelandpolice did falsfy forensics

My MP andymcdonald Won’t request a full investigation neither will iPCC.
The confirmation email may take a few minutes to arrive ? please be patient.

Before we can send your message to your MP we need to confirm your email address. We’ve sent you an email ? when it arrives simply click the link in it and your message will be sent. If you don’t click the link your message will not be sent.

If you use web-based email or have ‘junk mail’ filters, you may wish to check your bulk or spam mail folders. Sometimes our messages are marked that way.Preview your message

Attn: Andrew McDonald MP

Thursday 5 June 2014

Neil A Scott
155 palister avenue
brambles farm

Dear Andrew McDonald,

I would like you and other local MP’s for Middlesborough Teesside. Cleveland to help me get this Conviction Removed,Compensated for 23 Wrongfull arrests,Persecution by Cleveland police officers and compensating for All Persecution aspects of my cases in particular the Burglary Conviction my only Conviction in 47 years,for Which is Unsafe evidence,witnesses,forensics evidence and Statements were staged in order to carry on the persecution by those involved,the judges involvements, Who receieved my innocence letters,statements,witness testimonies,the defence who also knew my innocence provailed above all evidence Used and abused against me,the Fact that the arresting officer DC 1309 alastair Crawford lied in court,witnesses lied on his behalf,judges who knew my innocence,and Still Convicted me,based on BLOOD evidence without my blood type,taken from me after 48 hours upon my arrest,4 miles away from this burglary,the facts NO CCTV footage is Available at any of the Clevelandpolice stations to dispute it or confirm it should be as unlawfull as to forensics being altered falsified to gain a statistic,should be seen as All un-Lawfull intent to suppress evidence or severe County court Purjury as this case shows
I’ve wrote to you previously without a reply via Email and here and twitter @andymcDonaldmp. And still you gave me no reply.this will be published today as evidence that I’ve contacted my Mp YOU with the hope you request for an imediate investigation,on the basis of principle and honourable intent.thankyou very much for your valuable Time
Yours sincerely,
Neil A Scott. Neil A Scott. Convicted on Falsified forensics Evidence based on blood type that went missing in transit,was Handled by the Arresting. @ClevelandPolice Detective DC 1309. Alastair Crawford. Who NOT Qualified as a Forensics officer at all. Neil Scott has No Blood Type Either according to Police Prosecution Witnesses who stated Crawford Lied at. #Teesside Crown Courts like the G4S officers did on behalf of the Corrupt. detective and NONE of the Middlesbrough uk Councillors,PCC barry coppinger,Mayor Ray Mallon or clevelandpolice or outside forces will Act on it and Arrest the detective for this Crime in LAWlessness. #PND @Pandas_uk @EveningGazette @TeesTweets @BBCTees @TeessideRT @stocktoncouncil @ITVtynetees.

Call me Al says:

The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

I applaud the Guardian for their reporting on Snowden. I’ve been disgusted by how quiet the rest of our media have been on the subject.

I can also quite understand their position on this matter, I wouldn’t trust the UK Government not to interfere.

However, the Guardian did not do much to help protect the UK’s press last year when the subject of Press Regulation came up. They were all for it because they felt that it would disrupt what various tabloids get up to. What they seem to have failed to think of though is that once the government has the power to regulate the press on one matter it is inevitable they will use and abuse those powers on other issues… such as those the Guardian wishes to write about.

Jake says:

Re: The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

Not to put too fine a point on it, but disrupting what those tabloids get up to would be a bloody good idea.

Besides, I fail to see much inconsistency in feeling that the newspapers shouldn’t be carrying out indiscriminate technological surveillance operations any more than the government should be.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

The Guardian actually sat there and said that some regulation was needed, not to the political’s collective sake, but for the public’s sake, as ‘newspapers’ such as the Sun and the Mirror have both engaged in what can only be descibled politely as, ‘illegal shit’.

And in addition, there has been no Act of Parliament regarding press regulation passed yet.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

“They were all for it because they felt that it would disrupt what various tabloids get up to.”

…which included not only breaking the law regarding security and privacy, but also included direct interference with active police investigations.

I understand the basic concerns, but what’s your preferred answer here? If agents of the government are not going to uphold the law, and the tabloids can’t be trusted to keep within the bounds of it alone, then who enforces it? Or, is anarchy the only acceptable solution to government control in your eyes?

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Re: The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

…which included not only breaking the law regarding security and privacy, but also included direct interference with active police investigations.

I understand the basic concerns, but what’s your preferred answer here? If agents of the government are not going to uphold the law, and the tabloids can’t be trusted to keep within the bounds of it alone, then who enforces it? Or, is anarchy the only acceptable solution to government control in your eyes?

How about trying those people in court for breaking those laws? Which, you know, happened. Why are more regulations needed when what they did was already illegal?

Jake says:

Re: Re: Re: The Guardian aren't blameless on threats to a free press

The thing is, the unlawful access to private data and the interfering with criminal evidence was only a small part of the complaints leveled against our yellow press. It’s not illegal to fabricate news stories, or deliberately misquote sources and misrepresent statistical information to push a specific political agenda, but they’ve been doing rather a lot of that for the last few decades. (This blog collates some of the more egregious examples.)

Nicholas Weaver (profile) says:

Securedrop is pointless theater...

SecureDrop is pointless security theater: any source capable of actually using securedrop without a Harvard OPSEC Fail doesn’t need to use SecureDrop.

Rather, if the Guardian was actually serious about doing something meaningful, they would run their own mail servers and put them in their US office under their laywer’s desk.

Because, since it is outsourced to gmail, they admit they can’t trust their email at all to be private, but do potential sources know that?

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Securedrop is pointless theater...

“they would run their own mail servers and put them in their US office under their laywer’s desk.”

…and that would achieve what, exactly? Does the presence of it in the US magically keep the UK government away, or does the physical placing in a lawyer’s office prevent the NSA from going in for them?

Nicholas Weaver (profile) says:

Re: Re: Securedrop is pointless theater...

Actually it would achieve a LOT.

a: The UK government would need to ask for an MLAT. Which is a pain-in-the-ass.

b: The 3rd party doctrine and the stored communications act and all that crud would not apply. This is first party data now.

c: The Guardian’s lawyer is right there to fight it.

d (and the most important one): The Guardian would know.

Just the fact that the knowledge that the newspaper would know when its email was searched greatly prevents Rosen style-incidents, since guess what happens if a search is attempted? It becomes front page news. And those executing the warrants know it becomes front page news, adding in a pretty big check right there.

So yes, putting your press institution’s mail server in your office in the US under your laywer’s desk does actually provide a substantial amount of protection for a press institution.

Nicholas Weaver (profile) says:

Re: Re: Securedrop is pointless theater...

No, I’m being realistic, as an expert in the field. Tor is really good at keeping an adversary from saying “what are you doing over Tor”, but it positively stinks at saying “is this person using Tor”.

Tor by default glows in Netflow, since the public relays are known, which everyone keeps, let alone any real IDS which goes “hey, these certificates don’t validate, oh, and are odd in the CN/SN structure”.

This is why it was so easy to track down the Harvard hoaxer: “Look in Netflow for contacts to the Tor relays. Thats his IP. Look at the access logs to find out who it is. Oh, its this one person, go knock on his door Mr FBI”.

Alternate plug-in transports to bridge nodes prevents this, but your Tor Browser Bundle can’t use those by default, since if it could, they’d no longer be good at hiding “this person is using Tor”.

It comes down to this unfortunate fact: A source which knows how to use Tor without being identified as a Tor user (using Tails on a public WiFi hotspot, ideally divorced from normal habits/movements) already has enough OPSEC skills that they don’t need Tor, but can instead use burner phones and the US mail.

Yet how many sources email the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc and not realize that the mail servers are outsourced, and a subpoena or a search warrant away from every local cop or fed (or Google or Microsoft for that matter)?

Anonymous Coward says:

Tor is still essential

Even then, I’d add a layer of Tor on that if you’re going to dead drop documents and its not the USA/UK/Aus/Nz/Can (which likely spy on most of the Tor exit nodes). If you’re leaking against one of those, I’d skip the Tor part.

In some countries there is no law as such, possession of Tor might likely be a crime. So I’d put Tor on a flash stick and hide the stick.

If it’s Thailand, get the heck out and post the information from abroad! There’s nothing like physical security of distance before posting anything secret.

Pragmatic says:

Re: Re:

Creeping poverty scares people. FUD scares people, and people swing right when they’re scared. They’ve got a handy-dandy scapegoat, too: “Johnny Foreigner.”

We need to remind them that their real enemies are the corporate interests that have hijacked their government for fun and profit. When they realize that, they’ll vote Pirate.

Neil Scott says:

Corrupt police who lost CCTV are protected in the UK

There following me to put on me Cybercrimes,for life in jail,but I did it legally and noone would help a victim of police crimes,yet plenty were Available to cover it all up,with judges,doctors,psychologists,Police,CPS all willing to cover this Case up LEGALLY.
This was also sent to the Cleveland Police PCC today 15. june. 2014.

I’ve approached your PCC for Teesside. Website
And Your Email address is supposed to be this:

At your home website set up for #Teesside.

To Contact you to Ask you Legally to REQUEST a FULL INVESTIGATION into Cleveland Police Criminals attached to My burglary case,Forensics frauds I expect you to contact me I’ve wrote to the MP andrew McDonald to request the same,LEGALLY I’m entitled to do this and as Police PCC your Expected to request it.

Neil Scott Palister avenue. Brambles farm middlesbrough cleveland Ts3

See What replies I don’t get back. Ill keep you all informed.

neil scott says:

uk ClevelandPolice fruads #Teesside. Listed offences of the Cleveland Police Zero tolerance civil society.
ClevelandPolice Chief sultan allam gets Pension,500,000 compo for wrongfull arrest,
Cleveland police. Cheif/ mayor,Ray Mallon gets pension,Promotion to Mayor,from Bent Chief along with 50 other officers in operation Lancett enquiry,also lost Files,never produced or publicised,460 offences gets lost on its way to the CPS,present today,on. #Teesside. When Tony blair who’s linked to Paedophile protection,did he bribe blair.
Cleveland police. Chief sean price gets arrested,sacked,inve­stigations lost all evidence,gets £250,000 in pensions.
Cleveland police. Chief derek bonnard gets £250,000 as arrested bent Chief sacked as part of operation sacristy,all evidence is lost in investigations.
Cleveland police Chairman. Dave mccluckie gets arrested,sacked,Jail­ed as part of operation sacristy.
Heather eastwood wife of Sean Price also a Cleveland police rep, gets arrested sacked,investigated in operation sacristy.
John hoddinott dies in hotel of a heart attack,whilst he investigated operation Lancett enquiry.
Mp ashok kumar who critised operation lancett enquiry apposing Ray Mallon found dead at home with Heart attack.
Staurt bell Mp criticised operation lancett and Ray Mallon found dead at home suspected Heart attack.
Frank cook MPalso apposed Ray Mallon found dead at home suspected heart attack.
Chief of Cleveland Police. Stuart Swinson jumps off Yarm Bridge suspected NOT eart attack,
Cleveland Police. Steve beattie Forensics officer said to have been un-Qualified as such 460 offences charged and gets his pension for his crimes of covering up deaths.
Do I imagine a Conspiracy to cover up crimes of a mayor.
Do I imagine that Clevland Police are linked to cleveland Child abus scandle in. #Teesside with marietta haggs and doctor wyatt who don’t get CRB checks.
Do I imagine the doctors, Mccanns who are linked to Murder of there Own Child. #Maddie. Is being covered up by top westminister officials investigated for Child abuses since the finding that jimmy saville is linked to whitby scarborough,etc,who Mccanns visited child abuse victims connected to hartlepool Cleveland.
Ray Mallons CIVITAS justice reform Solicitor Jimmy watson and woodhouse gets £500,000 for Wrongfull arrest,jailed,receiv­ed Money.
Cleveland Police officer Wayne scott jailed for Rape of a minor.
Forensics fruads that’s been covered up by MP andrew mcdonald MP PCC barry coppinger,and many councillors been told this on twitter.https://­neilscott1.wordpress.­com/2012/02/20/­cleveland-police-corr­ption-still-exists-a­nd-ipcc-help-it-at-b­urglary-conviction/
6 judges received evidence that Neil Scott of Brambles farm Is innocent of burglary crime he was accused of for making a CICA claim of £100,000 for attempts o his life in cleveland Police cells,after police failed to produce One scent of evidence in previous 22 arrests the Police lost at. #Teesside crown courts all for one conviction.
Neil scott appealed his conviction in royal courts of justice which was illegally STOPPED by County Judges QC DOBBS, QC Gordon,and QC moses critisised as jobsworth,who had no Right to abuse his powers of judicial proceedures to remove human rights of Appeals of Any people. Over 500 officers at the force costing nearly 2.5 million to investigate,didn’t get Any Convictions.they all Got Pensions.they make millions Abusing the judicial systems,in Middlesbrough under a Criminal mayor of zero tolerance.

neil scott says:

#Teesside. Corrupt Police Force #Middlesbrough This is the Signed Confession of a ClevelandUK police detective that the PCC barry Coppinger and MP andrew McDonald Wont request a full investigation into. It shows that the detective Admitted he HELD Forensics Blood evidence that Wrongly Convicted me of a Crime i didnt do Worse still my defence freers Solicitors baker street Middlesbrough. Judges Moses,dobbs gordon of the Royal courts in london,Judges Spittle Fox and others received this document and Still Convicted me Wrongly of this first offence in 47 years.Neil Scott of Brambles farm has no bvlood type the police and Forensics said,also i was blamed for two more burglaries at the same adress whilst on Judge spittles Orders of 7 months house arrest and Tag,

neil scott says:

Cleveland Police corruption

This is the case against neil scott. #teesside that cleveland police lost as part of 22 other cases they lost against neil scott after lying to the courts to get a conviction part of the persecution,before altering forensics evidence.
I’ve asked everyone Lawfully to Request a full investigation into this fruads.

How Many Detectives do you know are trained as Forensics experts,this one Held forensics blood and Lied about it.

Follow me on twitter @robinshood. @lauraneiltina3.

Neil Scott says:

Bent IPCC.

Referenced as 2012/021321. CO/468/12.Neil Scott a letter from IPCC. 10January2013. I am writing about the application made to cleveland police to dispence with the complaint you made on 05 November2012.your complaints are :
(1) You have been threatened,your life is in danger from clevelandPolice Officers.
(2) You have been threatened by a Cleveland Police officers Family for not Closing down your personel pages against him,he did this by using his accomplice,Marcus Perry,online facebook site.

The IPCC has considered the application.

Based on the information and evidence provided,we have agreed that your complaint is an abuse of the complaints proceedure because it is Without have been unable to provide any Evidence to suggest that this Complaint is linked in any way to a Police officer.we are of the opinion that your Complaint is Vexatious as it is intended to worry and Annoy any individual the complaint is meant to be about.
On this basis,we have agreed to grant a dispensation.
We have told the Cleveland Police of this decision.

Not Signed by Any Official of IPCC.
Po box 473.

This is a Result of a complaints of death threats from a south african Soldier who came to my home to threaten my Life,he stated to me that the detective DC 1309 alastair Crawford of Cleveland Police has Two Daughters,No Living Mother,and a Father alive,the EX soldier Marcus Perry also stated that he was Waiting for his Wife to Enter the country,waiting for a Visa,that he Ownes a Weapon,a Gun licenced holder,Also a Samuria Sword which was Real,and other African soldiers I’ve met told me to take the threats seriously,but when I complained to cleveland Police they wouldn’t Take my complaints seriously,No Officer was sent to my home which meant No investigationor Crime number was Given to me so how do I know the details of the officer in question,the soldier also used the Word Mormon,in his threats.

Its Bad when Death threats are not Taken seriously in. #TEESSIDE by Cleveland Police UK Chief is Sean Price Mayor is Ray Mallon.

Neil Scott says:

Falsified Evidence by. @Teesside. Police.

#‎Darlington‬. #‎stockton‬. #‎Middlesbrough‬. #‎TEESSIDE‬. Barrister Kieran rainey of Fountain Chambers Wilson Street Middlesbrough, Covered up Forensics Fruads by Manipulating a victims Appeal at Royal Courts that Implicated 25 People including Top Judges,Working For FREERS Solicitors at the Time, Who received the Forensics Fruads Witness Confession that Blood was Never Found in a Burglary at all,It was Taken From the Victim,and the Detective Who Wrote He had Oppportunity,Motive to Make Sure Victim was Falsely Accused,Falsely Arrested. Falsely Detained,and Wrongly Convicted.Breaching PACE,and the LAW in Teesside Town Courts. The Article that Become a Crime by. #‎EveningGazette‬. The Evidence that the Detective Worte that Could open the Floodgates For Claims of Wrongfull arrests Wrongfull Convictions by Cleveland Police.

neil scott says:

cleveland police uk

A Crime of Forensics fruad was committed by a Police detective who admitted he held the forensics evidence used against me that I was wrongly convicted for they won’t Re-investigate this after contacting the PCC,IPCC, and our Lazy MP,I need 10,000 signatures to get this corrupt Government to have this investigated. #‎Teesside‬. #‎stockton‬.

Che' (user link) says:

Damning evidence

Hi, you’ll find ‘all’ the damning evidence against a police~farce and kangaroo~courts you need, from the world’s leading light on megalomaniacal~psychopaths. ‘Erol’ allowed himself to be arrested repeatedly to ‘expose’ the pedophile~ring~run ‘weapon’ of the genocidal free~masons.

There obviously isn’t enough police and they’re simply there to serve and protect the evil, for their own jollies. Whilst they serve to ’emasculate’ human men and keep all humans in mental~bondage, whilst we’re being preyed~on from every angle, by the beasts they deliberately release, to keep themselves in doughnuts and clown shoes.

Erol exposes them in his comedy videos and part 2 should be out in the coming days.

His website exposes ‘the bigger picture’ about the ‘unaccountable’ hostile~dependent beasts, in their ‘binary’ clown~uniforms and wigs and capes and the ‘whole‘ evil~agenda behind all the puppets’, ‘cerebral’ and somatic ‘sex~offenders.’

IF the public weren’t apathetic, groomed, duped and divided into narcissistic cells, the ‘S.imple O.bvious S.olution’ would be to ‘demand’ that all public~servants take a ‘live fMRI brain~scan’ and emotional~intelligence tests.

You’d then ‘realise’ that 9 out of every 10 of those on publicly~funded perches are ‘mental~quadriplegics’ who prey~on the public for sexual~pleasure; as they’re ‘cerebral’ sex~offenders, whilst the police~farce tend to be more ‘somatic.’

Erol’s latest wordpress article, helps humans ‘heal’ who’ve been targeted by the rabid, historically~outcast ‘psychological~abusers,’ who’s primitive~brain’s dominant genes have resurfaced in times were they’re promoted to do the work of the devil, at all costs.


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