Lawsuit Claims Accidental Google Search Led To Years Of Government Investigation And Harrassment

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We’ve seen a few lawsuits filed over autocomplete suggestions, but those have all been aimed at Google by people who failed to understand a) how search engines work, and b) the unintended consequences of their actions. Targeting a search engine for unflattering autocomplete suggestions tends to make the problem worse. Each legal effort only results in more stories “confirming” the autocomplete suggestions.

This lawsuit is a bit different. The plaintiff is arguing that an accidental search triggered by an autocomplete suggestion ruined his life. But it’s not Google’s fault. It’s… well, it’s pretty much damn near everyone else.

Jeffrey Kantor, who was fired by Appian Corporation, sued a host of government officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry in Federal Court, alleging civil rights violations, disclosure of private information and retaliation…

He also sued Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Rand Beers, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, EPA Administrator Regina McCarthy and U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta.

That’s a lot of big names, all of which are somehow related to Jeffrey Kantor’s errant search, a mistake anyone could have made. But in this era of pervasive surveillance, a mistake may be all it takes.

“In October of 2009, Kantor used the search engine Google to try to find, ‘How do I build a radio-controlled airplane,'” he states in his complaint. “He ran this search a couple weeks before the birthday of his son with the thought of building one together as a birthday present. After typing, ‘how do I build a radio controlled’, Google auto-completed his search to, ‘how do I build a radio controlled bomb.'”

From that point on, Kantor alleges coworkers, supervisors and government investigators all began “group stalking” him. Investigators used the good cop/bad cop approach, with the “bad cop” allegedly deploying anti-Semitic remarks frequently. In addition, his coworkers at Appian (a government contractor) would make remarks about regular people committing murder-suicides (whenever Kantor expressed anger) or how normal people just dropped dead of hypertension (whenever Kantor remained calm while being harassed).

Kantor also claims he was intensely surveilled by the government from that point forward.

He claims government officials monitored his book purchases and home computer, and implied that everything he did was being monitored…

Kantor [also] claims the stalking spilled over into his personal life when the government secretly attached a GPS antenna to his car to track him.

Kantor alleges this harassment continued long after he lost his job at Appian (who he’s currently suing as well). The claims of stalking, harassment and surveillance fill a great deal of the 33-page filing. His suit also claims that personal information obtained through “FISA warrants” was routinely used against him (and repeated back to him) by a number of people — the so-called “group stalking” or “gang stalking.”

Kantor also makes the rather novel claim that the statute of limitations (for incidents over 2 years old) doesn’t apply because the exposure of the NSA’s PRISM program (which is how the accused apparently gathered much of Kantor’s private info) didn’t occur until 2013.

Section 223 of the Patriot Act gives citizens two years from the time they discover that their civil rights have been violated to sue. These privacy violations occurred between 2010 and 2013. Many of the privacy violations occurred in the last two years. Other violations that Kantor alleges occurred in 2010 and early 2011, which is beyond 2 years. However, the law says that the timeline is based on when the citizen had a reasonable chance to discover the violation. Since the PRISM program was only declassified in July of 2013, these earlier violations should not be time-barred.

All in all, the filing doesn’t build a very credible case and comes across more as a paranoiac narrative than a coherent detailing of possible government harassment and surveillance. Here are just a few of the highlights.

One day in 2010, Kantor went to an adult web site from his home computer. The next day at work, a CRGT manager, Tony Buzanca, came up to Kantor, who was working at his computer, bent over and whispered in Kantor’s ear, “people who go to pom sites are going to hell.” Kantor contends that the government monitored Kantor’s internet traffic, disclosed this private information to Buzanca, and had Buzanca repeat it back to Kantor for the purpose of harassment and group stalking. There was no legitimate investigative purpose to this disclosure of Kantor’s private information, which must have been obtained through the Patriot Act enabled FISA warrant…

Two days before Kantor requested to be transferred, he drove to a park area of Ft Belvoir after work. He hiked on a trail and retumed to his car, which was in an isolated area (where no one normally parks). There was a van next to his car and there were three men. As Kantor returned to his car, one man said to the other, “He has been here two years ‘and he won’t quit. I guess he is trying to prove a point.” Kantor later discovered that an antenna had been affixed to his Audi A4. The government must have been using GPS tracking to track Kantor and the stalkers were using this GPS information to follow Kantor around and stalk him…

Kantor had driven to lunch with his Appian manager, Mike Kang. Mike Kang asked Kantor what movies his wife likes. Kantor answered and politely asked Mike Kang what movies his wife likes. Kang stated that his wife likes “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the “Harry Potter” movies. Kantor thought that this was strange since at the time the only version of “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” that existed was in Swedish and Harry Potter was a kids’ movie. Kantor also thought this was disturbing because those were the exact two books that he was reading, and he had borrowed these books from his local library. The second book Kantor was reading to his son…

As Kantor left work that afternoon, he was followed by an African-American man in a suit. The man sat across from Kantor on the Metro train. At the West Falls Church exit, which is one stop before the Dunn Loring exit, the man got up and started screaming at the top of his lungs at Kantor, “You respect my privacy, I’ll respect your privacy, bitch!” He screamed this around five times at Kantor at the top of his lungs, and then got off the train right as the doors were about to close…

[Kantor’ boss] also sent Kantor an email that said, “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” Kantor forwarded the email to his house. The next day he showed his father, Lawrence Kantor Jr, the email, with the title, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” and Kantor’s browser history, which showed that he had emailed for the chords and lyrics to REM’s “It’s the end of the World as We Know It” the night before his manager sent him the email. This group stalking had occurred hundreds if not thousands of times, but this was an instance where there was digital proof and a witness on Kantor’s side that had seen it in action…

Kantor in this very draft alleged that he was being wrongly investigated as a terrorist and complained overhearing his coworkers saying that his car was being searched for an AK–47. In the evening of 8/5/2013, a Vienna police officer walked into the volunteer office and said to Kantor and the three other volunteers in the room, “So this is where all the terrorists hang out. I am going to go look for an AK-47.” The police officer then left. He said nothing prior to this comment and nothing after it. Kantor had never seen the police officer before or hence. This illustrates that the privacy violations and group stalking are still occurring. Is Kantor supposed to Contact the town police and complain that police officers are stalking him (which is a crime that they themselves like the FBI are supposed to be preventing, instead of engaging in)?

Kantor has retained Christopher Swift of Swift & Swift, an attorney who apparently specializes in patent law, to represent him in this lawsuit against several government officials. The lawsuit seeks $13.8 million in compensatory damages and $45 million in statutory damages, as well as an injunction against the government to prevent it from further stalking him.

But that’s not all!

The lawsuit also asks the judge to find that the PATRIOT Act is unconstitutional and illegal and order the FBI to turn over all calls and contacts where violations of the PATRIOT Act are alleged to the DoJ and the administration’s “privacy advocate.”

Now, there are a couple of ways of looking at this. Kantor may have undiagnosed mental issues which have led him to believe everyone (at several consecutive jobs) is out to get him and has access to his personal info. Certainly, the idea that the government has access to all of this info is less dubious than it was back in 2009 when the harassment allegedly began, but the rambling nature of this filing (which was apparently written with the assistance of an attorney) sounds a bit more like unhinged near-ravings than a blow-by-blow account of long-term harassment.

On the other hand, there would be no better way for the government to harass someone out of the workforce (while maintaining plausible deniability) than to create a situation so over the top and ridiculous that it instantly strips the victim of all credibility. So, there’s that to consider as well.

The alleged starting point (the wrong Google search) is also not that far off either, as far as that goes. With certain keywords triggering NSA activity, it’s not exactly paranoid to express a concern that a few erroneous searches could result in some sustained surveillance.

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Comments on “Lawsuit Claims Accidental Google Search Led To Years Of Government Investigation And Harrassment”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“The alleged starting point (the wrong Google search) is also not that far off either, as far as that goes. With certain keywords triggering NSA activity, it’s not exactly paranoid to express a concern that a few erroneous searches could result in some sustained surveillance.”

I disagree, unless you are already being investigated for something, no-one is going to give a crap what you search for on Google.

Nick (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Yeah, that’s my opinion too. A single unintentional (and not followed-up-on) search on google will not place you on a terrorism watch list. There are far too many people in this country that are indeed curious about how to make some things that would be considered disrespectable for the NSA to monitor each and every one of them. And then to “blow” the investigation multiple times by making these facts known the day after? Pure coincidence.

Heh, I love how he found it “odd” that his friend’s wife liked Harry Potter, a “kid’s movie”. My parents like the books, and the movies too, so it’s not at all odd that an adult would like them. And this man is reading a VERY popular book to his kid the same time the movies are out? WOW! STOP THE PRESSES!

KingofDarkness (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Didn’t the article say he worked for a government contractor? That would mean you automatically get more attention, wouldn’t it?

This kind of stuff makes ME paranoid. When I imagine someone who has gone through extensive surveillance and abuse, I imagine they would behave much like the stereotype of a crazy paranoid person. Not all of this guys stories have to be literally true. If he was surveilled for some time by some means and he was made aware of it, this would certainly lead to him beginning to see it everywhere. The human brain is pattern oriented and planting that seed can have severe results.

Just as Jeremy bentham’s Pent Octagon would not require full time jailors, because the inmates would not know if they were being watched. The idea of being persistently watched affects people’s behavior. All it would take is a timely confirmation (legitimate surveillance on this guy by some government spook) every now and then to keep this guys mind wrapped up in the feeling/idea that he was being watched.

This is what makes me worry about this sort of government abuse. I do not believe any outsider or anyone not intimately involved in the situation could reliably judge the validity of these type of allegations. I would even be skeptical to dismiss them if a Psychiatrist declared this guy insane. Because that diagnosis was made after years of possible surveillance and abuse.

Scary business…

Dale McGill says:

Re: Re: Re: paranoia

The way the "intelligence community" gets AWAY with stalking and harassing people, is to have what is called a Psychiatric Reprisal done on their targets, they will do things that are so crazy, when the target tells the police, they immediately know what is going on, and they KNOW to have that label put on them, as soon as possible. Being a Targeted Individual is like being destroyed, there is a coordinated effort to destroy you. It’s not a mental illness, but see how easy it would be to say it is? They Jews were called Paranoid too, prisoners at Abu Ghraib were called Paranoid. My GREAT AUNT was called paranoid, LABELED as Paranoid Schizophrenic by a DOCTOR, when she said she was DROPPED and her leg broke! They REFUSED to look into it, and put her on Anti-psychotics. I insisted, I took her out of there and took her to another nursing home, and got an X-Ray done, guess what, her leg was broken. So Doctors will use this label for anything, they will certainly go along with anything the police tell them to do. It has been done forever, it’s an old Soviet tactic, Hitler used it, it is used in Jihad, as well. COVERT HARASSMENT.

aldestrawk says:

Re: Re:

Even stranger, Philip K. Dick thought that a visit by the feds was triggered because he had gotten too close to the truth in one of his stories. That’s what it feels like here. A story about a paranoid schizophrenic whose paranoid imaginings reveal a truth few suspected and no one believed it’s magnitude. What a fictionally fitting result it would be if the Patriot act is overturned because of his lawsuit.

Dick himself wrote letters to the FBI about a Moscow directed plot to control science fiction. He got the feeling from the first responses that the FBI was brushing him off. He ended up writing more letters but not sending them. Instead, he put them in an addressed and stamped envelope and threw them in the trash. His reasoning was that “The authorities will receive the letter if, and only if, they are spying on him.”

madasahatter (profile) says:


There seems to be something missing. I doubt a few accidental or deliberate searches will trigger close monitoring by the Feds. I would not be surprised when the Syrian chemical weapons were in the headlines that many searched for information. Most, if not almost all, were only interested in learning general information about them. What would get someones interest is if you bought parts.

Also, did he click on any of the returned links or did he immediately redo the search with the correct terms?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

What you’re forgetting — what everyone seems to be forgetting here who dismisses this — is that this guy had a security clearance and was working on Secret and Confidential projects for the Dept. of Defense. It’s not the same as having a random citizen accidentally make a “suspicious” search.

Anonymous Coward says:

total bullshit

how on earth does ‘airplane’ get autocompleted to BOMB ??

autocomplete works on the frequency of use, so unless thousands of people types in ‘how do you build a radio controlled bomb’ (didn’t happen), This is yet another bullshit story that Masnick wants to use to support his “” mentality.

No wonder no one believes you anymore Masnick, you’ve lost all credibility. Lets hope you get some help with that unnatural hatred you have, it’s getting to be a problem for you. (BTW: Get out and get some sun, you look sick)..

Anonymous Coward says:

a radio controlled bomb is made exactly the same as a ‘normal’ bomb, except it has a radio to control the OFF/BOOM switch.

NSA understand this, almost everyone with any technical knowledge knows this, why does masnick not question this, and do you think the NSA would care anyway, or would understand making a bomb detonate by radio is no different than making a bomb with a locally controlled switch ?

But its’ “” here now, so truth and facts have no place here. Just ‘’.

Oh and does you beloved Google routinely give their search results to NSA? is that not an issue for you M I C… K E Y. ‘IHAVEGOV.ORG’ ?

Anonymous Coward says:

There are plenty of unhinged people making deluded claims of mass conspiracy and harassment. When it’s as obviously the case as it is here it seems somewhat cruel to report the guys derangement when he clearly needs help.
I know in the states certain levels of derangement traditionally get treated in a different way with services such as fox news feeding the fear and paranoia of afflicted individuals but even by the so much lower standards of that poor country this man’s issues are still clearly more in need of medical assistance than public ridicule.

GEMont (profile) says:


Of course the guy is crazy.

The Federal Government would never condone the use of standard psyop techniques for half a decade on a civilian government employee over a single Google search for remote controlled bombs, at a cost of millions of tax-payer dollars, because…

Oh wait a minute. We’re talking about the US Federal Government…

Never mind.

OldGeezer (profile) says:

I think this guy is full of shit. If he was investigated it was for more than one accidental search. They do have ways of catching people doing searches with terrorist related keywords. Just yesterday a man was arrested driving a van into the Wichita airport with a van loaded with fake explosives supplied by the FBI. He got caught because he searched for help in building a bomb in the internet and ended up chatting with an agent pretending to be Al-Qaeda. They didn’t say how he was first intercepted but I’m guessing he did some searches with monitored keywords.
This doesn’t appear to be some entrapment setup like some cases in the past. This guy was very enthusiastic about his plans. Here is the criminal complaint:

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“Just yesterday a man was arrested driving a van into the Wichita airport with a van loaded with fake explosives supplied by the FBI.”

“chatting with an agent pretending to be Al-Qaeda.”

While I fail to see the connection between this and the situation in the article above, I cannot help but wonder why you would feel that “this case” you posted about was not an entrapment situation, “like some cases in the past.”

The standard FBI entrapment process is to find someone who blogs/speaks-out about their hatred of the US Fed, and then contact him pretending to be a Terrorist Group willing to set him up with bombs and contacts.

Once hooked, the FBI then supplies the fool with a carload of fake explosives and sends the fool to meet with an FBI agent posing as the contact for the Terrorist Group.

Then with great fanfare and public notification, the FBI swoops in on the fool and arrests him, claiming one more terrorist plot foiled.

If you eliminate this type of entrapment arrest from the FBI’s total of Terrorist Plots Foiled To Date, you end up with 2 – the same 2 the NSA claims they foiled using their global snoop and scoop programs.

The case you posted about fits this bill precisely.

Is it merely wishful thinking that makes you want this case to not be entrapment?

As an aside. It is highly unlikely that living people actually monitor the Google Search phrase imput of the world, and it is highly likely that a computer program does this task.
It is also highly likely that this program flags EVERY search that includes the word “bomb” anb/or the phrase “remote controlled” – among a zillion other trigger words and phrases.
Once flagged, it is reported to a human operative who then sets into motion whatever process policy dictates, whether the flag includes more than one instance of the search or not, since one search is all that is needed for a would-be terrorist to get the information desired.

Did this point cross your mind at all?

OldGeezer (profile) says:

I don’t think this guy was just some blogger they enticed and put the whole idea in his head. It looks like he was actively seeking assistance in making a bomb. He drove to the airport actually planning to blow himself up in the attack. He even stated that he thought about shooting 2 air force pilots outside his hanger earlier. I think this guy would have actually carried out a real attack if he had gotten assistance from another terrorist if the FBI had not stung him. It looks like in this case he initiated everything.

GEMont (profile) says:

Manufacturing FBI terrorist plots hollywood style.

You don’t think he was just some blogger…

Well, that’s different. If your crystal ball tells you he was a bad guy, then its obvious your crystal ball has been equally efficient in labelling the man the article was about with perfect precision. I bow to your superior methodology. (sarcasm)

For the record, these utter idiots who post their plans of revenge/glory on line, all seek assistance in making bombs and all make claims of what they plan to do with those bombs, and who they plan to kill with those bombs, and always include themselves as victims – that’s the perk that attracts such idiots to the whole terrorist shtick in the first place – martyrdom.

How else did you think the FBI finds them?

It is the claims, plans and desires stated by these morons that lets the FBI know how and where and when to set up their entrapment snares – what Terrorist Groups they should pretend to be and what to say when making contact with the idiot cum wanna-be terrorista.

While I think it may indeed be pertinent to entrap them and get them off the street and into some sort of mental institution or at least get them medical treatment for their mental illness, I deny the validity of the FBI claiming to have foiled a Terrorist Plot upon their arrest.

The “plot” was entirely the creation of the FBI.

Methinks it is also a lot harder than you seem to believe, to find and contact a real terrorist group from inside the USA. Real terrorists are never as stupid as these FBI promotional plot patsies.

If it was otherwise, the FBI would be busy trying to foil hundreds, if not thousands of real plots every year and would have no time to entrap morons into playing patsy for their public relations promotional games.

Instead, they are so desperate for real terrorist plots, that half of the “plots” (1 of 2) they claim to have foiled was a taxi-driver sending money overseas to a listed terrorist group.

Methinks you simply want to maintain your fantasy about the FBI being the good guys. Good luck with that.

OldGeezer (profile) says:

Re: Manufacturing FBI terrorist plots hollywood style.

I’ll grant that this guy was not too bright but could it be that he was determined to commit some sort of attack whether anyone helped him or not? He had a pass to drive right onto the tarmac. Even an idiot could figure out how to cause an explosion with access to hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel. If he had been more savvy and the FBI hadn’t led him to make a harmless bomb this could have ended badly. I’m usually a skeptic like you when it comes to any federal agency but I have to believe that once in a while they might get one right. It didn’t sound like this guy needed much encouragement. He had already been caught with a gun at the airport before. He could have taken hostages or just gone on a shooting rampage. One way or another I think this guy would have pulled something off.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: Manufacturing FBI terrorist plots...

Methinks ye still be missing the point.

There was absolutely nothing stopping law enforcement from removing this guy from circulation after any of his many foolish endeavours – such as being caught at an airport with a gun.

The only reason this dipshit was still walking the streets and planning his plots against the monster, was because he was the perfect patsy for another FBI public relations scam.

The FBI and other law enforcement officials allowed this man to remain at large after numerous incidents of mal-intent, specifically so they could use him for their own benefit.

Now which is the more nefarious – a moron trying to bomb his way into fame and glory, or a law enforcement agency willing to allow such morons to run loose so they can use them as promotional photo-ops to make a corrupted agency appear as though it was still made up of good guys?

Because the FBI is willing to risk public lives in order to gain public confidence by allowing dangerous fools to roam free, I have no difficulty at all in believing that it and its kindred 3 letter agencies would use years of PsyOps on a suspected bomb maker they wanted to force into doing something stupid – for the same purpose, public relations promotion.

Power corrupts.
Power and non-accountability corrupts completely.
Corrupted power protected by law is the epitome of evil.
Bad men are still bad men even if they do wear white hats.

OldGeezer (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Manufacturing FBI terrorist plots...

The gun incident was in 2009, long before he was communicating with the feds. I have no idea why Beechcraft didn’t pull his clearance and fire him then. I have never worked anywhere that wouldn’t immediately can you if you brought a gun to work. The fault there is first with his employer. Also is a surprise our great airport security didn’t arrest him and prevent him from ever coming back.
You could be right, but could it also possibly be that they wanted an absolutely solid case against him to put him away for good? Writing emails about a terror attack could get you arrested but how much time would he get for that compared to taking him down at the airport gate with what he thought was a real bomb? Some smart lawyer might get him reduced charges and time if all he did was write about it. The O.J. dream team couldn’t get this guy off now. He is gone for good. Keeping him focused on this car bomb mission could keep him occupied until they could really get the goods on him.

PopeRatzo (profile) says:

can't say

I no longer believe there are things that the United States government “would never do”.

I’ve seen too many of those things happen in my lifetime. I remember my dad, a WWII vet, telling me that the US “would never torture a prisoner”, and “would never assassinate” or “doesn’t target civilians” or “doesn’t spy on Americans who haven’t committed a crime” or…

I never dismiss out of hand any outrageous assertion about our government’s (or some private contractor’s) misbehavior.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: can't say

And sadly, as long as good folks keep pretending that the people running the USA are still the Good Guys, this is gonna just get worse.
Methinks it is the inability of the population to admit that they have been invaded and conquered by the nastiest members of their own population, that will spell the utlimate dissolution of the United States.

Anonymous Coward says:

I believe Kantor. Why wouldn’t the government abuse it’s massive spying apparatus, to harass law-abiding citizens whom the government doesn’t care for.

I imagine it will be near impossible for Kantor to secure employment. The government also likes to “black list” a person’s background check information. Making it nearly impossible for poor Kantor to find a new employer that will hire him.

G says:

You have a number of good points, admittedly, however, the fact remains that law enforcement could have protected the public better by arresting him for any of his infractions.

His mental health is obviously impaired and I’m certain that institutionalization would have been a cinch, especially if they were monitoring him regularly since his aberrant behaviour began.

Whether they wanted a perfect case against him or not, using the public as bait is not exactly the original job description of the FBI.

To do this sort of thing repeatedly, while out in the real world, not a single REAL in-country Terrorist Plot materializes, makes it appear – to me at least – as though the FBI has been charged with promoting the Terrorist Under The Bed Boogey Man Scare necessary to keep the War on Terrorists going, by manufacturing homegrown terrorists out of irate citizens.

I’ve said it before but its worth repeating:

Anti-American Terrorists do not exist because Americans own SUVs and flat screen TVs. They exist because American Business uses the American Military to invade small countries to steal their resources, or to do whatever happens to be necessary to insure the profits of American Industry.

If you want to stop terrorists, stop bombing their countries into the dark ages and killing all their able bodied men.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Precisely. Cointelpro. Counter Intelligence Program.

Believing the man to be a would be bomber, allows the agency to use any and all means to force him into doing something they can use against him.

Pschological warfare is designed to cause your enemy to make mistakes they would otherwise not make. It is literally a process designed to drive someone or some group crazy.

Since the American Public has been reclassified as the enemy, it is now perfectly legal to use these methods on american civilians, just as it is now perfectly legal for a federal agency to kidnap an american citizen and ship him off to a foreign country and then torture him and even eventually kill him, all without due process.

Those of you who are paying attention may have noticed that on quite a few occasions now, federal spook agencies have literally told the courts to shove their demands where the sun doesn’t shine, when they are told to obey the law.

As long as the fed considers itself at war with its domestic adversary, it will only get worse for the US citizenry.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Changing times

I think a notable point is that while less than a few years back the man would be pretty universally accused of being completely nuts, after all the crap the government and NSA have been shown to have done in the past(and continues to still do today), at least a decent number of people here seem to be entertaining the idea that he could be telling the truth, at least in part.

GEMont (profile) says:

Vexatious Litigation?

I’ll assume this is in response to my query about the number of folks who have sued a mazillion officials and asked for federal laws to be overturned….

I’ll assume this, because the response does not answer the query, but instead directs me to read a description of a common legal “shenanigan”.

The Wiki page you posted a link to referenses Vexatious Litigation.

“Vexatious litigation is legal action which is brought, regardless of its merits, solely to harass or subdue an adversary. It may take the form of a primary frivolous lawsuit or may be the repetitive, burdensome, and unwarranted filing of meritless motions in a matter which is otherwise a meritorious cause of action. Filing vexatious litigation is considered an abuse of the judicial process and may result in sanctions against the offender.”

Copied directly from the Wiki site.

The man’s efforts are meant to reign in an out-of-control federal agency that he claims has used psyops on him for years after a Google Search Auto-fill process placed the word “bomb” instead of the words “model airplanes” (as he had intended) after his imput of the words “building remote controlled”.

He is not attempting to harrass or subdue the agency via meritless motions.

The only way to prevent the agency from continuing the program of psychological warfare is to have the laws that make such attacks on American citizens legal, changed or removed.

Do you claim that Google Search is NOT perpetually computer monitored by federal spooks, specifically hoping to catch precisiely this sort of search input by would-be terrorists??

The American Military has used psychological warfare on its enemies since it made its first enemies. Today, the american public has been re-classified as the “adversary” – look that up on Wiki.

For real vexatious litigation, see the articles here on the copyright trolls, Prenda Law.

nasch (profile) says:

Re: Vexatious Litigation?

I’ll assume this is in response to my query about the number of folks who have sued a mazillion officials and asked for federal laws to be overturned….

If you use the “reply to this” link it would make your conversation easier to follow. It also may help if you switch to threaded mode using the link at the top of the page.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: Vexatious Litigation?

Actually, I do use “reply to this”, however, the editor has been wonky lately – cusor will not respond to keyboard movement keys, cursor does not move when I click on screen, extra letters appear out of the blue, cursor will suddenly jump to new place on page – that sort of thing. Makes it all quite a challenge really. Can take 4-5 Reviews to get the thing right before submission.

Thank you for the “threaded mode” suggestion. I had not realized such existed. I’ve always had difficulty following posts on TechDirt as they appear one after the other with no real link to the messages they respond to except the title.

GEMont (profile) says:

...something fishy....

IT technical query.

When typing into a text field on line, is the text that is typed into the box monitorable prior to hitting Return, or clicking on the Search button??

In other words, can the text I type into a text field be read remotely as I type it, or do I have to “enter” the finished text before it can be read by a computerized monitor?

It just occured to me that even if the Auto-Complete process did indeed place the word “bombs” after the words “remote controlled”, the typer would still need to enter the words “model airplanes” to complete his query prior to hitting the search button.

Even if he did not notice the Auto-complete insertion of the word “bombs”, his finished query string should have then read “building remote controlled bombs model airplanes“.

There is no apparent circumstance where he would have hit enter or clicked the search button immediately after the auto-complete addition of the word “bombs” and thus the only way the Spooks could have read “building remote controlled bombs” would be if they could read the input as it was typed into the box, or if the man had indeed typed “building remote controlled bombs” and then clicked on the search button.

Methinks I might have to retract my defense. 🙂

nasch (profile) says:

Re: ...something fishy....

When typing into a text field on line, is the text that is typed into the box monitorable prior to hitting Return, or clicking on the Search button??

Google knows what you’re typing before you hit enter. Those autocomplete suggestions come from their servers. Since the NSA is trapping basically all internet traffic, they likely have access to it as well.

Even if he did not notice the Auto-complete insertion of the word “bombs”, his finished query string should have then read “building remote controlled bombs model airplanes”.

I think what happened is he clicked or hit enter on the first suggestion before realizing it said “bomb”.

There is no apparent circumstance where he would have hit enter or clicked the search button immediately after the auto-complete addition of the word “bombs”


GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: ...something fishy....

There is no apparent circumstance where he would have hit enter or clicked the search button immediately after the auto-complete addition of the word ‘bombs’


When typing into a search engine, it is unlikely that anyone would assume that the auto-complete would choose the right insertion when what you’re looking for has numerous types – remote control; planes, boats, cars, trucks, toys, helicopters, rockets, home-lighting, garage doors, lawn-lights, etc., and I would assume that even a bad typist like me, who needs to watch the keyboard as they type, would still look at the screen after typing “remote controlled” and notice that the word “bombs” was not the words “model airplanes”, before hitting Search.

A really bad typist – one who looks at the screen only after the whole search string was typed in – would likely not notice the auto-complete insertion at all and continue typing the words “model airplanes” after the word “bomb”, resulting in a search string “remote controlled bombs model airplanes”.

The only reason I can think of to type “Remote Controlled” by itself, and then hit enter/search, would be if I just wanted info on all types of remote controlled items indescriminately and according to the man’s claims, he was specifically after a remote controlled model airplane for his son.

While I admit it is possible, I just find the “error” difficult to perceive.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 ...something fishy....

“think you’re underestimating the stupidity of some people. :-)”

I wish that were true. However, humanity’s own actions throughout history has insured my realization that stupidity and ignorance are the two most common aspects of human nature world wide. While I place the blame for this squarely at the feet of Society/Culture – programming by the rich for the benefit of the rich – it is nonetheless the most unavoidable aspect of the species.

I simply don’t see this situation – the nasty search string – as being caused by stupidity.

Carelessness perhaps – but even that is a stretch.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: ...something fishy....

Thanks for response.

It was indeed the Auto-Complete process itself that got me thinking about whether the spooks can read as you type.

Given that information, it is quite possible that the man saw the auto-complete insertion and deleted the word “bombs”, finishing the string properly with “model airplanes”, and the computerized snoop and scoop recording of the event would still maintain a copy of the string that included the word “bombs”, triggering the cointelpro by the spooks.

Now that’s a scenario I can perceive readily.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 ...something fishy....

I would assume that Google altered the Auto-complete’s selection criteria shortly after this law-suit became public, if indeed it was ever part of the list of possibles.

While it is indeed somewhat suspect that:

a. “Bombs” would be the first selection in a Goodle Search Auto-complete’s criteria for possible insertions after “Remote Contolled” and

b. that anyone would actually trust an auto-complete to select the type of remote controlled item to search for and

c. that anyone would hit search after reading the word “Bombs” inserted into their search string…

– the simple fact that the NSA snoop and scoop computers can easily record what you type as you type it, does lend credence to the idea that – IF – the auto-complete added the word “Bombs”, there would indeed be a copy made by the NSA S&S system of the search string reading “remote controlled bombs”.

I assume that ANYONE, ANYWHERE on earth who would type such a string into a google search box would immediately and automatically be put on the NSA’s “bad-guys to watch” list.

Anyone working for the US government would come under special scrutiny and anyone who met certain internal criteria would be open for cointelpro implementation.

The real problem here is that the FBI, NSA, CIA, ETC., have proven themselves to be deceptive to the max, over-reaching in every way possible, irresponsible and incapable of respect for the laws of the land and they have shown that they hold the privacy of their fellow Americans and the citizens of the rest of the world in utter contempt.

There is very little I would not expect them to do to get their way and weasel out of criminal charges.

John85851 (profile) says:

This guy has a mental illness

A friend of mine had schizophrenia and the stories he told me sound very similar to what this guy is claiming. My friend also worked at a defense contractor, which is probably what sets the paranoia started in the first place.

To a schizophrenic, random and simple events become part of a bigger conspiracy. Did a guy on a subway really yell that phrase five times? Or was he singing loudly to himself, but was interpreted to become part of the larger “conspiracy”. And, of course, any random conversation also gets woven into the conspiracy, even if it’s about something trivial.

If I were the lawyer, I’d get this guy the mental help he needs instead of starting a lawsuit… then again, as we all know, some lawyers will take any case just for the money or attention. Maybe the guy doesn’t have a case and maybe the lawyer thinks he can use this as a way to make bad laws illegal.

GEMont (profile) says:

Re: This guy has a mental illness

Just in case you did not read the previous posts, cointelpro, counter-intelligence programs, are designed specifically to make people crazy, or at least to make them appear crazy to the general public.

The idea is ancient and effective; make your enemy appear to be a lunatic, and no matter what he says about you or about anything else, nobody will listen because people will think the victim is just crazy. Its even better when the process actually results in driving your target insane.

The bonus here is that the methods used to accomplish this goal will appear to those who hear about them, to be beyond anything anyone would actually do, increasing the public disbelief in the “ravings” of the victim.

This is even moreso when the actions are being done by what is widely perceived as the “Good Guys”.

John Allman (profile) says:

Re: This guy has a mental illness

@ john85851

The reasons that people who complain of harassment inflicted upon them by the public sector intelligence and security industry have schizophrenia diagnoses like your “friend” does, is that complaining of such harassment on its own is enough to precipitate a schizophrenia diagnosis.

You describe accurately how those with heightened anxiety how commonly misinterpret innocent coincidences as sinister. But your observation gets us no closer to ascertaining in any individual case, whether the misinterpretation is endogenous and accounts for the whole of the perception of harassment of a self-claimed victim who is not being persecuted at all (it is “paranoia”), or the misinterpretation is exogenous (it is “hyper-vigilance” induced by sensitisation) and only accounts for an exaggerated perception of the extent of the harassment, on the part of a victim who is actually being harassed to some extent, though perhaps not as severely as he imagines.

Eric says:

Re: This guy has a mental illness

No, he’s not crazy. It’s designed to make the target look crazy so they can discredit him. It’s called gaslighting. They did it to me too. They accused me of being paranoid schizophrenic out of literally nowhere, and told my neighbors they were going to bring me in for a mental health evaluation. They were going to put me on 72 hour hold so they could use a private investigator to search my home because they couldn’t get a search warrant. My neighbors, who are in the Air Force, told me what was going on, so I went over to my parents’ house because A) of all people, they know I’m not crazy, and B) my mother is an attorney with over 30 years of experience. They’ve done some pretty messed up stuff to me. They targeted me for going commando. They lied and said they throught my dick might be a bomb in order to surveil the ever living shit out of me. The local police, NSA, DHS, and FBI are still, to this day, monitoring every single thing I do, all for not wearing underwear. My house is bugged, my office is bugged, my phone is tapped, they have access to my bank accounts, they’re monitoring my internet traffic, and they have me on a nationwide alert system that pretty much every large chain store uses. They’ve also went around my community, slandered my name, and had everyone in my neighborhood sign up for that notification system. They’re using my neighbors to help them spy on me. All for not wearing underwear. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as their illegal tactics are concerned.

Meerkat Wizard (profile) says:

Counterintelligence Subversion

The harassment alleged in the complaint is identical to a set of tactics refined by East Germany’s Stasi. They referred to it as zersetzung (corrosion) because of the intended effects upon the targeted individual. In spying industry parlance, it is counterintelligence subversion.

The most comprehensive archive of mainstream news reports on the subject is at a site called “Fight Gang Stalking.”

Rick G (user link) says:

Before my harassment, I also would have been skeptical...

I have been through group harassment as well – by members of local law enforcement and by community members. I had to end my private practice (divorce attorney) in 2012, my home of over 20 years is now in foreclosure and my previous excellent credit is ruined as a result. I created a website detailing some of my experiences entitled “My Five Years of Systematic Police Harassment in Pinellas County, Florida.” Judge for yourself. It could possibly happen to you or someone you know.

John G says:

organized gang stalking

Tactics Involved: Parroting, directed conversation, repeating private conversations of a target in public while 2 people talk to one another in the targets presence. burglaries, vandalism, loud cars circling property or passing one another when target leaves the home. 99% of the websites on this subject are FAKE disinformation 99% of youtube videos about gang stalking are FAKE and mix fact with fiction. Demonic voices and futuristic weaponry just one example. “Someone” is spending a lot of time and money to cover this up and discredit gang stalking otherwise known as Government flash mobs. Osinformers is a major disinformation player with websites and youtube channels. They have ties to the government. If someone takes down the people running this website they will get to the bottom of what this is really all about.

Ivan Marinkov says:

Organized Government Stalking

Organized stalking works side by side with illegal surveillance. Harassment tactics include but are not limited to bugging a targets home and parroting, repeating portions of their private conversations in chat rooms or in public. Forced entry, taking items of no value or rearranging them. computer hacking, Noise, sleep deprivation, orchestrated and repetitive instances of road rage/ hostile hand gestures on the road. Brighting, flashing headlights into a targets home. In short it’s Gaslighting. Synchronized and repetitive actions that on the surface appear to be normal everyday annoyances except for their repetitive nature which get a target sensitized to this torturous form of stimuli. The objective is to cause a nervous breakdown and incarceration of the targeted individual. There is a HUGE disinformation campaign about this subject all over the internet particularly on youtube. Fake vlogs featuring wild eyed disheveled people rambling about demonic voices and futuristic weaponry, a website and youtube channel called Osinformers (OSI) is a major disinformation player. Any sort of response whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

MinnTarget says:

Neighborhood Watch - aka - Gangstalking

The neighborhood busybodies finally got official and formed neighborhood watch. The weird guy who is in charge had some specialized police training and he is trained to spot trouble. I heard him bragging to another busybody about all the checks he has to cash, and about how eating disorders can be a sign of someone who is worse than a drug addict. Another wretched, mean old bag who is getting in on the action said, “But I’m not doing any of that stalking stuff though!” So I guess she has some principles, or is maybe too dull witted or lazy to hassle someone to an early death.

This is coming from Lauderdale, Minnesota

The funny thing is, at the closing table the sellers agent blurted out how tnobody ever stays there very long because the neighborhood watch is out of control.

I guess he was referring to the old secret vigilante one operating underneath the radar, but with the go ahead of the police.

Judge Dredd (profile) says:

proof its schizophrenia

There was once a guy who made a false comment over the phone saying “my friend **** has something that’s worse than a gun” which he later admitted in writing that he only said because the victim had showed him a menacing collectors knife. In consequence, the completely innocent victim became aware that he was being investigated as a result of it due to a number of strange factors such as the strange white van that was parked across the street, incidents of being followed, strange incidents claimed by associates, also witnessing a guy in a van pull up and drive off with his garbage bag and such. Years later, the victim did a Google search for “how to tell if you were on a no fly list” because he knew he had been investigated and didn’t want to pay for a plane flight that he couldn’t take. 3 days later an undercover operative moved into the shared home that the victim was living in. After a month of not finding any evidence against the victim, the undercover was caught by the victim planting falsified evidence to use against him. When the victim left the house hold to get help from the FBI, they refused to meet with him for questioning and insisted to give his statement over the telephone. Soon after he was threatened by an unknown woman posing as a homeless person who said, among other things, “you should have grown up to work for the FBI, but now your gonna die”. The victim was then followed cross country and was targeted for months. The victim was stalked on a regular basis and many scare tactics where used against him. It became evident that defamation was being used to turn many people around him into informants. Random people would often take pictures of him. This continued for many months, trying new psychological tactics, when the previous one didnt seem to work. Then the whistling began. All his co workers would whistle around him. People in public would whistle around him. Many of these incidents either happened all around the same time, would be identical to the others or would happen in proximity to his cell phone location. So the torture continued. Every single day, 7 days a week. Even evolving into other tactics such as tapping, humming and key jingling. when one stalker created a tactic, many tried the same tactic. apparently trapping this innocent victim into a panopticon.

but who cares that hes innocent… as long as its not happening to me

Stacie C says:

John G Trolling Perpetrator

The poster ” John G” is a Disinformant Stalker-Perpetrator that regularly attacks those exposing real sophisticated technologies on the forums and youtube. “John G’s” MO is to try to discredit legitimate groups such as osinformers and other individuals and groups that are exposing Organized Stalking and the real sophisticated technologies. A Disinformation Troll mixes a little bit of truth with outright LIES or denial and this is exactly what the Troll “John G” does! by attacking the truth to try to cover it up. Advice! Avoid this Trolling perp “John G” like the plague and expose his Disinformation!

iorjehvherioho (user link) says:

People involved in counterintelligence are criminals

How it is possible that people responsible for 9/11, Charile Hebdo and the other Paris attacks and others as well were most likely not gang stalked despite being on many terror watch lists. Counter intelligence agencies worldwide have become criminal organizations who target innocent people mainly for practice and profit. Cases like this one are the best evidence that most terrorist attacks are false flags operations, designed to give counterintelligence agencies more power.

different opinion says:

random reply

Ogs is real. Also many people have issues. I used to rant and rage about many things. People made an effort to help me see a different point of view. Every one changes. Sometimes empathy and patients can do amazing things. I’m not saying that this gentleman is crazy.maybe he just needs a decent friend and compassionate person to listen. Ps,if you believe that ogs isn’t real,your dumb. Also I absolutely agree with the comments about if you want to stop terrorism,stop attacking the other countries. It happens everywhere in life. Kid gets bullied for years grows up to be an unpleasant abrasive person.cop,violent criminal,random crazed shooter. Animal continually invades some species territory,nest,food.eventually invites retaliation.swarming,attacking in defense,bites,even fatalities. Sometimes invasive action is simply curiosity sometimes not. However without communication.perception will be well as response. Be kind don’t judge people by what you may here about them…….especially from anybadge. Also when it comes to ogs or any other form of harassment.don’t involve yourself or alow it. You never know where,when,who,or what could be the last straw for any victim.animal or human,or otherwise. Save lives by just not being a prick. I know it’s not cool or acceptable to go against main opinion. But I swear,it works. Also,you may just meet an amazing individual.

Ticked Off says:

From Personal Experience

I am a targeted individual in Alameda Calif. I’ve networked with similarly tortured victims (beware of fakes) in area. I don’t know who is doing it but they must have very deep pockets as harassment followed me from state to state, asia and europe on vacation. There are armies of vehicles and harassing perps on the street. I have been harassed for last 18 months though I think it might have secretly started 7 years ago. The rats in my neighborhood are the worst, you can’t step out front or back door without taped noises playing, red, blue, white cars racing past, walking perps & their dogs & kids all wearing gang colors. Call them what they are “AMERICAN STASI”, maybe it should be spelled STAZI. Nobody believes me and friends and family are now distant. Recent stories in New York Times, 20-20, Dr Phil, etc paint us as paranoid. I called local TV station news hotline and was told they don’t do gang stalking stories. If these corrupt news agencies would covertly follow a target for a few days they would know the truth. Police don’t believe you and suggested I get a psych evaluation, told them to forget it and walked out. Never surrender all evidence to authorities, put it on youtube with disclaimer you are taking videos in public and not accusing anyone of anything, let you as the youtube viewer be the judge. If you see their vehicle parked, take a picture of it with license plate and the vehicle ID in the lower left corner of windshield. Half of vehicles that aggressively harass have no License or out-of-state plates, not rentals, many appear to be brand new. As previous posters, I am watched 24/7 and can’t figure out how they always find me within 10 minutes. Tried ditching them carrying no electronic devices and walking, changing clothes, no luck. I’m sure my phones and computer are bugged. I have videos showing stalkers hand signaling to drivers, walkers and employees at places I shop. Our videos are evidence that will one day identify and prosecute the perps. We must put an end to this evil.

George T. Boneyard says:

google autocomplete

child support and unscrupulous collectors, domestic violence anything, people who except plea bargins and “deals,”or suspended sentences instead of saying “not guilty,” any call to 911, insufficient representation by an inadequate attorney who fails to inform you of all the possible consequnces and side effects of anything short of not guilty, trial by jury and acquittal/dismissal, any sex offender accusation (even public urination) or worse, beating the police at their own game or having them think you’ve gotten away with something are all good points from which to start when looking for answers. Remember, the police, the courts (da’s & pd’s) will the evilest of intent……lie to you with your demise their sole intention. Now, here is the real kicker……….private security. Look like cops, dress like cops, perpetrate impersonation of police like it’s the thing to do…..are all sub-contracted nobodys… assurred the co. owner is ex-something, and dialed into a lucrative contract. These guys are steadily in search of one thing…… business. And there isn’t a law these guys won’t break at your expense. Twice.

Celeste Guarini (user link) says:

George T. Boneyard-

Research organized gang stalking and you will find one of the best answers EVER as to what it is just above my comment,by Mr Boneyard.

All LEO’s from the CIA to DEA/FBI and the trickle down to local LEO’s at the city level historically do it to their own throughout history, as a way to enforce conformity, but also to enforce a common ‘morality’ i.e. Jewishchristianity, and under the 9/11 it spilled out to everyone, everywhere.

And Boneyard notes some of the most targeted individuals are those who faced:

“trial by jury and acquittal/dismissal, any sex offender accusation (even public urination) or worse, beating the police at their own game or having them think you’ve gotten away with something are all good points from which to start when looking for answers”

This is the new America under the DHS rubric- a constant entrapment scheme, a constant attempt to build/justify the private prison system under the theory that you are guilty of SOMETHING and someone must pay the price for the bloat in the courts, police budgets, and the child kidnapping systems of CPS and foster care, etc. It really is primarily a side effect of the domestic war, that is under reported.

It mostly targets the poor, the activists, the dissidents and dissenters-but especially targets whistle blowers and those who catch the police doing dirt (the kid who took the famous photo’s of Eric Garner being strangled to death, Ramsey Orta was gang stalked until they had something, or put something on him.)

Many mass shooters, and those who work in the security industry, government, or alternative media report being gang stalked, mobbed and harassed-Omar Mateen, Sayed Farook, Gavin Long, Myron May- all reported specific incidents, and specific police officers before they went on their rampages.

The whole thing is about the vast amounts of money the fed and its bankster buddies are putting out to create and recreate their establishment/neo-establishment version of the ‘new world order’ and so on, and not without irony, the ‘community policing’ initiatives are used from InfraGard, to Citizen Corps, police recruits, to Boys and Girls clubs, and Rotary club members, and military types who all participate in this version of a ‘moral’ and “organized” society.

Cuz “it’s for the children,” they tell us. So, innocent doesn’t mean innocent to these people unless it’s a kid who they can indoctrinate into their version of “organized society”, and collect a state check for(foster parents get 800 per month per kid)and anyone else who gets caught in the ‘system’ is fair game for constant harassment.

Or, this:

As Boneyard said- child support enforcers will stalk fathers to death, to crime, or to prison, as women who have all the resources and support hold their kids hostage or collect state money. By design, gang stalking is a conformity enforcement scheme that deserves more press.

The DHS finances gang stalking with 70 billion per year to ‘order’ our society via these organized and targeted campaigns of terror waged against those who dissent, or challenge the statism they are trying to force upon a free nation, which is in theory, beholden to our Constitution; but in practice has nearly been eradicated.

And others who pay for organized stalking are the ‘community’ organizations and NGO’s that get grants and donations, especially for causes that claim to benefit women and children. So, for instance, free agency sex workers who support themselves often incur hidden internet trolls, and extra police harassment from all of those well heeled ‘save the sex workers’ groups.

And one of the best current examples is how the British intel agencies are distributing child porn world wide, and then, waging the ‘save the kids from human trafficking!!!” campaign. Never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, I guess…

But there are different types of organized stalking, and not every case is the same. The gay, black journalist who was mobbed at work by white, Christian co-anchors who had ties to law enforcement was an example where many types of stalking played in- and even now, black and Hispanic journalists are revisiting the issue and refusing to adopt language such as “the worst mass shooting in history!” because so many of the targeted individuals are minorities; and because worse mass shootings have occured (think “Wounded Knee” or “Rosewood Massacre.”

Good work Boneyard- where did you get your data? I have thousands of hours of research; films, photos, and documentation on this subject.

Rog. S (user link) says:

Its called organized gang stalking

Officially, these are called “disruption” programs, aka CVE, and the FBI/DHS Hydra of community policing mixed with NSA backdoor searches, and lots of illegal state actions and chronic harassment from federal, state and local actors.

It all starts in Fusion Centers and dossiers’ that we see more prevalent today(even in political elections now).

First they came for the gang stalking target online, and I said nothing. Now, “they” have all your kids data in a database in Utah-and have given it over to 16 American agencies and te FiveEyes nations-and STILL you say nothing?

Lee Joseph Chandler says:

Electronic harassment gang stalking

Gaslighting, an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation, usually practiced by a single deceiver, …

In October 2015 i posted one comment on Taylor swift’s Facebook in Peru Indiana. in March 2016 i was in Nashville walking down the street and look over and Taylor’s sitting at a green light staring at me? I was there literally ten minutes! I had only used Facebook that one day it had an incomplete profile and no picture? In December 2017 just before the jingle bell ball Taylor block’s me on Twitter then four days later she unblocked me? The next thing i tweed to her was ” bless your little heart you unblocked me what’s your motive”

I was standing on the street corner across from the FedEx store caddy corner from the boot store in down town nashville when i saw Taylor staring at me she had her driver stop and they just sat there in the center lane! I google mapped that street corner and found seven camera’s including a police camera! I sent the camera still shots to Taylor in an e-mail before she blocked me on Twitter and unblocked me! She was well aware i saw her!

After i got on Facebook in October 2015 i started doing artwork creative writing and poetry? Don’t know where it’s coming from! When i posted thoes comments i knew absolutely nothing about either of them! I find a lot of shady things about Taylor but gaga doesn’t seem to have any Shadyside!

My ideas ” hard to much live action cell floor productions ” and ” love bound films ” also ” monsters under my bed art pop culture studio and performing arts center ” i do creative writing art work and poetry!
The vision for monsters under my bed L.A.
So hard to munch bar and grill. a art studio with an instructor for developmentally disabled people to do art work. gift shop. museum with art and musician memorabilia. Starbucks. a recording studio. stage for performing arts and concerts.

I was listening to tiny dancer by Elton John when i came up with “monsters under my bed L.A.” they call lady gaga mother monster! Taylor swift is jealous!

Back in June 2016 i sent Taylor swift a couple stories i wrote;) one was a description of Lucifers throne in outer darkness and I’ve been working on an Egyptian cartoon it just happens to have an enchanted cobra in it;) also a couple days after Kim Kardashian was robbed i spread a rumor Taylor robbed Kim;) how many things can she claim are coincident? Part of story behind “look what you made me do” Taylor’s video released in 2017.

victim of harrassement says:

stalking- I am a stalking victim people stalk me inside of my home. I’m trying to figure out whose doing the stalking. I live in warner robins Georgia instead of someone prooving the stalking and finding out who it is so they can be charged for the crime I’m being told to tell the police department when I’m not sure if it’s not them and other ways to remove spyware frim my phone. I have been being stalked for a long time the only thing I think will help is to track the stalkers and their ways of stalking me even if it’s through my internet and electronics.

Justin k says:

I’m being targeted V2K religiously for 9 months now no stop almost every second of the day with the same phrases constantly. I don’t even know what I did and why I deserve it. This is the evilest torture I’ve ever seen. These evil governments are soo corrupt and beyond evil we need to stop them and take back our lives we deserve. This is the land of the free, not the land of the government. I prey this gets out and full


NewTactics at Neighborhood Perp Watch

I”m a TI since 2014. I Received letter from neighborhood watch to join the “club” and become part of a “ring” network. I might join to annoy those stalkers. About two years ago, home cams showed up all around me. I can see them at night with my system, they have night infrared and my similar system can see their lights glowing at night. Its actually bright and all facing me. When I step out in front the cameras report my motion and to those on network and get notified by email 24/7. The on-duty perp initiates lights turning-on at night, recorded noises and cars / walkers pass-by within 2 minutes or 5 at night. Some cams been replaced with FLIR (undetectable night vision) cams, some can see your heat image through walls. Ring networks legitimize this staling activity; but this can be done by most surveillance systems from walmart for $200. I record them at the same time to verify its happening, maybe those who say I’m paranoid might believe me now Between red: vehicles, clothing, dog walkers, plenty to see. Get a car cam for front and back and you’ll have more evidence

Judy says:

In 2015 I worked at a large security firm and similar tactics were done to me. They would refer to conversations I’d had at home and on my cell phone the night before, things I bought on amazon, and health issues I researched on google. My computer at work was also watched, either by screen view or key logging, I know because I tested it several times – I typed very unusual things, listened and heard the group behind me laughing and talking about what I typed. I brought it up with my boss, who was coincidentally never around when this happened, my computer was checked and a smirking IT rep said nothing was wrong. Stuff kept happening. I later found out the last person to have my computer was someone from the group who wanted me out.

As to what I did? Not sure, I just know two other people wanted the job I was hired for. I believe their intent was to drive me out. The person who wanted my job the most would loudly talk on the phone about topics I had discussed on my cell phone with my husband the night before. It eventually worked. I left. The creep out factor was intense. No amount of money would make me want to work there. Unhealthy environment, old CEO went to prison, microphones installed above tables in cafeteria in full view. I had always worked in highly professional environments and this place was a train wreck.

Diane says:

Invstigators fraud groups

Groups are mocking stalking but for doing own investigating evrything, phone calls, mail you send out, listen with spieing, monitoring TV set spieing, internet use,job activiy, home breakin, dog murder threats and to you also.. a non authoriesd gang like groups mocking activity to try to get you arrested and put in jail so they can get all your life maoney and land and home with fraud statemnets and false witnesses who say they say that happen or was told even use faked letters…so the person can’t do anything about it, they will even work with your familey, old fiends other thugs…. to get them to go along with it with big pay outs for them and not reporting the money they got for that crimnal activity and useing it fornationality, color and racial hate also! and being used by conservation haters and fraud sex offender frauding a person accusational revenge !
This is what I was told!

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