People Happily Sign Petition Supporting The 'Orwellian Police State Based On Nazi Germany'

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You can get people to sign just about any kind of petition, apparently. There’s an amusing video making the rounds, put together by Mark Dice, in which he convinces people on a boardwalk in San Diego to sign a petition for the “city council” to “support an Orwellian police state.” Sometimes he directly mentions the idea of modeling this police state on “Nazi Germany” and it doesn’t appear to give anyone any pause at all.

Of course, the video is cut so you never see the full interactions (and, of course you only see the ones he chose to include), or what gets people to agree to sign up in the first place. In most cases, it looks like people have already committed to signing the petition before he goes into the statements about the “Orwellian police state,” or “modeled on Nazi Germany,” and he does so in a monotone way. But, even then, none of the people shown in the video seem to care much. Obviously, it could be that many others refused to sign or realized what he was up to and we just don’t see it. But, beyond being an amusing bit of video, it should remind you how worthless street petitions tend to be.

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Comments on “People Happily Sign Petition Supporting The 'Orwellian Police State Based On Nazi Germany'”

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Jasmine Charter (user link) says:

Wrong Conclusion

That’s the wrong conclusion.

It’s not how worthless street petitions are… it’s how utterly clueless most Americans are unless you’re talking sports or pop culture.

I’ll bet 90% of the people don’t know what Orwellian means, who George Orwell was or that he was an author… and that he wrote 1984.

I find it more surprising about the Nazi Germany references – most people SHOULD know what that’s about, but the younger generation have no actual point of reference and with mass genocide featured in movies, they attach no real emotion to it.

The other false premise is… that we’re not ALREADY in an Orwellian state. Anyone read the news? NSA spying on everyone, Homeland buying millions of rounds of ammo, drones flying over U.S. skies…

We’re not THERE yet… but we can see the lights ahead.

halley (profile) says:

Sure, some people will sign anything, even without understanding it. Let’s look farther.

A lot of people will sign
petitions to allow a vote on any important issue, even those they disagree with. Until a ballot actually writes out something, it’s all just a thought experiment. Their premise is that debate about actual concrete proposals beats out debate about hypotheticals.

Some of these people have learned their lesson, when the issue they wanted to debate hotly against actually got onto the ballot and passed because the rest of the populace didn’t understand the hot debate.

But this “well, let’s vote on it” mentality is not entirely a bad thing.

GMacGuffin (profile) says:

No petitions ...

…it should remind you how worthless street petitions tend to be.

In a state like California, with the Proposition (referendum) system, it should remind us out dangerous petitions can be. Enough signatures gets bad law on the ballot.

And any real petition for a new law means someone with money is behind it, who has an agenda, that is not likely in the interests of the public.

(Also, that looks to be Oceanside, which we San Diegans do not consider to be San Diego. Whewww… [kinda]).

thoma says:

Re: No petitions ...

sometimes it is true that petitions are backed by hidden money with hidden motives but not all of them are.
I, for one, am in the GREEN PARTY which has no hidden money motives or backers. which means the great majority of our public political actions are entirely volunteer powered.
public petitions are the only way to speak to the public in our country because all of the other channels of public communications are owned by the ruling elites, who have no interest in democracy.

Anonymous Coward says:

Candid Camera did something like this years ago

Candid Camera had a skit years ago when Governor Gray Davis was being recalled in California (or maybe it was soon after the recall election).

They made up random politicians in random positions they also made up, didn’t tell people what party they belonged to or why they should be recalled, and got lots of signatures from people to recall them. At one point when asked what party a person they were recalling belonged to the petitioner says “oh we can figure that stuff out when the recall election happens”, and the person who asked that question signed the petition anyway.

They ended it with Peter Funt’s kids getting people to sign petitions to recall their teachers simply because the kids didn’t like them. A bunch of people signed those petitions to, even though teachers can’t be recalled, and they knew nothing about the teachers.

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