New FBI Director Thinks President Obama's Surveillance Program Is Great

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I imagine this will surprise absolutely no one, but new FBI Director James Comey has said that the administration’s surveillance efforts are perfectly wonderful and legal all at the same time. Remember this is the same James Comey who refused to answer some of the questions about his views on the surveillance effort prior to the Senate’s approval of his appointment. Now that he’s in charge, apparently he has no problem admitting that he’s not much of a fan of the 4th Amendment.

In an interview, Comey claimed that he’s “comfortable” with the surveillance program and that the program is “lawful and appropriate.” Furthermore, it appears he repeatedly talked about the supposed “checks and balances” of the program — the same checks and balances that don’t appear to exist in reality. It’s no surprise that an FBI boss is going to obviously talk up his own power to spy on everyone, but it’s rather shameful he tried to avoid those questions prior to getting the job.

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Comments on “New FBI Director Thinks President Obama's Surveillance Program Is Great”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Candidate: “The limits of the 4th amendment are defined by the size of the paper sheet you use. If the paper is too small, your 4th amendment will be very limited by the small size of that paper. That is why I propose that all 4th amendments are written on A3 size paper.”

(turns and whispers to advisor)

Candidate: “How’d I do?”

(Advisor facepalms and starts to question his vocation)

Skeptical Cynic (profile) says:

Bush haters rate Obama as better, not sure why.

So it seems that Bush was the pre-vanguard 1984 monitoring president. And Obama is a president that found good info in being a government that always and monitors…everything.

Elect those people you want, but enjoy the benefits and consequences of that choice.

Turn off that stupid, vapid reality tv show and find a way to understand what they want to do to you and your family. Or complain never again. You choice with or without information is your choice. But understand if enough uninformed people agree then the US becomes the USSR.

SolkeshNaranek says:

Politician's and their continuing failures

It’s no surprise that an FBI boss is going to obviously talk up his own power to spy on everyone, but it’s rather shameful he tried to avoid those questions prior to getting the job

The bigger shame are the politicians that let him slide on those questions and approved his nomination anyway.

Rapnel (profile) says:


Color me shocked. New head of large domestic police/spy/goon agency defends practices making policing/spying/gooning easier.

It’s almost as if the job is more important than the company. It’s almost as if the company is a front for dealing drugs and raking profits. It’s almost as if the company is above the law.

It’s almost as if there is no law.

Anonymous Coward says:

Scandals...we need more of 'em

If not this FBI Director, it would have been someone else. Makes no difference.

On a side note,
I think it’s interesting that the director of the CIA was brought down by the FBI reading private emails about a scandulous Affair and not by the fact that he was part of the illegal surveillance state.
So what I learned from that was, If you want to get rid of someone in power that is breaking the law, is you catch them in a scandulous affair.
That seems to be the only thing the public is concerned with.
Well, that and American Idol.

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