DailyDirt: Useful Fungus

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Fungus is a fascinating form of life. Mold grows almost anywhere, and it can survive some pretty extreme conditions. However, more often than not, it’s considered a nuisance that needs to be killed and removed. Some mushroom-lovers have come up with some ways to make fungus useful for us — taking advantage of how well mold can grow. Here are just a few examples of fungus that isn’t for eating, but still serves us.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Useful Fungus”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Super insulation(thermal/acoustic) on the horizon.

SEAgel made from Agar(aka vegetable gelatin), yes dude you can produce a lot of things using gelatin, not just deserts.

Funny how things are made, you freeze Agar then produce a vacuum strong enough so water instead of liquifying sublimates(freeze-drying) and tada! you have something with almost the same properties of aerogel, which can be composted use no harsh chemicals and it is much much more resistant than aerogel since it doesn’t crumble as easily, the problem with it may be that it is made out of a natural substance that fungus love to eat.

Other use of microorganisms that may be for mining metals.

All living things are incredible advanced factories.

J (profile) says:

Mushrooms are extremely helpful in reducing your social alcohol consumption too :

Psilocybin does not play well with alcohol. At small doses, the alcohol might override the psilocybin, meaning you wasted your mushrooms. At larger doses, the psilocybin negates the alcohol, but meaning you wasted your drink and maybe weaken your mushrooms. Worse, you might drink alcohol excessively because the psilocybin masks the effects. Never drink on mushrooms.

I’ve thus found the ultimate excuse for not drinking at crazy parties is :
“Sorry, I cannot drink. Alcohol might weaken my mushroom trip.”

It’d work as an excuse even if you weren’t on mushrooms of course, but small sub-hallucinogenic mushroom doses will make you quite happy and “on” for the party, but not sluggish or groggy like pot. Inexpensive low calorie night out. 🙂

Do not take fully hallucinogenic doses if you actually want to party because most people become withdrawn from overstimulation when they start hallucinating. Always carry healthy low or zero calorie food items like celery, tangerines, cherries, etc. when using hallucinogens because the stimulate your appetite, like pot. And it’s funny feeding tasty fruit to the nutters on MDMA.

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