DailyDirt: The Disappearing Bee

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People usually don’t think too much about how important bees are to the quality of human life. As pollinators, bees play an important role in the survival of crops that depend on them. The mass die-off of bees, also known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” can have detrimental effects on economies that depend heavily on pollinator-dependent crops. Scientists are just starting to figure out what might be causing these mass die-offs, while others are working on alternatives to using bees for pollination. Here are a few links related to the disappearing bee.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Disappearing Bee”

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Marilynn Byerly (profile) says:

honey bees are not native to America

Honey bees were brought over from England in the early days of colonization.

This continent already had an adequate supply of bee varieties to do the job for the native plants so we do have enough varieties of bees and other insects for pollenating.

The main problem is that agribusiness will have to go organic to stop from killing these bees and have more than one massive crop so that bees will stay in an area.

As an organic gardener of over twenty years, I have a huge variety of native bees, moths, flies, and birds to pollinate my flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. I also have plenty of healthy wild honey bees.

So, despite all the scary headlines, we won’t starve although we will have to import honey from places where agribusiness doesn’t destroy the local ecologies.

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