Copyright As Censorship: Turkey's Prime Minister Copyrights His Recorded Calls To Get Them Off YouTube

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Just recently, we noted that Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has tried to shut down social media sites in the past, was once again threatening to ban YouTube and Facebook. The main issue: recordings of some of his phone calls were put online by those opposed to him. Erdogan has supported banning those sites by claiming that the recordings were “fabricated.” Of course, it appears he’s figured out there’s a more modern and efficient way to censor content you don’t want people to see: copyright.

Via Ankarali Jan comes the news that Erdogan has “taken out a copyright” in his own phone calls in an attempt to get them removed from those sites. Of course, that more or less admits that the calls are “real” — though, as some have pointed out, he’s never argued that the calls weren’t his voice, just that they were edited inaccurately. Still, while more narrowly targeting the calls, rather than banning the whole site, may be seen as a slightly better path, the fact that his tool of choice is copyright should certainly remind us, once again, how frequently copyright is a tool for censorship, rather than having anything to do with its stated purpose.

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Comments on “Copyright As Censorship: Turkey's Prime Minister Copyrights His Recorded Calls To Get Them Off YouTube”

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fere says:

Re: Copyright Censorship

Erdogan is a national PUBLIC figure and the principle of FAIR USE would apply and OVERRIDE any considerations.

US Censorship–

First it was
Hate Crimes/ holocost denial antisemitism to shut down exposure of zionist criminality.
then – National Security
now its copyright infringement

all to shut others up and damage management for the Elites in power. Turn their jibes on THEM- mainly “if you’re not doing anything wrong, why should you care if you’re being spied on?”

Once the herd caught on to the above scams- TPTB switched to shutting down EVERYTHING they dont like by calling it copyrighted. What a master cloak for murder.

Ima Fish (profile) says:

Mike copyright is never used for censorship. Clearly copyright gives the Prime Minister the monopoly right to monetize his phone calls. Someone exercising that natural god given property right should not be accused with such defamatory language. You should be ashamed.

On a related note, I’m really looking forward to buying CDs of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s phone calls at my local Walmart. Good times.

zip says:

The Church of Scientology has claimed copyright on essentially every internal document ever written or recorded by that organization in its entire history. Every office memo, order, policy, fax, telex, email, surveillance notes, etc. – all copyrighted. (Perhaps even their copies of files they stole from the IRS in the 1970s.)

Not that it would hold up in court, but claiming copyright (and threatening court action) is a powerful weapon wielded to prevent anyone from publishing embarrassing “smoking gun” documents.

KingofthePaupers (profile) says:

Jct: Easy to beat copyright! Get into the picture

Jct: When the CBC Dragons’ Den gutted my 15 minute presentation down to 1 minute with my speaking 15 seconds, I sued them, they had to give me a copy of the whole thing. I sat in front of the screen as I played it to become part of the production and making it a new video. That’s how to beat this turkey’s attempted censorship, just sit in front of the screen as you listen and comment to it! Har har har.

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