GTA V Launch Gimmick Goes Sideways When Heavily Armed Cops Show Up

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It’s incredibly easy to do sales/launch promotions horribly wrong. My favorite example is still when Nestle thought that putting tracking devices in their candy wrappers and then hunting people down to give them crap was a good idea. Those with less in the department of good intentions can take things from funny to creepy, such as a pizzeria trading free pie for boob-flash-ery. The point is that you have to make sure you cover all your bases and don’t do anything stupid, otherwise you can expect someone to game the system, mock a flaw, take your promotion the wrong way, or send the cops to shoot you. Wait, what?

SWAT team prepared
Must have been a Dunkin Donuts promotion, huh? Hey-ohhhh!
Image source: CC BY 2.0

No, it wasn’t pastries involved in this raid, it was video games. More specifically, Grand Theft Auto 5, because of course it was. In any case, apparently a retailer in France thought it would be a fun stunt to have their staff dressed up like criminals, thugs, and gang-bangers for the game’s launch. The costumes, of course, required replica handguns. Humor, of course, required that passersby immediately call the cops, which resulted in 15 officers descending on the store and scaring the hell out of everyone.

Apparently the retailer forgot the key step of informing local authorities that they were going to be brandishing fake weapons while committing public commerce. You kind of can’t do that, unless you want your business on display in all the wrong ways.

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Comments on “GTA V Launch Gimmick Goes Sideways When Heavily Armed Cops Show Up”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I love things when they go wrong, it teaches us all what to do and how to do it.

Yes some are creepy, but how would you be 100% sure if you didn’t try it out? also there is the forth dimension, things are time relative meaning going to Comic Con and seeing a lot of elfs brandishing swords could bring the inquisition to your doors in other times, today not so much.

When there is a time that people don’t kill each other with guns anymore(maybe they use other stuff) this would probably be a no brainer and fun way, in todays world, you have to notify authorities, an inconvenience, but one that I would endure for the sake of safety.

Still a fun, if not for any other reason just to get some laughs out of the people who forgot or where not aware of all the possibilities.

Michael (profile) says:

I think it is reasonable that someone would think these video game store employees were raving lunatics trying to hurt people.

Haven’t you heard all of the moral panic lately about video games causing these events? Clearly, it is prudent to assume that a number of heavily armed men and women in a video game store have racked up enough time playing first-person shooters to be of major concern.

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