EFF Files To Invalidate Bogus 'Podcasting' Patent That Is Being Used To Shakedown Famous Podcasters

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We’ve written a few times about the patent troll “Personal Audio” which claims to hold a patent (US Patent 8,112,504) that it says covers podcasting. With this patent it’s been busy shaking down the creators of a bunch of popular podcasts. The company’s owner and his lawyer recently asserted (somehow, without laughing) that their patent was “the roadmap” for podcasting, even though no one involved in the early days of podcasting was even remotely aware of the patent.

It’s taken some time, but the EFF has been targeting this particular patent, and has now officially challenged the patent seeking to get it invalidated.

“Bad patents like this one slow down innovation—exactly the opposite of what the patent system was intended to do,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Julie Samuels, the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents. “We are thrilled to challenge this bad patent and make the world safer for creators and podcasters.”

The process involving these kinds of things is very slow and convoluted, but hopefully this patent can be busted, and podcasters won’t have to live in fear of a shakedown letter from Personal Audio.

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Comments on “EFF Files To Invalidate Bogus 'Podcasting' Patent That Is Being Used To Shakedown Famous Podcasters”

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PaulT (profile) says:

Re: WEBcasting

Sadly, no. Look at the previous article – “this is actually a “child” patent of an earlier application, so they can argue a priority date from back in 1996.”

Stop with the Apple hate this time, this is pure patent bullshit that’s predicated on the fact that some podcasters have found a way to make money, not that Apple’s name for them has become the most popular.

Anonymous Coward says:

Actual inventor of the podcast...

My old boss, Doug Kaye, is widely credited with being one of the inventors the podcast – he was among the first to put an MP3 in an RSS feed.


That was way before 2012 and given that he was a recording engineer & software developer in the late 1970’s, I’d be very surprised if he hadn’t thought of it eons ago.

Anonymous Coward says:

Don't pay a hostage taking patent troll

Why don’t the people getting sued by this patent troll simply announce it on their podcast and give the troll bad PR. Don’t give in to a bully, bully them back. Tell them you’d rather go bankrupt on legal fees invalidating their patent then pay their ransom.

For the same reason I’d never give 1 cent to a hostage taker if they kidnapped my family, since it’ll just encourage them to take more people hostage to collect ransom, because it works.

Drug gangs in Mexico have diversified into the kidnapping business for the same reason patent trolls do this shakedown tactic, because victims families are dumb enough to pay the hostage takers millions of dollars in ransom.

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