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Dianne Feinstein Still A Believer In Collecting All Phone Records; Pretends That Such Collection Has Stopped Terrorists

from the not-very-convincing dept

It would appear that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s newly discovered anger about the CIA spying on the metadata of her staffers hasn’t yet lead to the recognition of why the American public is upset about the NSA collecting all of our metadata.

Despite two different executive branch review boards and a federal judge declaring the program to likely be both unconstitutional and illegal (though, yes, other courts have disagreed) and (importantly) President Obama asking Congress to figure out a way to end the program, Feinstein still insists the program is great. Even more bizarre, she claims that it has helped stop terrorist attacks — an argument that even the NSA is no longer making after its original claims about that were totally debunked. However, a new statement from Feinstein on the program insists that it’s legal and Constitutional, and has helped stop terrorists. Because she says so.

“I continue to believe the phone records program authorized by Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act plays an important role in detecting and preventing terrorist attacks against the United States. Again, this program collects only phone numbers and the duration and times that calls are made—it does not collect the content, names or locational information of calls.

“I also believe the call records program has been carried out consistent with the Constitution and the law and under strong oversight by all three branches of government. Like the president, I therefore support its continuation.

Except, actually, President Obama actually has said that the program should not continue and that it should be “transitioned” into something else. And we won’t even bother rehashing what a joke the claim of “oversight” from all three branches of government has been.

And, again, her focus on how it’s not content, but just metadata, is fairly ridiculous given that she herself is freaking out about the CIA looking at access logs (no content, just metadata) of her staffers. Double standards, of course. Either way, if anyone thought that Feinstein’s fight with the CIA would soften her position on screwing over the privacy of the American public… the answer appears to be that it will have no impact whatsoever.

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Comments on “Dianne Feinstein Still A Believer In Collecting All Phone Records; Pretends That Such Collection Has Stopped Terrorists”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Its only bad...

When they did it to her… but doing it to anyone else is fine.

I swear… the people that keep voting these idiots in…

When stuff like this keeps happening, tell me again, why the people that voted them in should be off limits someone has to restore their rights from the end of a gun barrel?

Internet Zen Master (profile) says:

Re: Re: Its only bad...

Considering Feinstein is a senator, and her ‘district’ is the entire state of California, I’d say the odds of the alternatives being worse than her are about 50-50, regardless of political affiliation.

Depressingly, the last time Feinstein was re-elected was in 2012. Not only did she win her re-election in a landslide, she BROKE the all-time record for the most votes cast for one candidate in one state in one election. 7.75 million Californians voted for her in an election where voter turnout for the state reached 55.2%.

Although to be fair, I don’t think anyone realized how much of a yes-woman she was for the NSA back then…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Its only bad...

More likely her election is the result of people voting for a party, rather than the candidate. The political party politicians have convinced people that their vote only counts if they vote for a major party, and that votes for smaller parties and individuals are a wasted vote.

Lurker Keith says:

Re: Re:

While Peter may have the skills to manage that from Capital Hill, I think Oracle would be better equipped to find every communication to post online.

(yes, I know one’s Marvel & one’s DC, but I can’t think of any Wizard Class Marvel hacker characters)

Though, I’d prefer to sic Motoko & Section 9 on them to get the truth out. They have experience w/ corrupt Governments & disinformation campaigns & countermeasures against them. It’d also be fun to see a Tachikoma on top of the Capital Building.

Anonymous Coward says:

Pitchfork time? I not sure that tarring and feathering might not be a better answer here. At least then when she waved her arms, you’d know who it was.

Seriously, this woman has some issues with the little people it looks like. Like maybe she’s too good for them. I hope the voters in her area decide it’s time for her to go.

Anonymous Coward says:

well she is right

I’m not terrorized by ignorant Taliban members living in the dessert shaking their AK-47 in the air screaming “kill Americans, jihad!” I can shake my AK in the air and shout “kill the Taliban” I doubt either of us will ever come face to face and if we did it would be a fair fight given we have the same weapons.

I am terrorized by the illegal spying our government performs daily. The fact they do it and she defends it does help expose the real terrorists.

Anonymous Coward says:

DiFi is senile

Just like John McCain: her mind’s gone. She’s too stupid to grasp this and too weak to speak the truth even if she did.

We need to instituted mandatory intelligence and cognitive testing for all public employees and forcibly retire those who fail. We, as a national, simply cannot afford to allow those with inferior minds to hold positions of power.

Ismail says:

It's time for her to go.

Dianne “Spying has protected Americans” Feinstein talking out of one side of her mouth and then the other in the next sentence. She’s showing a politician’s true stripes; nothing new there.

Why is it that we elect politicians instead of Statesmen? Oh yeah, I forgot: MONEY.

Ms. “It’s ok for citizens to be spied on but not me or my staffers” needs to go goodbye in the next election. Sadly, California voters will probably re-elect her because they’re too blinded by partisanship.

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