Man Asks For Weed On Twitter, Local Police Tweet Response, Hilarity Ensues

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Look, when it comes to illicit narcotics, I don’t know a whole lot beyond the peyote-driven walkabouts my heroin-addicted cult leader sends me on with requests to make sure I pick up all the mushrooms along the way. Still, even in my ignorance, I have to think there’s a better way to score some coolness than putting the pot-signal out on Twitter. I mean, isn’t there a high school or college in the area?

Apparently not for one man in Canada, where I could have sworn enforcement of marijuana crimes was handled in the same way as jay-walking. Unfortunately for him, but very fortunately for the rest of us, the local police were users of both Twitter and humor.

The young man, posting under the user name Sunith Baheerathan, was apparently at work on Tuesday when he wrote, “Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr. Lube, need a spliff or two to help me last this open to close.”

The York Regional Police noticed the post — which has since been removed — and replied: “Awesome! Can we come too?”

While I tend to have some trust issues with police (But not with the local Chicago police! Swear to god, you guys are the dog’s bollocks and all that. I haven’t heard a gunshot in hours! Progress!), I can still appreciate when police mix a refusal to overreact to a situation with a little humor. So, apparently, can lots of other people, since the exchange between Sunith and the YRP was retweeted approximately a gazillion times. Guess who happened to be among the YRP’s Twitter followers?

By Tuesday evening, Mr. Lube tweeted, “Thank you to the York Regional Police for your help and great work. The matter has now been handled.”
Sunith Baheerathan also tweeted: “Just got the call of termination.”

Since then, Sunith has made much noise about how his tweets weren’t serious and how he didn’t know weed-smokers were hated by society more than “shooters and rapists,” two statements which both seem to contradict one another, while also making me wonder how many Canadian police departments are gleefully responding to tweets about shooting and raping folks, but I digress. The lesson here is you shouldn’t try to score drugs on Twitter.

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Comments on “Man Asks For Weed On Twitter, Local Police Tweet Response, Hilarity Ensues”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This has been an exciting month for Twitter, with both the Carlos Danger and Canadian Weed Seeker scandals.

How can these possibly be topped? Are we going to see a married politician tweeting naked pictures of himself while holding up a sign that says “Any dealers want to bring me a bag? I need a spliff or two to get through the next couple hours of nude tweeting.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

The issue here is that he was asking for weed to smoke at work and asked to be met at his workplace.

He’s a mechanic. That means working with heavy machinery. Personally, I’d rather the guy working on my car NOT be stoned thank you.

Mr Lube was perfectly right in firing his ass.

While the cops did not arrest him (the tweet and request were completely legal, their response was awesome), they did make his employer aware that he was showing some pretty bad judgement that would directly affect his business. This is fine.

It’s not like the guy was being a moron on his own time, then that would have crossed the line. No, he was asking for weed to be brought AT HIS JOB, to smoke WHILE HE WORKED. It’s a righteous firing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

getting high at work is throws into “Not cool at all” territory.

While I avoid lube shops with a vengeance since they are all freaking crooks… I tend to avoid places that have drugs deals going down that I can see. Because if it’s that brazen the area might not be the safest place in the world.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Unfortunately the dude deserved to lose his job regardless if he was serious or not. Mr. Lube doesn’t want the image that their mechanics are all high while working on people’s cars. If he said meet him after work or something like that, then I might have a bit of an issue with the firing but he said he wanted to get high at work – that was just silly of him.

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