Dumb Criminals College Edition: Frat Sells Drugs, Posts Pics Of Girls On Facebook

from the frat's-not-ok dept

When we typically do posts about dumb criminals intersecting with the internet, we’re strangely usually talking about adults. Sure, you get people stupidly thinking Twitter is a go-to source for finding drugs, but those people are working professionals (or at least, were). Additionally, that guy who thought the computer he yoinked from a church would be the perfect machine on which to watch porn? Adult.

But this story is different, because it involves students at a higher education institution, namely Florida International University, where a fraternity apparently thought that combining the drugs and nudity angle of previous stories on their Facebook page was a good idea.

Florida International University announced today it was suspending its Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity over Facebook posts apparently showing rampant drug dealing by frat brothers on campus. The posts, obtained by Riptide, also show evidence of hazing, cheating on exams, and creep shots of naked women shared among the “Pike” frat brothers.

Now, I know fraternities have a reputation for being stupid, and my time in college did nothing to assuage me of that impression, but this goes to a level beyond dumb. Drug crimes for weed are one thing, but the type of stuff you get from the pharmaceutical companies is a whole different ballgame, as is dealing freaking cocaine. To think that it wouldn’t come back to bite your ass if you put up offers to sell these narcotics on the internet, under your own name, suggests to me both that you are painfully stupid and that FIU needs to take a serious look at their admissions department to ensure they aren’t customers of these idiots. Anyone dumb enough to do that certainly isn’t passing their Geology courses on the up and up.

Beyond that, posting pictures of nude girls? Now you’re entering a whole different territory, one that will be met with near universal condemnation for being not only misogynist assclowns, but opening the door to issues of underage girls or girls who didn’t consent to be photographed in the buff. Hell, even their fellow fraternities think they’re idiots.

“This is troubling for a number of reasons,” said one veteran member of the FIU Greek community who asked to remain anonymous. “They were apparently actively selling drugs to the Greek community and their own members. They were not even discreet about what they were doing. In fact, they refer to it on several occasions within the post as the ‘pike pharmacy.'”

I’m guessing these Pike pharmacists might need to get their information in order to apply to their hometown community college soon, assuming they don’t end up in jail.

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Comments on “Dumb Criminals College Edition: Frat Sells Drugs, Posts Pics Of Girls On Facebook”

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Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

Re: Re: Where do Frat Rats Go? (to Vidiot, #8)

I think you would find on inquiry that fraternities are fairly snobby, in the sense of excluding anyone eligible for a Pell Grant, or anyone who has to work his way through (say, clerking in a convenience store, or asking “‘do you want fries with that?”), or probably even anyone whose father is obviously a “working stiff,” however well paid (unionized garbagemen, janitors, etc.). On the other side, you have parents who know about fraternities primarily from the most publicly visible specimens, which is to say, the most badly behaved, and who may refuse to pay for fraternity membership. Florida International University is a “commuter university,” not a “going away to school” university, and the vast majority of eighteen-or-nineteen-year-old students live at home on a fairly short leash. Under those conditions, it is fairly difficult to be a Frat Rat without parental tolerance, at least.

Cincinnati was rather like that when I was there, only much more distinguished at the professional and graduate level. One year, in the early 1980’s, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers held a “Martin Luther King day trash party,” and were duly suspended for it. At the time, I was taking a military history course, which was nominally in the history department, but taught by the ROTC commandant, who taught it much the same way he would have taught, say, Tactics– and the commandant was black. Another time, the Pi Kappa Alpha brothers trashed the yard of a local judge– and guess who won that encounter.

The one place where Daddy can really buy you a career is franchised storefront businesses. It costs about half a million to buy into a fast-food franchise, or about fifty thousand to buy into a convenience store, insurance office, real-estate brokerage office, tax preparation service, or whatever. Cooking food on a large scale is inherently a trickier business than shuffling various kinds of paper. At any rate, the central management of these kinds of companies accepts that it cannot understand what is going on at the storefront level, and insists that local management be substantial investors. Of course, once people set up in these kinds of businesses, they live in an intensely local fashion, and by the time they reach middle age, youthful indiscretions forgotten, they tend to get into local government.

Anything which is sold nationally or globally, there is more or less brutal competition unless the business is engrossed by giant corporations, and giant corporations have so few people, relative to their size, with special prerogatives. So it is local business where you can buy a kid a career.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

“They were apparently actively selling drugs to the Greek community and their own members. They were not even discreet about what they were doing. In fact, they refer to it on several occasions within the post as the ‘pike pharmacy.'”

And the Greek community was totally blind to this massively obvious stupidity or overlooked it to protect the “system” from being tarnished.

I see a great future for all of them in law enforcement.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I skimmed the article…
– Impressed that the School listed the investigations by police last as things to consider before taking action.

– “”This is definitely not the way a frat is supposed to behave,” said the frat community insider, pointing out that the Pikes — one of only two frat houses on campus — were only recently taken off suspension.

He was keen to argue that the Facebook postings are not representative of all frats at FIU. “Some of these posts, it’s obviously boys being boys. They should be looked at in some context,” he said. “But the evidence of drug use and sale and distribution of narcotics speaks for itself.””


“”The hazing is definitely actionable,” the Greek community insider said.”


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

“it’s obviously boys being boys”

It’s boys being boys when they rape women.

It’s boys being boys when they deal drugs.

It’s boys being boys when they cheat on academics.

It’s boys being boys when they […]

Yeah…just boys being boys. They don’t need to behave, they get a free pass. This is great training for future careers in law enforcement (where bullies, cowards, and thugs are always welcome), financial management (where you can cheat as much as you like, just don’t embarrass anyone and you’ll profit magnificently) and politics (where if you’re not lying, you’re probably asleep).

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