Number Of Posts On Chinese Microblog Site Weibo Drops By 70 Percent In Wake of Government Clampdown

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As we noted back in November, the Chinese authorities have started clamping down heavily on users of the Weibo microblogging site accused of violating “censorship guidelines.” An interesting question is: what effect is this having on the public’s use of Weibo? Thanks to The Telegraph newspaper, we now have some idea:

Research commissioned by the Telegraph shows that the number of posts on the hugely successful Twitter-like microblog [Weibo] may have fallen by as much as 70 per cent in the wake of an aggressive campaign by the Communist party to intimidate influential users.

Once an incalculably important public space for news and opinion — a fast-flowing river of information that censors struggled to contain — it has arguably now been reduced to a wasteland of celebrity endorsements, government propaganda and corporate jingles.

That probably means that people are now employing other means to pass on information, rumors and comments that would get them into trouble on Weibo. And that, of course, also implies that the Chinese authorities will widen their net to include those other services once they become enough of a threat. And so the cat-and-mouse game will continue, leaving behind it a trail of burned-out Internet services full of those “celebrity endorsements, government propaganda and corporate jingles.”

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Comments on “Number Of Posts On Chinese Microblog Site Weibo Drops By 70 Percent In Wake of Government Clampdown”

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out_of_the_blue says:

That's nothing! Here's a Techdirt fanboy threatening to leave this glorious site!

Link below. — It’s terrifying that my little bits of wit could cause anyone to make such an abject admission of inability to deal with conflict. We is doomed.

Techdirt fanboys are so feeble they can’t stand skipping over a bit of text! — Are these leaders against the surveillance state? Or just weenies pretending to be pirates? (197 of 198)


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: That's nothing! Here's a Techdirt fanboy threatening to leave this glorious site!

Personally Blue I don’t wanna censor you , I rather enjoy your comments (sometimes), though, I usually don’t agree with most of them regarding copyright. I’ve learned over the years that having a (self proclaimed) nemesis makes getting ones point across a little more satisfying.

so have a great day and remember trolling begets trolling.

Anonymous Coward says:

and it wont be long before that sort of action kicks off in the USA and the UK! neither of these governments want their dirty deeds talked about or their dirty laundry aired in public. it shows the people exactly what they are up to, which in most instances over most things, is the opposite of what they are saying the people can do!

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