How You Know USA Freedom Act Is A Bad Bill: Half Of Its Own Co-Sponsors Voted Against It

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We already wrote about how the fake USA Freedom Act passed the House of Representatives, with many of the “no” votes coming from the Representatives who are most vocal about wanting to reform the NSA. As we noted, this shows just how much the bill changed from reforming the NSA to locking in the status quo. But here’s an even bigger indication of what a joke the bill became 76 of the 152 co-sponsors of the bill voted against it. In other words, half of the people whose names are on the bill as co-sponsoring it, felt the bill was so unlike the one they sponsored that they voted against it entirely. For all the talk from supporters of this bill about how it showed how Congress can “come together” and agree to “reform the NSA,” the reality is quite the opposite. It shows how a few powerful folks in the government can undermine real attempts at reform that had tremendous and widespread support.

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Comments on “How You Know USA Freedom Act Is A Bad Bill: Half Of Its Own Co-Sponsors Voted Against It”

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Anonymous Coward says:


If we are lucky, this ‘ultra-shocking’ revelation that Greenwald is getting ready to publish in the next few weeks might just be enough to push reform supporters into ‘repeal’ territory, and push the NSA loyalists into supporting real reform.

I’m guessing the subject is going to be along one of these lines:
-Confirmation that the NSA spies on Congress, particularly on its critics. The major dirt will be that it’s established ‘profiles’ and provides intel to ‘sway’ (read: blackmail) critics into supporting mass surveillance
-NSA is spying on groups critical of surveillance, including but not limited to EFF, ACLU, CDT and so on

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Don't Reform **THE STATE** - REPEAL IT!

I prefer the big picture/principled view.

The initiation of force is immoral (self-defense is valid).

The State by definition is a monopoly on the use of force within a geographic area.

Just because someone wears a fancy badge or hat, or has a fancy title (i.e., “President”, Senator…etc), does not give them any more fundamental rights than anyone else.

Two princples to follow and applied to human interaction universally:

1. Respect for inherent self-ownership derived property rights.

2 The initiation of force (or threat thereof)is immoral, while self-defense is valid.

Apply the above principles to State actions such as “taxation”, “economic stimulus”, “war”….and you can see past the euphemisms to the truth – theft, counterfeiting, murder.

I prefer consensual relationships and voluntary exchange.

GEMont (profile) says:


Ummmm…. I thought all of that was obvious.

Half the operations deal with ways and means of attacking those that the NSA and the Fed do not like.

I would assume they do not like any of those organizations for very obvious reasons and would have spent quite a lot of their energy (read tax payer money) attempting to both spy on and infiltrate all such organizations for years.

I’m beginning to think that this is the NSA’s true mandate.

Anonymous Coward says:

not only that, it shows how gutless the Representatives are! nothing more important than getting the ‘campaign funding, is there! has any single law that made things more secure for the public, made things better for the public, without allowing the government and it’s ‘security forces’ access to everything of the public, ever been brought in?

Anonymous Coward says:

When the NSA is just flat out spying on everything, I am sure they realize that not only does the NSA know about the skeletons in their closets, the NSA is already in the skeleton closet.

It is getting uncomfortably too close to using the 2nd amendment vote of no confidence in government and for everyone to walk over to capital hill and declare that everyone in office needs to open their positions up to election. With the general rule being, no one currently in office gets to stay in office.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Response to: Anonymous Coward on May 23rd, 2014 @ 5:41am

Indeed. It’s funny how the 2nd Amendment defenders use the argument about government taking over, but don’t do squat to protect the 1st or 4th Amendment. If you’re so worried about government overreach, then you should be fighting it long before you need to use the 2nd amendment…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Response to: Anonymous Coward on May 23rd, 2014 @ 5:41am

More accurately, that is why they demonize semi-automatic rifles (they call them assault rifles, though that adjective is inaccurate until and unless they are used that way, and even then it is the act which deserves that description, not the inanimate object involved), because they pose a significantly greater threat than handguns in such a situation.

Beyond that, what the future holds, remains to be seen.

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